Melbourne based punk band Anchors are currently in the studio recording their debut full-length album – set to be released later in the year. The band’s guitarist Pat answered a few questions for us.

Start off by stating your name, what you play in Anchors and your childhood sporting hero?

My name is Patrick, I play guitar, and Wayne Carey was the man who stole my young heart.

When and what made you first decide that you wanted to play music?

My parents inherited a piano from our great aunt, and I used to have a tinkle of the ivories every day from about 3, I started getting lessons when I was about 6, but gave that away when I hit high school and realised the piano was doing nothing for me sexually. At that point I decided to have a more serious crack at guitar, but if I’d known that it would also have little effect on my sex life I probably wouldn’t have bothered with that either…

What bands do you consider to have the biggest influence on Anchors musically?

If you consider bands that we all like, it goes something along the lines of A Wilhelm Scream, awayfromnow, Ignite and Strung Out. If you consider the wider musical tastes of individual members, bands like Converge, The Bronx, No Trigger, Shai Hulud and Cleave spring to mind…

How did the band first begin?

I originally met Pat Murphy playing in a Cancer Batsy sort of band that never got off the ground. I suggested that we start playing some punk songs together, and we jammed out the song that would become ‘Quite Content’. We showed this song off to Chris Lyon who was practicing next door with Synthesist, and when he saw my songwriting prowess he immediately wanted to quit metal and do punk jumps instead …yada, yada, other guys, lineup change ======> today.

The band’s self-titled EP and digital EP “Songs For Lily” are both out now, what has the overall response been like to both releases?

The EP was considered a waste of money by most people, the response to Songs For Lily was a lot better, as it only cost bandwidth.

What made the band decide to release “Songs For Lily” as a free digital download rather than releasing a physical copy of it?

We wanted people to hear it, and outside Melbourne too, so that when we toured they would have some vague idea of who we were. We would never recoup money on a 3 track CD anyway, and it was a good chance to test out some things in the studio. It’s a lot more worthwhile and rewarding for a bunch of people to hear your music for free than for only a few people to hear you and give you ten bucks.

The band is in the process of recording your debut album as we speak, can you tell us a bit about the album?

We finish tracking vocals next Friday. We’re doing it with Joel Taylor at Threephase Studios. It’s got some guest vocals and breakdowns and a cover. Joel thinks it’s going OK. It’s going to be called ‘Bad Juju’.

Has the band approached the song writing for the album any different to how you did with the previous EP’s?

Yeah, in that we actually had the songs written before we hit the studio this time. We released a demo and two EPs in our first year as a band and we would always be rushed – we would mostly be writing parts as we recorded. This time we did a fair bit of pre production and I think the result is much tighter, more focused songs.

When can we expect to see the album be released?

October HOPEFULLY. If someone wants to release it that would be awesome.

Will you be releasing the album through Gormandise Records once again?

Nah Chris is pretty busy and we want the CD in JB Hifi so I can tell the chicks at work that my band gets sold in JB Hifi.

What has been your favourite show that the band has played so far?

Our Melbourne leg of the Songs for Lily tour at the Birmingham was pretty kewl. Lots of crowd involvement. Mostly our shows are pretty tame. Arms folded and shit.

You played a few interstate shows earlier in the year; can we expect to see the band hitting the road more frequently after the release of the album?

Yeah If we can get on the road and play everywhere twice before the end of the year that’d be good. Maybe even a Perth show. There’s a few bands we want to tour with so I’m going to have to pull my finger out and get booking.

Do you have any goals that you would like to achieve with this band?

There’s a lot of ways I could better myself as a human being. I think the band would settle for me not treating everyone like dirt, not being an annoying cunt in the van and not mooching beers off everyone.

The band’s “Ranchors” shirt design is awesome, is all future merch that the band is planning on printing going to be of this standard?

If Patrick Galvin will design it all, yes. We have a Tarago inspired tee coming soon so hopefully that gets the Tom Maddocks seal of approval.

What is your favourite and least favourite thing about being in a band?

Not being able to maintain intimate relationships and never ever ever having any money. That’s probably got more to do with me than the band though…

What albums have you been playing a lot of lately?

I’ve been getting into Every Time I Die again. I really went off them for a few years and didn’t give the new album a chance. Upon further listens I am an idiot and it is a work of genius. Crime in Stereo are rad too. Boring answer, I know.

Are any of you playing in any other bands besides Anchors at the moment?

Yeah, Brett and Pat murphy have some fruity country thing going on, Tony has drumming aspirations but he has to quit smoking Port Royals first… NOTHING OF ANY INTEREST.

Who are some bands that we should be checking out?

Hightime from Adelaide are the best live band in Australia. Grenadiers, Dick Wolf and The Weight are good too. From Melbourne, people should check out Face Eater and Encircling Sea. Ride The Tiger in Tassie, Yoko Oh No in Canberra, and Cleave from Japan. There are othewr good bands going round I’m sure.

What are the band’s plans for the rest of 2010?

Party and Get Laid.

Thanks for doing the interview, any last words or shout outs?

Nick Hauser lent me a bunch of gear for recording. Whaddacunt.

Also where was the Tom Selleck question? THIS INTERVIEW IS OVER!

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