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Alaskan metallers, 36 Crazyfists are now into their sixteenth year as a musical act. With the US quartet busy touring and promoting new album, ‘Collisions and Castaways’, the group’s front man Brock Lindow briefly caught up with Killyourstereo recently for a short and sharp chat.

G’day mate, just to get things started could you please state your name, role in the band and your all-time favourite metal record?

Brock Lindow, Vocals. Favourite record is – ‘Master Of Puppets’, by Metallica.

So, it has been a year or so since Killyourstereo caught up with guys. How are things going with the band at the moment?

(We have been) busy, touring in support of our new album (‘Collisions and Castaways’).

Your new album (as you said), ‘Collisions and Castaways’ is due in stores imminently. The new song ‘Reviver’ sounds very strong. Can you fill the readers in on what to expect from the new release.

It is an aggressive record and it has all the elements of the band all wrapped into one big slab of seething metal…I am stoked on the outcome of the record.

When it comes time to record studio album number five, what is the recording process like? Is it business as usual as you all know your roles or do you still try to experiment with different recording dynamics and processes etc.?

At this point, we all kind of know what were trying to do musically, although we are definitely trying to avoid repeating ourselves – we get in our rehearsal space and just let it fly.

Before this album, you had a pretty settled line-up for some time. Did the departure of bass player Mick Whitney have any affect when it came time to write the new material?

Well losing Mick wasn’t easy, (we have) played with him for fourteen years, but that being said Mick had obligations he needed to be responsible for and we totally respect and understand that…He never was a part of the writing team although, so it didn’t change the writing dynamic.

Last time you guys toured Australia was as part of Soundwave. Any interesting tales to tell us from that festival?

My favourite festival ever. I love Soundwave and hope to play it again someday…The stories were so awesome, being with all my friends on the metal stage just ruled and seeing Alice in Chains everyday blew my mind.

Your DVD ‘Underneath a Northern Sky’ shows the strong support you have with your home state – Alaska. Have you noticed any shifts since you first started as a band as opposed to now, in terms of the Alaskan music scene? Is there more opportunity for up and coming bands today or is there still a certain disconnect with the rest of the US music markets?

It is cool to see bigger bands coming to Alaska now and it is awesome to listen to the local bands in town…I think the scene has come a long way since I started in it.

When you eventually get time off as a band from touring, how much does music still take up in your daily routine as individuals? Do you still feel the need and/or want to practice everyday at home, or because you spend so much time performing do you like to have a period where you divorce yourself from that stuff?

I spend time with my family. I think little about the band when I am on my time off from it…I have plenty of catching up to do when I finally get back home.

Just some easy ones to finish off with,

What have been some of your favourite albums so far this year?

The new Eminem (album) is mind blowing.

If you could pick any song in the history of rock you wished your band had written, which one would it be?

‘Bad to the Bone’ by George Thorogood

If you could only pick three albums to put on your iPod, which three would they be?

‘Love Song’ – The White Buffalo
‘Empty’ – Ray Lamontangue
And, anything by Dallas Green

What are some up and coming bands that you have been digging lately that readers should check out?

Across the Sun, (from) Portland, Oregon
The Lost Marauders, (from) Los Angeles
Kallahan, (from) Alaska

Any chance Australia will get to see you guys either later this year/early next year as part of the ‘Collisions and Castaways’ tour cycle run?

Sure hope so. It is in the works…

And finally, any final words for KYS readers?

Love OZ, (and) can’t wait to come see the beautiful country again.

Thanks for the interview Brock.

You got it.

Collisions and Castaways’ is out now through Roadrunner Records.

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