Melbourne hardcore band Vultures have had a bit of a line up change in the last few months, but they have just released their debut EP, "I Don’t Blame You", and don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. The band’s guitarist David answered a few questions about the band for us.

Start off by stating your name, what you play in Vultures and your favourite type of cake?

I’m David, I play the guitar, laziest member of the flock. Although I’ve never had one, I reckon Mrs. Fields cookie cakes would be amazing. That or anything cake that is cookies and cream flavoured. I live for cookies and cream.

How did the band first originally form?

Well, Rhys and I had both talked about starting another hardcore band, and we were so bored doing nothing. Rhys was talking to Tyson a lot online, who was at the time living in Canada, and Tyson said he really wanted to sing for a band when he got back. So he got back around late 08, and we started jamming in January 09. Lee from The Army Of The Sky joined on drums and about a month or 2 later we smashed out our first demo.

Who would you consider to be the band’s main influences musically?

All the members of Vultures have different tastes, but as far as the band is concerned, musically, I take a lot of influence from bands like Killing The Dream, Blacklisted, Life Long Tragedy, Dead Swans, Go It Alone. I think we have an original sound though so I don’t really liken us to any of the bands mentioned.

What made you first decide that you wanted to play in a band?

I’ve been playing guitar since I was 10, so as soon as I got into high school, I guess there were kids there that were always up to jam, whether it just be playing Enter Sandman, or shitty pop punk covers. Ever since then I’ve just always played in bands with mates.

The band’s debut EP “I Don’t Blame You” is out now. What was the writing and recorded process like for the record?

With the writing process, I’d pretty much come up with some riffs then in my head make them into songs, then at prac would show the dudes and if they were keen we’d use the songs. Everyone had their input with what they wanted on the record which was a good thing. Recording was great, we went back to Ren at Reich Records, who recorded our second demo in July of 2009. He was really good, because it wasn’t like we’d go in and just track it, we’d actually tell him what we wanted, and how we wanted it to sound, and we were stoked with how it came out. We spent two weekends there and came out with something we were happy with, which was great.

What has the feedback for the release been like so far?

Feedback so far has been good, we weren’t sure if people were going to be into it, but its been great. We haven’t played that many shows since its come out, so I guess when we play with the CD out now, it’ll be the real test. We also know how many CD’s we’ve sold, so it will be good to know how many kids have downloaded it and ripped us off hahaha

Not long after the EP was recorded, you announced that the band’s singer Tyson had decided to leave the band, but he was replaced not long after by the band’s current vocalist Sean. How did you decide that Sean was going to sing for the band?

Well, the day Tyson quit, I called Sean and opened the call with "Hey new singer of Vultures" and that was pretty much it. I’ve played in bands with Sean before, and we’ve grown up together, so it was only fitting he sang for the band. It sucks that Tyson had to leave, but I couldn’t be happier that Sean was the shoe filler, I don’t know what would have happened if Sean didn’t join..

Did Sean re-write the lyrics for the EP? Or are some of them lyrics that Tyson wrote?

The lyrics are a mix. I guess you could say it’s 50/50. Some are Tyson’s, which he was more than happy for us to use. Sean re-wrote some stuff himself, so he felt comfortable singing those parts. All of Sean’s lyrics are still to the theme in which Tyson wrote them.

You re-recorded “Prodigal Son” from the band’s 2009 demo for the EP. What was the reasoning behind including this track on the release?

We love playing Prodigal Son, and to be honest it’s probably a crowd favourite, so it was fitting that we re-recorded it on the CD. If you’re a keen listener you will probably notice the song isn’t the same from the original version. It’s the 20-10 remix.

Logan from The Broderick did a guest vocal spot on “Lead Belly”. Who came up with the idea to get Logan to sing on it? What was it like working with him?

I actually can’t remember who thought of it, but I’d always think it would be an awesome part for Logan to sing over. It was easy getting him to sing cos he’s a mate, and when I put the idea to him he was more than keen. When he recorded it, it sounded huge, Tyson pretty much guided him with how to sing it.. After a few takes, he nailed it, big smiles all round.

Has the band been writing any new material as of late?

We haven’t written anything new. I’ve got a few ideas, riffs etc however nothing has been written as a band. We’ll probably start writing for an album soon.

When do you think we could expect to see something new being released?

When we start actually writing, we hope to have something out by mid 2011.

At the start of this month you made your first trip to Sydney to play some shows. Do you think we can expect to see the band up this way more often?

The shows we played were awesome, and we got a good response, so hopefully if we can make it happen, we’ll get up there again as soon as we can and more regularly.

The band is opening for Boston’s Death Before Dishonor early next month, what are you looking forward to the most about this show?

Probably playing with such a respected hardcore band. Also the show isn’t really the crowd we usually play to, so it’ll be good to play to a different crown. I’m siked to see Relentless’ new stuff as well.

Who are some bands that we should be checking out?

Check out Sans Amour from Mornington, young dudes cool music, Bear Witness, another cool band from Melbourne. If you haven’t already suss Warbrain, there new stuff sounds awesome and their release will kill it. I can’t really think of anyone else. That Fixtures band were sweet. Any band that plays a Pulling Teeth cover gets a thumbs up.

What has been your favourite show that the band has played so far?

There’s been a few. We headlined an all ages show in Caroline Springs aka the other end of the world. Kids went mental and it was heaps of fun. The all ages show for Ruiner was great as well, we had a similar response there with the kids. Those shows, plus a number of other great shows like with Cruel Hand, Trapped Under Ice and The Ghost Inside.

Do you have any goals that you would like to achieve with this band?

No real goals with the band, I just like playing shows and writing music that I like, or what I would want to hear if I wasn’t in the band, not caring if anyone is going to like it or not. We’re happy with what we’re doing and we’re pretty excited with some stuff that’s coming up.

What is your favourite and least favourite thing about being in a band?

My favourite part about being in the band would easily be making music and hanging out with some of my good mates. Sometimes you see bands that are just mates because they’ve been stuck together for all the wrong reasons, and they don’t get along. I’m glad I’m in a band with a great bunch of dudes who love the same type of music as me, and don’t have to deal with any of that weird shit. Worst part would probably have to be I have to kind of organise myself. As I have already said, I’m lazy as fuck, and not much motivates me, so with the band it’s a good way to get doing something, rather than just doing nothing.

Thanks for doing the interview mate, any last words or shout outs?

Thanks heaps for doing the interview! People should check out our CD "I Dont Blame You" and come hang at a show and buy me a drink, we’ll be mates. Also, check out Tyson’s charity Home Is Where The Heartaches, he runs events, prints merch, with all funds going straight to charity.

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