Jamie Hay

As well as playing in the likes of A Death In The Family, Conation, Fear Like Us, Tyre Swans and Ribbons Patterns, Jamie Hay has finally released his debut 7", "Thieves", through Hobbledehoy Records. Jamie answered a few questions for us in his spare time while he is currently on tour with A Death In The Family in Europe.

Start off by stating your name and the last record you listened to?

Jamie Hay. The Gifthorse – From The Floor Up.

Who has had the biggest influence on you musically?

I-SPY hands down. They tore my world apart. Their music was raw, melodic, fast and passionate.

You are on tour in Europe with A Death In The Family at the moment, how has the tour been so far?

The tour has been amazing so far! The shows have been alot of fun (and alot of drinking) and we have had a good response even though we are the opening band. There have even been some folk at the shows with ADITF shirts on and singing along which makes us feel good!

The tour is with Samiam and The Casting Out, what has it been like touring with those guys?

We didn’t know the Casting Out guys before this tour and they are sweet dudes but it’s great to see the Samiam guys again, we get along really well with them.

Your debut solo record “Thieves” is finally out now, what took you so long to release this record?

Ahh man, lots of things. ADITF & Conation touring, ADITF recording, the recording, mastering, artwork etc it wasn’t a priority and so everything else just took precedence. It was quite ridiculous really!

Has the solo record been something that you have wanted to release for a while now?

I had never made plans to do solo stuff, it all just came about when I moved to Melbourne and I had some songs that I didn’t think would really fit with Fear Like Us. I started playing some shows and then made plans to do the Tyre Swans project with Gibbo & Donnie and that’s when Tom asked me to do a record on Hobbledehoy. So it was never something I had planned but it feels pretty good to have my own 7" record!

What was the writing and recording process like for the record?

Writing takes me a long time these days so it’s not a very exciting process to explain. When I finally get to the studio, it all comes together. I don’t like spending too much time in the studio but Matt (Bodiam) keeps making me do extra work. He has to. I’m usually happy with what comes out but he always asks for more takes to be sure. He is a work horse but it def helps me!

The record was released by Hobbledehoy Records, how has your experience been like dealing with Tom at Hobbledehoy?

You mean hobbldejerk? Haha nah seriously. Tom is awesome. He is as transparent as he is awkward, he is very meticulous, his heart and head are in the right place and I’m really stoked to be working with him.

You are playing a Halloween solo show in Germany while you are over there, what do you think you can expect with this show?

We are actually driving on the autobahn right now on our way to Trier for the show. I expect not too many people and me too drunk to remember my own words. I will then probably start singing "wer hat die hunde aus?" Sorry in advance peoples!

Have you got anything special lined up for the show?

I bought one of those hats that hold beers in them in Austria, I might try to play with that on? That’s all I have, so I better make it work!

When do you think we could expect to see a full-length record of solo material being released?

I would like to get something done by the end of next year. My track record isn’t good though. Maybe I need Tom to take a whip to me or something?

Have you been writing many new songs lately?

Yes but it’s a slow process, I have become more cynical of myself these days and they take awhile to become playable.

In December you will be playing with Lagwagon’s Joey Cape once again, what will be the best part about playing a show with Joey again?

Stealing his beers 😉

You have played in some classic bands over the years, what has been your favourite show that you have ever played?

Conation supporting Propagandhi would have to be up there. I sat at the side of the stage and thought of how crazy it was that 16 years previous I was seeing them for the first time in the same venue. It was a dream come true for me.

If you could book a show featuring any bands, past or present, who would you put on the show and where would you have it?

I-SPY, Minor Threat, Jawbreaker & Cursed and it would be in my lounge room.

Who are some bands that you have been enjoying lately that we should be checking out?

The new Arrows record rules. Look out for a new band Harmony (Tom from The Nation Blue) I’ve only heard one song but it was raging. You should also check out the Paul Baribeau/Ginger Alford record of Bruce Springsteen covers, it also rules.

What are your plans for the rest of 2010 after you return home from Europe?

The first thing is to go jogging to get rid of this bread, cheese & beer gut then Fear Like Us play a festival near Healesville, there are 2 shows with HWM & The Bouncing Souls, the solo show with Joey Cape then get fat again at Christmas!

Thanks for doing the interview, any last words or shout outs?

Thanks for the interview! Be good, eat your greens.


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