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Arguably one of the best punk bands Australia has ever produced, Frenzal Rhomb have achieved more in their time as a band than most bands can ever dream of. After playing a handful of shows already in 2010, the band will be a part of the massive No Sleep Til Festival that is occurring in December. The band’s drummer Gordy answered a few questions for us.

Start off by stating your name, what you play in Frenzal Rhomb and your current favourite beer?

Gordy. Drums. XXXX fucking Gold. Mid strength is the step between alcoholism and straight edge.

What made you first decide that you wanted to play music?

A combination of Mum’s Tupperware, big sister’s KISS records, seeing Paul Stanley smash a guitar on tv, and the desire to avoid Uni.

What bands have influenced your musical tastes to this day?

Surely bands that influence my musical tastes, ARE my musical tastes? I don’t like 90% of modern-day bands, put it that way.

How did the band’s comeback tour with Nancy Vandal go last year?

We were good.

Who was more washed up out of the two bands?

Oh them for sure. I mean, we realize we’re a bunch of stupid looking ugly old washed up cunts, but NV seriously still think they’re mid-20s, holding court at the Townie at 4am after selling out Feedback.

The band played the annual Come Together Festival this year, what was the best thing about playing at the festival?

The bit where everyone actually comes together into a bucket in the band room. It’s the festival circuit’s take on “Soggy Sao”, except it’s called “Slimy Chalice”, and after it was full, we presented it to Jordan from Strung Out who downed it gleefully and asked for another.

The line up this year had a pretty diverse bunch of bands, were there any bands that you enjoyed? Or any bands that you didn’t enjoy?

I really wanted to see the newish Toe To Toe lineup, but I wanted to drink beers at the Hotel more.

The band also played a headlining shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide since then, what was it like to play shows to people that haven’t seen you live for a few years now?

Kinda like playing shows to people that have seen us play a month ago, except with a longer break in between.

Did many of the “inbred idiots” that your band attracts come out of the woodwork for that show?

Yep, Front End Loader.

Are you planning on printing any merch that will be more offensive than the “Fritzl Rhomb” shirts from last year?

Maybe we’ll finally do the “Church Of The Ivan Milat-erday Saints” shirt.

Has the band made any progress towards writing a new album?

We’ve written and demoed a heap of shit, whether it’s progress remains to be seen. There’s some good stuff and some not so good stuff but as per usual we’ll send the demos to Fat Mike and once our riffs end up on the next NOFX record, we’ll then know what songs COULD’VE been good.

When do you think we could expect to see something new being released?

Next year sometime maybe? Depends when Mutt Lange is free.

The band will be playing the massive No Sleep Til Festival in December, what do you think you can expect with these shows?

A heap of dudes in tight cut off shorts and those stupid little fucken beanies. And a heap of fucken fat beardy old metal cunts. And don’t get me started on the crowd…

Are there any bands in particular that you are looking forward to watching?

I’m keen to watch half a song of every band. Although I will watch Megadeth, cause I’m sure they won’t play Dawn Patrol. Fuck, maybe we should cover it before they play.

Does the band have anything special lined up for these shows?

We’ll actually be on a tour and not banging on about Ausmusic week or the hottest 100..,that’s pretty special. I’ve just as of now, implemented a tour rule…if Lindsay even once mentions JJJ, or puts it on in the van, he has to pour a shot of his favorite liquor into the pubes of the bandmate of his choice, and slurp it up.

Why do you think people still want to come and watch Frenzal Rhomb after all these years?

Probably because of our Fritzl Rhomb shirts.

How do you decide what is going to be on the set list these days? Do you draw song names out of a hat or another similar method?

Tom gets on his laptop and battles fans on WOW 30 minutes before each show. The winner gets to choose the setlist. I think he stole that one from Corpsegrinder.

What have you all been doing with yourselves when you’re not doing something that involves the band?

This fucken band game’s not a hobby man, this is like a brotherhood, a gang. We live it 24 hrs a day, and if we’re not rehearsing, we’re on the phone to other dudes in bands just talking about songs and bands and shit, what we’re gunna wear on stage, how many Taragos we’ve rented. All that cool shit.

What is the best rider you’ve ever received at a show?

CC, or Low, or Easy. Or maybe Night.

Mid last year you said the band’s 1996 album “Not So Tough Now” was 500 copies away from going Gold in Australia, have you sold the remaining 500 albums yet?

Fuck no, Jay has them under his bed cause he doesn’t want to be labeled a sellout by the Newtown punk for having a Gold Record. But I guess PWD have one now, so the stigma’s gone. Gold records are the new ropehair.

How does it feel to know that some of the kids that come to your shows weren’t even born when the band first started?

Like Tom you mean? We’ve told him to fuck off but he keeps turning up to rehearsal.

Looking back at your time as a band, has there been anything that you have done that you regret doing?

Shut Your Mouth. And let us never speak those three horrible words again.

What advice would you give to bands just starting out?

Listen to Danzig I every fucking day.

Who are some bands you have been enjoying lately that we should be listening to?

The new BR record has been getting a fair run, but if you need me to tell you that then you have cocks in your ears. Other than that, I tried to listen to the new Ceremony tonight and got halfway through it before falling asleep. Iron Age kills it, and Off! Is rad. The first 2 Morbid Angel records are a mainstay in my car lately too. Other than that, my 3 year old kid has decided he loves Municipal Waste so I’ve been flogging Waste ‘Em All and Hazardous Mutation for him a bit. And Queen…heaps of Queen.

Are there any bands that you haven’t played with yet that you would like to play with?

Teenage Bottlerocket.

If you could punch anyone in the world right now, who would you choose and why?

All the clueless fucking kids employed at Bunnings Trade Counters.

When is the band planning on getting Crafter up on stage to do his yearly headwalk while the band is playing?

Haha, I was just speaking to that prick about this the other night. We’re thinking of a Confession/Frenzal all star Ship Of Beers jam.

Thanks for doing the interview, any last words?

Thanks heaps, and apologies in advance if you have the misfortune of having to suffer through us at No Sleep ‘Til. Seriously.

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