Amber Calling

Dominant Adelaide Pop Punk force Amber Calling have taken time out of their busy schedules to tackle the important topics of the touring life and Aaron Teakle.

Could you please state your name, role in the band and beverage?

Mike Jones, Singer, Jacks & Lemonade J

For those unfamiliar with Amber Calling, please describe how the band sounds?

Bad songs, played poorly by mediocre musicians

How did the band start and where does the name Amber Calling originate from?

Dave and I are brothers, so in late 2004 we started jamming, both hadn’t ever been in a band before. Got a band together and have never really looked back. As for the name of the band, i honestly have no idea! I had to leave the band for 4 months because i was having massive throat problems. In that time the band had come up with the name Amber Calling and every time I asked the boys how they came up with it they just laugh and won’t tell me, so I guess I’ll never know!

When did Tom join the band (on keyboards/additional vocals)? At what point did you realise there was a need for a fulltime keyboard player in the band?

Tom joined in august of 2008. He left his old band Capulet and was looking for a new band. We had always loved Tom’s vocals and would always joke about how good would it be to have him in the band. So when we approached him and asked if he could play an instrument he told us that he could kind of play keys, so we decided to add him as a second vocalist/synth player. The bastard’s first show was in August of 2008 at Thebby Theatre with panic At The Disco!

It’s been a while since the Coming Home single was released. What have you guys been up to in the interim?

We have pretty much just been hard at writing for our debut album, releasing a few singles along the way. We are finally at the point now that we are ready to go into the studio to start tracking. So hopefully a full length release later this year.

I can safely say the Adelaide Pop Punk scene has definitely not been thriving over the past few years. Does this make it difficult formulating line ups that suite the Amber Calling sound or is it easier playing shows interstate?

The scene definitely died a few years ago, and when it did it was so hard to pull together a strong line up and actually have kids rock up to shows. But in the last 6 months the Pop/Punk/Rock scene has become quite solid again, and we are back to playing to pretty big crowds here in Adelaide. We always love playing interstate though, nothing better than being on the road.

The Too Dance To Drunk (say Dave @ Syke) single was released a few months back. Can we expect to hear this on the future release?

We are actually still debating this as a band now. Not entirely sure what we are going to do with this one, but it’s definitely still in the mix to make the album. I personally will be pushing hard for it to be on the next release.

It’s refreshing to see a band having fun with their songs in both a live environment and in a recorded format when most bands take themselves very seriously. Would you consider Amber Calling to be a party band and how important is having a good time to the band?

We definitely like to party and have fun when we are out and on tour, but there are times when we have to take things seriously. Having said that, I think it’s very important to make everything you do fun and enjoyable, otherwise it just becomes routine and with routine comes boredom.

Amber Calling has played some ridiculously massive shows over the past year including a support for Short Stack at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Is it intimidating for the band to play too such a monstrous crowd and how do u prepare for such a show?

To be honest over the years we have played a lot of massive shows with crowds into the thousands. We all take those shows as an opportunity to gain more fans and to make sure we put on the best, most entertaining show possible.

Who is the most irritating member to have in the van on tour?

Haha, everyone in the band has there traits that get on my nerves (as I’m sure all bands do) but Tom takes the cake for me. He has more energy than I can handle! We could have driven for 17 straight hours on minimal sleep and he is still the loudest, most energetic person in that van. He also drank his own piss in the van once for $100 because he was broke haha.

Why does Aaron Teakle cop so much punishment from you guys?

Ahh Aaron Swarley Teakle, well Dave has known Aaron for over half his life and went to school with him. I must say he does cop a lot of shit from all of us, but mostly from Dave and I. He’s our house mate, and we can get very, very, very bored. I suppose he just feels the brunt of our boredom. He was on the toilet at our house once, and we were that bored that we broke the toilet door in and covered him in a bag of flour. He’s a good kid though, takes everything on the chin. I’m sure one day he will get us back.

What does Amber Calling have planned Touring and release wise for the rest of the year?

Well like I said earlier we are ready to go into the studio and actually record this album, it’s been a very long time coming and I seriously can’t wait for it to be done. As for touring, as soon as the Album is ready for release we will be booking as many tours as possible and hopefully playing some sick shows all around Aus.

Top three favourite Pop Punk CDs of all time?

Ahhh this is the hardest question on here!

But I have a massive soft spot for the following three:

New Found Glory- Coming Home

Alkaline Trio- From here To Infirmary

Blink 182- Enema Of The State

What are some Australian bands your have shared the stage with and been impressed by in recent memory?

Heroes For Hire & Delamare. Both great Up and coming Aussie bands, and both good friends of ours! So check them out

Any final words and thanks you would like to share?

Party On Wayne

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  1. saraah4

    amber calling are so good live,
    when i seen them at short stack, it was one of them ‘wow, i dont know who they are, but fuck there amazing’ moments for me.

  2. shortstackk

    omg omg omg they supported panic! at the disco? if i’d known that, i would’ve gone.. first time i saw them live was at Civic Park hahah, still have “Transformer” on my phone (:

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