Whilst their ages combined would comprise a figure smaller than the weight of their riffs, Sydney hopefuls, Legions, have outlined a mature approach to music and live performance which has cemented their presence in the minds of hardcore fans of all ages throughout the country.  With only a demo under their belts and a 7" underway, we caught up with Owen of this handsome five-piece to see what’s cooking in their teenage minds and planned for their future of their teenage lives. 

Let’s kick things off the right way – who’s your dream guy/girl and why?

This is a hard one, maybe Justene Jaro because she’s… wow and the other would have to be Caed in a wig.

Awesome, could you please introduce yourself and your band – including name, role in the group and bands you sound similar to?

Owen, and I riff away in Legions.
Bands we sound similar to? Comparing to newer bands I’de say maybe Iron Age and Creatures.

In 2009 you guys released your 5-track demo which has gained a huge response throughout Australia, and even taken notice amongst listeners internationally. What are your biggest influences in the writing process, and in playing in this band as a whole?

Well for me, I’de have to say maybe The Icemen, Sabbath, Corrosion of Conformity, Biohazard, Nuclear Assault, Integrity etc. Well, I love playing Guitar and it just happens to be in a band of friends, what could be better?

Since your formation you guys have played numerous shows across the East Coast of Australia, supporting the likes of Rise and Fall, Carpathian, Dropsaw, Mary Jane Kelly and Word Up! What’s been your favourite show so far and why, and are there any you are looking forward to?

There’s been a few. Maybe when we headlined a show a little while back at St Peters, kids went mental and it was just cool in general. The most recent show we played with our friends in Fixtures and Marathon last Friday night, we had a similar response and and it was dope. Then there’s the weekender we did with our friends Warbrain, there’s alot of shows that have all been cool so it’s hard to say in particular. Definitely psyched to be playing with The Dead Walk and our friends in The Hollow on September 26th at The Wall (Bald Faced Stag) aswell, check it!

Self-acclaimed perfectionists, your 4 track 7” has been ‘in recording’ for the last few months and is set to be due out via Arrest Records. What’s the deal with this and when can we expect to get our hands on this?

It’s been a long process due to some dudes being in School/Uni and doing the HSC but it’ll hopefully be dropping within the next 2 months. We’ll see…

Musically, in comparison to your demo how would you compare this upcoming release?

Thrashier, more of a Crossover sound in ways.

Give us a general rundown of the process you guys go into when writing a song, and preparing to record for this newest release?

It’s long. I’ll write some riffs then I’ll take them to Elliott and we’ll work with Drums and that for a bit, then we’ll all put in some more riffs. Then it’s me Brandon and Tiernan. Then Josh fits his lyrics into what we’ve got and then we’ll go through with leads, changing up Drums, fixing up and fine tuning I guess you could say.

Arrest Records has helped a considerable amount of upcoming bands across Australia, including the likes of Reality, Persist, Fires of Waco and Never Content. How’s it been working with this label and what can we expect from the future through this partnership?

He’s been real cool, I’m psyched to see what comes of it once we release this 7” with him.

Having played in previous bands in the past, how has this influenced the way you guys operate as a band and are there any influences you borrow from this?

I guess it’s helped out with the writing process more than anything else. The bands we were in previously were a different sound so we’ve drawn no real ‘Musical’ influences from them really.

Who’s the most annoying in the band? Let us in on all the juice and sauce that goes down between you guys.

Tiernan for being loud, Elliott for being unreliable, Brandon for being vague, Josh for being whipped and me for being stubborn.

Top 5 releases of 2010?

Nails – Unsilent Death.
Basement – Songs About The Weather.
Alpha & Omega – Life Swallower.
Mac Miller – K.I.D.S Mixtape.
Daylight – Dispirit.

Thanks a lot for this, are there any shout-outs, words of advice for listening fans and secrets you can let us in on before we close up?

Listen to Warbrain, Phantoms, Endless Heights, Fixtures and The Hollow. Make sure you check out our homies in Phantoms and Hopeless on tour with Miles Away this September and pick up their new records. We’ll hopefully see you soon, peace.



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