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For many, Fire & Ice is a new name. Well familiarize yourself, because this Richmond, Virginia four-piece is quickly becoming one of the most talked about bands in the American hardcore scene. With two 7”s on Triple B Records (Bane, Foundation, Rival Mob) and a full length on the way, Fire & Ice are more than just a ripple in the lake of the NYHC revival sound currently mesmerizing the USA. We caught up with F&I drummer Flza to talk about pizza, 50 Lions and the effects of having a table thrown at you.

To begin could you tell us your name, what you do in Fire & Ice, and your favourite pizza?

My name is Flza, I play drums in Fire & Ice. Wilkes barre Pa holds down the best pizza. Angelos, sweet sauce.. Check it out.

Perhaps a little more than a year ago, all I knew about you guys was that you had two rough tracks on the internet and nothing else seemed to be going on. Next thing I know you’ve recorded a demo, released a 7” on Triple B Records, played United Blood Fest with bands like Madball and Death Threat…how did this all happen in such a short amount of time?

Yeah we just finished those rough tracks in time for United Blood last year. Not long after, sam from BBB hit us up about doing a record. We were actually thinking about doing it on our own, when he hit us up we were like alright this is cool. Basically we recorded everything we had written at the time and played as much as we could. We did a north east week with backtrack and a southeast week with foundation. Then we got asked to play UB. We put alot of work in.

Now you’ve released a new record through Triple B called ‘Grim’. Do you feel like you’ve stepped it up creatively?

Uhhh I’m gonna say no, just because we wrote the grim songs at the same time. Some harder, some more groovin, but they were written at the same time. Were stepping it up for whatever comes next though.

Most of you guys played for Iron Boots, right? What other bands have you guys been in?

Yeah Dave and I were in Iron Boots, towards the end Groater played with us alot. He was also in Down To Nothing. Dave was in Tarpit and I was in a band called Victim. Groater and myself are also in Bracewar. Dave was… And mark was in a band called Junk Yard Dogs.

Any plans to release a full length sometime in the future?

Yeah that’s our next goal. We actually thought of doing the two 7"s as an lp in the beginning.

What are Fire & Ice’s influences, musical or otherwise?

There’s so many man. Mainly new York stuff. Leeway, White Devil, Burn, Coldfront. Other stuff too, obv bad brains, red hot chili peppers, faith no more. Alot of metal. So much stuff.

Any chance of you guys coming to visit us in Australia sometime soon?

We actually just played a string of shows with 50 lions and were talking to them about it. Love those dudes btw. We want to bad. That’s like my main goal as a band. Australia #1 goal.

Conventionally, modern hardcore bands have two guitarists – do you plan on adding another guitarist to the line up or do you prefer having only one?

No fucking way. I love being a 4 piece. We have a good dynamic. It’s just easier. Groater usually rocks two heads and two cabs so the beef is there. Mark holds it down when it’s Groater solo time. I don’t like 5 pieces.

Us Aussies don’t get to hear a whole lot about Richmond bands apart from Bracewar, and to a lesser extent, Naysayer. Who are some bands from your area worth checking out?

Richmonds got some good bands. You need to check dry spell, swamp thing, new dtn if you haven’t, no values, junk yard dogs. Tough luck is a young band. There’s a decent amount.

Where abouts did you guys record your two 7”s?

We recorded with our boy vince who did all the Iron Boots stuff and tarpit and victim stuff. He’s got a good ear for it. Sniper studios Check it out.

Any interesting/funny/embarrassing stories from Fire & Ice shows?

Yea the first day of our south east tour with foundation we played In virginia beach, the show was good, after the show people start getting wild and throwing stuff, in a joking way. Anyway someone throws a table and it hits our bass player right in the face. All I heard was him yell and see blood pouring out of his face. Anyway we thought the tour was done before it started but he roughed it out. He ended up getting like 50 stitches in his forehead. But we did the tour and it was awesome.

What is the best and worst thing about the hardcore scene in the US right now?

Uhhhh, I dunno? Shits pretty solid right now. People can be a little quick to judge sometimes but other than that it’s great.

Thanks a lot dude, anything else you wanna mention? Shout outs?

Shout outs to 50 lions, backtrack, foundation, bracewar. All our boys. 73 fam. Thanks for the interview

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