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On the eve of their impending tour with hardcore heavy weights Shai Hulud I Exist guitarist Aaron Osbourne took some time to talk about their latest album and Queenslands Wet n Wild

Could you please state your name, role in the band and favourite fizzy drink?

My name is Aaron, I play guitar and my favourite drink is a toss up between Coke, Bulmers Cider and Deep Springs Orange and Passionfruit.

Describe the I Exist musical experience to someone who has never heard the band before?

Never thought of us as an experience haha but I guess, heavyish hardcore band with stoner rock/doom influence, loud, fast, slow, good times.

I Exist play a massive part in the ridiculously strong music community in Canberra. Has the heavy music scene always been this strong or is it just beginning to resurge?

Canberra has had a very strong heavy music scene for a long time now, the metal scene has always been good and same goes for the hardcore scene. Lots of good bands like Pod People and 4 Dead who have been around forever and the newer bands like Dead Kings, Looking Glass and so on who are doing alot for the scene right now.

Your debut full length I: A Turn for the Worst hit stores last week and has been receiving a decent amount of praise around the grape vine. How did you manage to punch the album out in such a short amount of time (a long weekend)?

Well we had been jamming the songs for around 4 months with our current line up prior to recording and I wrote the songs around 6/7 months before we recorded so we were all well practiced with the songs and they arent very hard to play either haha.

How many illicit substances were inhaled during this recording with grind lord Jason PC (Blood Duster)?

Haha none by myself, but im sure the others had their fair share of hitting the almighty bongos.

The title of the album hints that it will be the first in a series of releases. Any inside information into the story behind this?

Well it is the first album by I Exist, and will be the first of hopefully many to come, as we all really enjoy playing together and really like the way the songs we play come together. But really, we just liked the title that way haha…though there definitely will be more to come.

Who is the guru responsible for producing the artwork?

Glenn Smith did the paintings/drawings for the artwork and Patrick Galvin pieced it all together and worked his design magic on the layout. Glenno has worked for heaps of great bands before and we are all so stoked on how the art came out.

Your previous 7” inch, Three Nails and a Book of Flaws had some heavy hitting atheist ideals behind the music. Is this trend and belief continued on the latest release?

Yeah, to a certain extent, we have had quite alot of focus on it in the past and to me it would be boring if that was all we sung about being that we have alot more to say as people. So there are still songs with an atheist ethic and we do not follow organised religion, however we do care about other things too haha.

The Shai Hulud tour is coming up thick and fast, how keen is the band to be hitting this and what towns are you looking forward to the most?

We are all real excited about getting out and playing shows. Were keen to go anywhere man, playing shows is where our music comes across the best so were just keen for people to hear it. But in particular, QLD for wet n wild and melbourne for food.

You recently took part in a mini Queensland tour with Sydney hardcore dudes Phantoms. How were the shows in the sunny part of Oz and can the editor of Blunt still keep up with the young dudes?

Kelly is far from over the hill yet, I think his hair is the only thing aging haha. The shows were killer man, part of the reason why were so excited to get back up there. Hanging/playing with Phantoms has been some of the best times Ive had playing shows, sickest dudes, awesome band, so good.

What are some up and coming Australian bands you have been impressed by lately?

Phantoms of course, Dead Kings, Ire are amazing, Jerk Store and Marathon. All awesome bands, doing different things that are all great for Australian music.

Once the Shai Hulud tour has concluded, what does the band have in store for the rest of 2010?

Writing, Hardcore 2010, more touring, recording, wet n wilding, hanging with Phantoms and blues riffs.

Best three records to smash while on tour?

Take as needed for pain – Eyehategod. Jailbreak – Thin Lizzy. Apocalypse Dudes – Turbonegro.

Band member with the most irritating habits on the road?

Sam, getting lost/not having money/ being late. Amazing dude so it doesnt matter haha.

Best time killer while in the van?

Sleeping, making fun of jake, getting Jhat riled up so he does something stupid.

Final thanks, shout outs and general words of inspiration?

Thanks to you for taking time to interview me, thanks to people for reading, thanks to people who bought the album already. Phantoms rule, others drool, sup Kelly? Listen to Sleep and Eyehategod, it will make you a better person.

Thanks for your time dude, looking forward to some looseness in Adelaide!

Thank you man, see you soon!

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