With three albums down, New York five-piece Emmure have been alive and kicking for the best part of seven years. On the eve of their inaugural visit down under as part of the ‘Black Procession tour’ with Machine Head, Bleeding Through and Hatebreed, vocalist Frankie Palmeri caught up with Killyourstereo for a chat.

Could you please state your name, and role in the band?

I’m Frankie Palmeri and I do vocals for EMMURE.

Emmure are about to tour Australia for the very first time, can you fill us in on how the band is currently travelling/going at the moment?

I was thinking of walking there…but I guess flying is my best option.

As inaugural visitors to our shores, what are you most looking forward to about the upcoming tour?

Watching Hatebreed and the rest of the tour go on stage every night and completely dominate!

Bands like Machine Head, much like Slayer are renowned for having passionate and die hard fans that can commonly be less than generous with the attention they give to the opening band. How does this notion sit with you? Does it give you incentive to lift your live performance to accommodate for such fan behaviour?

I am going to deliver my truest and most passionate performance as I can, as I always do. Whether or not people are receptive is not really the goal at hand. It’s all about living in the moment and bringing people with you.

You released your third full-length album ‘Felony’ last year, how has the reaction been to that so far?

I think its caused quite a stir in heavy music and we couldn’t be happier.

For someone who may be unfamiliar with Emmure can you tell us about your band?

5 dudes. 1 stage.

Some bands have had less than favourable things to say about Victory Records and more specifically its owner Tony Brummell. However, you guys have enjoyed a good working relationship with the label having released all three of your albums through them. Can you tell us what your musical partnership is like?

They don’t write the record they just put them out…so I guess that answers your question.

Professional wrestler Kurt Angle was featured on the album art of your second release ‘The Respect Issue’. How did that come about? Did you approach him about featuring on the CD’s artwork or did you know he was a fan of the band etc.

Kurt Angle has been a fan for years, and he approached us personally to make sure he could (put) his face on our second release. He specifically asked that he was included on only our 2nd release. So were so stoked everything worked!

Emmure recently had a ‘You write the Set-list’ comp on your blog. How did the fan-determined set-lists go live?

They didn’t. I don’t even know why we did that.

What was your favourite release of last year, and which one are you most looking forward to this year?

The new Hatebreed CD and I am really looking forward to the N’sync, Insane Clown Posse, Dr. Dre Remix CD!

Are there any Australian bands that you have been listening to and digging lately?

Men At Work, they really know how to get my juices flowin.

What is the band’s plan for the rest of the year?


Any final words?


Thanks for the interview.

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