Sydney hardcore band Phantoms are one of the best up and coming hardcore bands the country has to offer at the moment. With their debut album "As Above, So Below" scheduled to be released on September 10 through Trial And Error Records, the band’s singer Caed answered a few questions about the band for us.

Start off by stating your name, what you do in Phantoms and your favourite music video of all time?

Caed, I sing and there is no doubt in my mind Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch – Good Vibrations is the best clip of all time.

How was the band first formed?

Me, Red and Rowan were doing bombs off my fence summer 2009 listening to Madball, and thought we should start a band sounding something like that.

You and Glynn played in Jack Napier, Kelly played in Rex Banner and Red played in Die Trying, what made you all come together and form a band that sounds the way Phantoms does?

Kelly asked me to try out for Rex Banner, and after the demise of that band, we hung out at a show, talked Madball, Metallica and tank tops and he decided he’d join.

Who were the main influences musically?

Metallica, Madball, Weed, Illmatic & Sepultura with some NYHC Biohazard vibe thrown in.

You just recently announced that Trial And Error Records would be releasing your debut album “As Above, So Below” in September, what was the writing and recording process like for the album?

Writing was easy, we banged out a record in 2 months, recording was a little painful, but it’s done now and that’s all that matters haha.

What happened to the early 2010 release date that the band had originally planned?

We had the opportunity, to release it on Trial And Error if we waited a little longer, and to be realistic we have only just been a band for a year as of July, there was no point in rushing out a release, that no one was going to hear.

When will you be putting up a new track from the album for everyone to listen to?

Last week of August I believe.

Did you re-record any songs from either of the demos for the album?

Maybe (haha we are bad at interviews).

How did the deal with Trial And Error fall into place?

Sent some demo’s to Nigel, he liked, we were siked.

What makes Trial And Error the right label for the band?

Some of my favourite Australian bands have released on the label, so it was a no brainer.

Will the album be getting a vinyl release anytime soon?

Possibly, but most likely no, we have got something real cool planned for the start of the next year on vinyl.

The band has already done a few interstate shows off the back of the two demos; did you think things would be moving so fast for the band?

Nup, but its all been really fun and we are lucky to have alot of good friends that have been helping us out.

One of those interstate trips included a Queensland weekend with Canberra’s I Exist, what was that weekend like? Any stories you would like to share?

Wet N Wild, Red wizzing in Nick Lucas’s draws, wizard staffs, and I Exist teaching us how to gig, that band is sooo good.

You also did a few of the dates with Fireworks when they came out here, what was the reaction like to the band considering it was mainly a pop punk tour?

Brisbane all ages and the Sydney show were both really dope, the other shows were very very weird, but we are all big Fireworks fans, so we were stoked to watch them every night, plus Slim D took 19 shits on 4 days.

The band just recently played at the Hardcore 2010 Festival, what was your favourite part about that weekend?

I Exist 7 members on stage, Blkout , 50 L and Relentless sets also.

Are you going to be doing more touring once the album is out?

Yup some stuff should be announced in a matter of seconds/days/weeks.

I understand the band has just had a line up change and Mike from Elegy is now playing bass, how did you decide that Mike would be the one to take over?

Slim D from Relentless was originally going to do it part time, but we decided to get Mike in full time cause Slim D is too good looking for our band.

Is it true that Kelly bribed everyone with a lifetime subscription to Blunt so that you all would let him in the band?

Haha nah, Kelly is actually a good guitarist, and a solid dude.

Why hasn’t he put you on the cover of Blunt yet?

Well he was going to in June, but Red was on the cover of High Times, so he couldn’t have a cover clash.

Who are some bands that we should be checking out?

The Comeback Season (ft members of Relentless/ Endless Heights / Legions / Phntmz)
I Exist
Apart From This

What has been the most memorable show the band has played so far?

Hardcore 2010, kids actually having fun.

Do you have any goals that you would like to achieve with this band?

Get to see more waterslides.

What are the band’s plans for the rest of 2010?

Tour the record "As Above, So Below" out September 10th on Trial And Error / Stomp haha.

Try out Dreamworld’s water park aswell.

Thanks for doing the interview mate, any last words or shout outs?

Kelly says "Tom your mother is worried your wasting your life".

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