Boston pop punk band Transit have just recently recorded their second album "Keep This To Yourself" – scheduled for an August release through Run For Cover Records. The band’s guitarist Tim answered some questions about the new record for us amongst other things.

Start off by stating your name, what you play in Transit and your current favourite TV show?

My name is Tim Landers, I play guitar and attempt to sing in Transit. I don’t watch much TV, but my favorite show would have to be ‘The Pacific.’ Stephen King kills it.

Can you tell us a bit about how the band was formed?

We’re all kids from stupid small towns who love music and love making it. Somehow, we all found each other through bands, shows, mutual friends, etc. Basically, Transit came together as a few kids who wanted to make music that sounded different from all the bands we were sick of hearing.

Who do you consider to the band’s main influences musically?

Too many to name. We all listen to a lot of different music. Some things we all share:

Lifetime, Fairweather, Blink-182, Biggie, Mock Orange, and American Football.

The band’s 2009 EP “Stay Home” received great praise and reviews. Did the band ever expect this to happen?

To be honest, no- not at all. We’re still stoked.

The EP has just been given a vinyl release through Barrett Records. What made the band decide to release the EP on vinyl?

Well, Barrett presented us with the idea a few months back and we were really into it. They’re the first label that ever wanted to support Transit, and old friends of ours, so we love working with them. Also, vinyl is awesome.

The band’s debut album “This Will Not Define Us” has been out for a few years now. Is the band still as happy with those songs as you were when you first released the album?

No way. We’re always trying to push ourselves and progress as a band, as musicians, and as songwriters. Personally, I feel like we’ve come a long way since then. I mean, I love those songs- I just feel like we’ve grown into ourselves a lot.

The band’s split with Man Overboard was released in December last year. Do you think this is what we can expect the new Transit songs to be like?

Hmmm. Well, ‘Please, Head North’ was actually re-recorded and will be on the new record. Don’t tell anyone though…haha. But seriously, new Transit songs are a little edgier then the split, but a lot of the same feel is there.

You recorded the band’s new album “Keep This To Yourself” last month with Jesse Cannon (Saves The Day, Lifetime). What was it like recording with Jesse?

It was awesome. Jesse is great at what he does, and he did what he does with us. We we’re privileged to wake up to an overwhelming earful of Ke$ha and Katy Perry every morning.

What can we expect to hear on the new Transit album?

14 new Transit songs. Some happy, some sad- lot’s of emotion. Jesse and Mike at Cannon Found Soundation really let us do our thing, and we are very happy with the end result.

When are you going to be putting up some tracks from the new album for us to listen to?

I wish that I had an answer to this one. As soon as possible, seriously. Can’t wait to show.

Run For Cover Records seems to be the most switched on label at the moment when it comes to pop punk. How did the deal with them fall into place?

Definitely, Run For Cover has some of the best bands around nowadays. Jeff contacted us one day after hearing some songs off ‘This Will Not Define Us’ and said he was interested in working with us. He came to see us at some miserable 15+ band show we played with our brothers in Fireworks (another RFC band at the time), and actually ended up leaving before we played. Nevertheless, a deal was in the works a few weeks later.

I’ve heard that the album will be released in September?

I think we were able to bump it back a little! We’re shooting for mid August.

In May the band is going to head out on the road with A Loss For Words, This Time Next Year and Such Gold and others, what is the band looking forward to the most about this tour?

We are looking forward to everything about this. Here are a few exciting thoughts: It is our first full tour of the United States. We get to skateboard and hang out on the west coast. Our van situation went to ruins- so A Loss For Words, being the amazing gentlemen they are, is allowing us to ride with them in their van. Personally, I think that is going to be the most fun never ending hang out session ever. Excited to see the country, play some music, and make new friends.

In August the band will be travelling to Europe for the first time with label mates Man Overboard, what do you think you can expect with this tour?

The most fun any of us will ever have ever. haha. But seriously, Man Overboard are very close friends of ours- us all together overseas is literally a dream come true.

What are the band’s favourite songs to play live?

I know that every member of Transit would give you a different answer to this question. So, I will speak for myself. I like playing ‘Stays the Same’ and a new song called ‘Footwork’ the best.

Do any of you play in any other bands besides Transit?

I haven’t really played in anything all too serious since Transit began. As of a couple months ago, I started a project called Misser. Just a collection of songs I wrote and like to sing.

Who are your favourite bands to play shows with and why?

Man Overboard, Balance & Composure, Tigers Jaw, and Make Do and Mend- for all the same reasons. Amazing people and friends, and even better musicians. Blows me away every time.

Who are some bands we should be checking out that we might not have heard of here in Australia?

I’m about to name drop, and I’m not going to pick any of it up. Defeo, the Agent, Maker, Castavett, Ape Up, and Grown Ups.

Does the band currently have any plans to tour Australia?

There are currently no plans set in stone. We’d love to- more than anything. Will you book it for us?

What are the band’s plans for the rest of 2010?

Two full tours of the United States, our record coming out, a tour to Europe and hopefully everywhere else in the world. We are all quitting life and doing Transit full time.

Thanks for the interview, any last words?

Thanks for having me and all the support. We hope to make it to you soon.

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