Brisbane punk band Milestones have had a busy year releasing their debut demo, playing their first string of shows including a support slot with american pop punk band Fireworks. Now after starting to make a name for themselves they have just finished recording their debut EP titled "Growing Up Is Getting Old". Between all the booze, nandos and songwriting guitarist Mitch was kind enough to answer a few questions.

First of all start off with your name, your role in the band and your favourite simpsons character?

I’m Mitch, I play guitar and do some backing vocals in mileboners.. well, as an avid simpsons enthusiast, I can’t really pick a simpsons character that is better than another. They all have their classic moments.

Can you give us a brief explanation of how Milestones started?

Milestones started mid 2009 with just Daniel and Dk as a “hardcore” project, then a band Dk and I were playing in broke up and so did my other band so I decided to join the band with Josh, but we wanted a more pop/punk sound so it changed from there. Trent joined late 2009 and is just an awesome bass player so we kept him.

You guys have been around for only a short time and you are already getting support with international bands such as fireworks and the wonder years, how does that make you feel playing with the bands you know and love?

We’re all stoked! Plain and simple. We owe it all to a group of amazing people who have helped us out and given us a shot without any good music out. Haha

How was the reaction when you played with Fireworks?

“Why is this band on the stage?”

So you released your first demo earlier this year, how was the response, was it what you expected?

The response was better than I expected. I don’t really like those songs but it was just a starting point plus for us. Old bands I was in mucked around too much and didn’t record anything so both Dk and I wanted to TRY and hit the ground running so to speak.

As far as writing goes who are you main influences musically?

I could list so many bands, but that’d be boring. Old punk bands like Lagwagon and Nofx, mixed with new bands that I listen to like Maker, Borderland, and Transit.

How do you go about the writing process for your material, does it all come together at once or?

Most of the time it’ll start with me sitting at home just playing around with chord progressions of riffs, then I just tab it out and send the song to Dk so he can come up with drums then it gets sent to Daniel and Trent so they can learn the song too. Sometimes Daniel or Trent might come to jamming with something cool and we try and polish it all up. But pretty much all the songs on the new record have been changed at jamming. Everyone gives awesome input.

Are any of you guys playing in any other projects outside of Milestones?

We all dabble in a bit of mosh-metal.

When and where did you record your forthcoming EP, "Growing Up Is Getting Old" ?

Started around the middle of July at Studio 454 with Dan Field who did an awesome job with getting the sound we wanted, helping us produce it, and eating lots of shitty food at 2am most mornings.

When is the EP planned for release?

The plan is to have it ready for The Wonder Years show in September.

What can fans expect from the new EP, has the style changed at all in ways?

Yeah after the demo I didn’t want to play beatdowns anymore so I think it’s more melodic. It’s definitely for emo’s.

Whats the best thing about being in Milestones?

For me its just being able to write music and to have awesome musicians to help play my songs, playing shows, hanging out with friends, making new friends, and nando’s before shows.

You are releasing your new EP through Stay Home Records, how did that deal fall into place?

I don’t even know! Josh just has a way with words I guess.

What has been the best and worst shows you have played so far?

The best show I’ve experienced so far has been the Melbourne show, probably just the whole weekend was just way too awesome. I think our worst show was at the Globe. Not much went well that night, except the girl that was stalking Trent. Haha

What are some bands that we should be checking out these days?

Skyway, Apart From This, Headaches, The Author, First Base, Fires of Waco, Too Late Escape, Ghost Town.

Do you plan on touring more once the EP is released?

Yeah definitely. We havent really toured yet so at least one this year would be good!

On a less serious note, stupidest thing you have done for money?

Well all my friends are poor as shit so they never offer me money, but I guess everyone has to know about the time Trent took a dump on the street in Melbourne.

What are Milestones plans for the rest of 2010?

Shows, more writing, more recording, more nando’s, more beer, more public defecation, more everything.

Thanks for doing the interview, much appreciated. Anything you would like to add?

It’s a punk band…

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