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 Melbourne’s House vs Hurricane have just released their debut album Perspectives on Shock Records, Guitarist Ryan McLerie was kind enough to answer a few questions for our readers.

Let’s start with your name, what you do in the band what your superhero alter-ego is.

Ryan, I play guitar and sing and Batman because he is the only one who is still rad without any super powers.

Let’s jump straight into it then. The new single We, The Reserveless was premiered on JJJ not too long along, what was the decision to release that song first?

We felt this song had everything we do in it. A couple of catchy parts and some heavy parts too, it kind of stuck out as a single ever since we wrote it.

Last year you headed to Baltimore to record with Brian McTernan, how did it all come about to work with someone who’s recorded the likes of Thrice and Circa Survive?

Well, it was actually very easy. We found Brian’s contact email and approached him about recording the album, he said he liked our stuff and would be happy to work on the record with us.

How was he as a producer? I hear he’s quite laid back, or did he drive you guys like slaves?

He was a great producer, he has been in the business for a long time and knows bands very well so he knew exactly what he needed to say in order to get us going. He is a laid back guy but knows when it is time to step it up so it was good to have someone that experienced working with us.

Does the writing and recording process come naturally? Or do you hit writers block often?

It comes pretty naturally with us, the main thing is just sorting through the different parts we think are good enough to be used. Joey and Chris2 are constantly writing so there is always a lot of material for us to work with. We had most of the album written before we left but had to finish a song over there and also some of the vocals.

If you describe Perspectives in just a few words, what would they be?

Wow, tough question. Experimental, melodic, heavy, progressive. I don’t know?

House have a pretty ‘unique’ sound compared to the rest of the musical scene, how have you been able to deal with kids that palm you off like “oh they’re just another hardcore band with synth”?

Doesn’t really phase us, people that like us, like us. We aren’t going around trying to ‘convert’ people into liking the band.

Do you get that sort of stuff often?

Ah, I guess we would, I don’t really have people coming up to me and saying they don’t like my band but I’m sure it goes on haha

Back onto Baltimore, I heard that you guys had a gun pulled on you, what the fuck was the deal with that?

Don’t know who told you that… Definitely not true haha

Any other crazy experiences in Maryland?

We had a few actually! One night we went to a local bar near the studio for a drink and ended up leaving because we were bored, on the way out a middle aged lady started abusing us, calling us ‘skinny legged faggots’ haha! We then started paying her out and she ended up being was this rad lady who actually owned a restaurant around the corner(one of Baltimore’s finest) and invited us back there for an open bar and cigars after the restaurant had closed!

House have recently inked a deal with Shock Records, how did that come about?

We were in the negotiations with a few labels and later n in that process Shock showed their interest in signing the band, we were super impressed with Shock and their staff and decided it would be the right move for us.

During March and the beginning of April you’re heading out on the Perspectives tour with Mary Jane (Adrian) Kelly, Antagonist AD and Skyway, what can the kids expect from these shows?

Kids can expect a rad mixed lineup including a local support at every show. We are really excited to be playing a bunch of new songs live, along with some old favourites. MJK released an album on the same day as us so I’m sure they will be playing a bunch of new songs too. Antagonist AD bringing the heavy and Skyway bringing the pop punk!

Lastly, some quick questions.

Dream Festival line up?

Each year the Soundwave lineup has been pretty impressive. My dream festival line up would never ever happen because a bunch of the bands and performers I like are dead.

Favourite place to play?

Manning Bar in Sydney has always been a favourite for us, also a local AA venue in Melbourne called TLC.

Favoured beverage?

A drink I discovered in the US, Welch’s Sparkling Grape Soda. Tastes like Hubba Bubba in a can.

If you could fight any member in the band, who and why?

Chris2, because I’m jealous of his perfect, straight and luscious hair.

Best band to play with?

50Lions so we can chuck a mosh/stage dive.

Thanks for doing this for us, any final words for our readers?

Suss all the rad Australian bands we have and support them in any way possible.

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