The annual Push Over Festival is set to take place on Sunday March 7th and we caught up with Melbourne pop rockers Kisschasy to chat about it all…

Let’s start with your name and what you do in the band?

My name is Joel, and I’m the best bass player in Kisschasy.

Tell us a bit about how you guys got together?

Basically it was through a few other bands we were all playing with, that had started to wane. These two bands played a show together, I liked Darren’s voice. Asked him if he wanted to start something new and actually good, and here we are. Still working on the “good” part though.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before?

Kind of a pop/rock/grungy weird inbred sort of thing.

When and why did you decide you wanted to play music?

I kind of fell into it by accident, I always sort of played guitar at school, maybe year 8 or 9. I started helping a friend’s band setup at shows, and then someone left that band. I filled in for what was to be a few weeks, and here I am. It was never something I dreamt of, but am extremely grateful that I’m here.

What are you most looking forward to about playing Push Over 2010?

Getting the opportunity to play to an all ages crowd is something we can’t always logistically fit in on a tour, so being asked to come and play at basically the biggest AA fest in Melbourne is a perfect chance to get to those fans that might have missed out in the past. And they’re the fans that really show their love!

Any particular bands you would like to see on the bill?

Dash and Will are a bit of a personal favourite, as are Break Even, and I’m very interested to check out Young Heretics.

What is the best thing about playing an all ages festival like Push Over?

Oh I sorta already answered that question accidentally earlier.

What motivates the band to play music?

For me personally it’s all about playing shows and touring, I know some of the other guys love recording and writing, but I just love being on stage and travelling.

What can people expect from your live show?

It will be pretty full on I would imagine, I’m not sure how long the set is yet, but for a festival (and an AA one at that) we like to mainly concentrate on the more energetic songs. So hopefully songs everyone is into, and can dance to!

Tell us what the band have planned for 2010?

Trying to get through summer is our number one priority at the moment, we’re currently on the Big Day Out tour, and we have a few bits and pieces littered around after that, so we’re just focusing on giving this run our all.

What was the last album you put on your iPod and how did you get into the band?

The Descendents was the last record onto my itunes. I have owned this album forever, but lost it a while ago. On New Year’s Eve, Sean and I had a ‘90s punk nostalgia session, and I remembered a bunch of bands I hadn’t listened to in forever, so I’m getting back into it all!

Which member has the most annoying habit?

Karl and Sean do yoga in their underwear. It’s not so bad now that we don’t share rooms, but it’s not my favourite thing to wake up to on tour.

What is your favourite Die Hard movie?

It’s not even fair to make me choose. They’re all as amazing as the last.

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