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Mentioned in Blunts top 20 bands to watch in 2010, Buried In Verona have had a massive 12 months.  Drummer Chris took some time out of his schedule to talk about thongs, Kayne West and tour habits.

Chris, for those not familiar with the band could you please inform the internet of your role in Buried In Verona and what it’s like being in a dope heavy metal band at the age of 15?

Hey, I play drums in Buried In Verona and have been since April 2009, my role is too be the cutest I can be and to see if I can have more mates then everyone else! Being in Buried In Verona is sick, being the youngest I get too drive through the night because there are no cops and I see what I will turn into when I am everyone else’s age, just a heaps big piece of shit that loves to perform everynight for everyone at our shows!!

Can you please explain your take on metal for those who have not heard Buried in Verona before?

BIV is everything under the “Metal” umbrella rolled into 1! We have 2-step, Breakdowns, All types of vocals, fast, slow and technical. Basically everything everyone loves rolled in 3 and a half minutes.

Buried in Verona has recently spent some time recording your second full length album. Can you please shed some light on who was responsible for producing and mixing the CD?

In January 2010, we flew to Gothenburg, Sweden for 5 weeks to record the new album with Fredrik Nordstrom (BMTH, In Flames, Soilwork, Arch Enemy, God Forbid, Opeth, At The Gates……list goes on and fucking on!!)

We also had Henrik Udd work on the album (BMTH Suicide Season!)

Making this enormous call of where to record must not have been easy. What made you choose such a renowned producer as opposed to selecting a local engineer?

This was the second album for us, you can’t fuck up the second album!! We just all sat down and said Fuck It, if we are going to record we might as well go to the best and have a proper crack at breaking into the music industry!! It was a really easy decision to record with Fredrik, He was the first person to reply to us when we initially sent out a bunch of emails to big producers we would like to work with, and Fred was really happy to work with us!

What were some highlights from your time spent in Sweden? I really hope you boys sported shorts and thongs the whole time in the snow.

Hahaha well Richmond and myself did a nudie run around the streets and I repped thongs and a “Born To Fish, Forced To Work” singo for a little while!! All our luggage got lost at Switzerland so for the first 3 days we were there we only had the clothes we were wearing and in Richmonds case that was shorts and thongs!!

Highlights? Honestly, I can’t even pick, the whole trip was the best thing I think any of us will ever do, everyday was so fucking awesome and everynight was off the hook! We went to corner bar on a Monday at like 1am and the place was pumping, chicks on top of the bar dancing and everyone was just so pissed. That was a sick night, went till like 5am!!!

The new record was recorded at the start of the year, when can we expect to see the CD in stores?

It’s due to hit stores in Australia in June, and overseas in July! We will have more details in coming weeks, so we will update everyone via our MySpace!

What sort of approach did you take for writing your second release? Was it easier tackling a full length release the second time around as opposed to your debut LP?

Old BIV was metal basically, “Circle The Dead” is a metal album with a few other styles slighty introduced into parts of songs. The new Buried In Verona album which isn’t released yet is a huge step forward for us.

For “Saturday Night Sever” we decided to write songs we knew would psyche us up everynight we performed live! If we are psyched and the crowd can see we actually love the music we play then the crowd will like it because we will convey our energy into the pit! We didn’t want to confine ourselves to playing 1 style of metal, so this album is a mix of everything metal/hardcore/death metal whatever, we have it all on this release!!

You are about to embark on the Triple Header tour with fellow lords and all around good blokes Bermuda as well as Silent Screams. What towns are you looking forward to hitting up?

For me its Perth!…We have never been to Perth, I’m pumped to get our set over to WA stages and put on a few mad shows and hope everyone digs it!, I always love playing in QLD so those shows we are hugely looking forward to playing! Rural shows are cool to us, we don’t play a lot of those shows so to play in front of an Albury crowd will be sick!

BIV have just recruited a new member for the band in the form of another guitarist. Where did the need for a third guitarist stem from?

Richie!!!! Dead-set, he is one of the most talented people I’ve ever hugged. Not only musically but he is just fucking knowledgable, not having him in our band would have been a fucking dumb decision. We felt for this album we needed more then the standard 5-piece, that extra guitar gave us what we wanted, we got extra melody, another clean singer, the breakdown and chuggy sections just got more heavy and visually he can put on a show! If you don’t believe me come to our next show!

Up and coming Australian bands to keep an eye out for?

Tonight Alive


The Bride

City Escape

Worst experience while being on the road?

Getting a flat tyre on the freeway and not having a spare!!!! Getting some knuckle-dragger to tow our van back to Byron then trying to find a place open on Easter Sunday to get a spare! Worst day ever but at least we were in Byron Bay. Big shout-out to the In Hearts Wake boys for putting us up for the night!!!

Who has the filthiest habits on tour?

Bretts breathing and him at life=epic fail

Records to smash while in the van?

If you mean Guiness World Records which you don’t I’d say who can make the most mates otherwise when I drive I smash Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble for a lot of the time, DMX and Kanye get good listening time. But lately I’ve been hitting For The Fallen Dreams, The Ghost Inside, Confession and Bring Me The Horizon.

Pre gig routines?

Blue Powerade and talking about how shit we are.

Final words, thanks or general bullocks you would like to share?


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