Considered one of Australia’s greatest metal exports, Tasmania’s Psycroptic have been delivering acclaimed music for well over a decade now. With a new DVD recently released and an upcoming national tour, vocalist Jason Peppiatt kindly caught up with Killyourstereo.

Could you please state your name, and role in the band?

Jason Peppiatt, Vocals

Psycroptic are about to embark on a tour with Decapitated, Origin and Misery Index. How are things currently going in camp ‘Psycroptic’?

Things are good in the Psycroptic camp; we are really looking forward to getting back on the road again as we have just had a break from touring for the past 4 months or so.

You have your debut DVD ‘Initiation’ about to hit stores. Can you tell us how it came about, and what fans can expect?

Well the idea for doing a DVD was something we had been talking about for a few years, and we finally found someone who wanted to work closely with us to get a really in depth look in to all the aspects of the band. Fans can expect a high quality multi camera angle live show, and more special features than you poke a stick at, it has backstage footage of us partying and doing dumb shit, band members at home in Tasmania and a up close and personal look in to the equipment and setups of the band.

Tasmania traditionally and unfortunately has had a certain disconnect with the rest of Australia due to its isolation. Do you feel it’s harder for a band, in particular a metal band from Tasmania to try and crack it overseas as opposed to a band from another state in Australia?

I don’t see it as being any harder at all, if anything I see it as a bit of an advantage because there isn’t many Aussie metal bands out on the international touring circuits and there is no other Tassie metal acts over there, so I think it gives us a bit of an edge really if anything. We get so many people coming up to us when we are in Europe or USA saying that they cant believe that we are from Tasmania!

Psycroptic have been together for over a decade now. What would you like to tick off as a band that you haven’t done yet? E.g., any countries you would like to tour that you have not had the chance to yet.

I think one thing that we would definitely like to do is to headline a tour over in Europe or USA. But as for countries I would like to tour, I think it would be interesting to check out some middle eastern countries like Egypt or Dubai as I’m sure that there would have to be some sort of metal scene over there.

A lot of international bands that tour Australia ask to have your band added to their bill i.e. The Black Dahlia Murder, which must be incredibly humbling. What have been some of your favourite bands to tour with?

Yeah it is very flattering when bands request us to be their support; I think the most fun bands we have ever toured with would have to The Black Dahlia Murder, and Dismember. Both those bands were so much fun to tour with, lots of partying went on while on tour with both of those bands! We still always try to catch up with all the bands we have toured with in the past when we are touring in their hometowns.

You have only had one significant line-up change as band so far (with Matthew Chalk leaving vocal duties in ’05). In what ways do you feel having such a consistent line-up over the years has contributed to the stability and strength of the band?

We have all been good friends since before the band even started, and I think that contributes for a lot. But I definitely think that the bands stable line up makes things work a lot smoother, due to the fact that we all know exactly what each other likes, so the writing process and touring all just runs so smoothly.

Your most recent album ‘Ob(Servant)’ was the first album you guys released with renowned international label Nuclear Blast Records. How has the partnership been thus far?

It’s been really great so far, they’ve been extremely helpful and giving us a lot of great opportunities with touring and festival shows, and the exposure they have been getting for us is incredible! It’s really great finally working with such a big and world-renowned label.

Heavy music in Australia seems to be enjoying its best period. With many local bands generating significant local and international praise. What’s your current opinion on the state of Australian heavy music?

I think at the moment Australia has got some really incredible bands, the Australian tour we did at the end of ’08 had a lot of really high quality local supports on it, I would love to see more of those bands out on the international tour circuits!

Past, present, living and/or dead – if you could pick three bands you would love to tour with most, who would they be?

I’d have to say Hatebreed, Immortal and Pantera.

What bands have you been listening to lately that people should keep an eye out for?

Lately I’ve been listening to the latest Hatebreed album, and the latest Immortal, both of those albums are fucken awesome!!!

What does 2010 hold in store for the band? Touring? Writing/Recording new material?

The biggest thing for Psycroptic this year would have to be writing a new album, we are in the very early stages of putting the material together but with any luck, we will be hitting the studios later in the year. As for touring there should be a couple of tours on the cards for us this year, the only one we have booked so far for the year is an Australian tour in April with Decapitated, Origin and Misery Index. So we are really looking forward to that one.

Any final words?

Check out our new DVD, you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for the interview.

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