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Taking Back Sunday are coming over to Australia to play the annual Soundwave Festival coming out later this month, and to play a couple of sideshows. Vocalist Adam Lazzara was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions over email.

Let’s start off with the stock standard question for all interviews, what’s your name, what instrument do you play in Taking Back Sunday and your favorite type of dip?

My name is Adam, I handle the vocal duties in Taking Back Sunday and I don’t dip. It’s bad for your gums.

Just before you guys head over to Australia, you’re playing the Heat Festival in California, would you consider the show a warm up before you come over to our shores?

It’s a little bit warm-up a little bit we’ve had some time off over the holiday break and are excited to play for people.

New Again was released mid last year, which is quite a long time – how has the reception been since the release?

It’s always rewarding to see people respond to something you had a hand in creating. Over the past year we have introduced more and more of the songs from New Again into our sets and to see so many people sing along during the shows makes me feel it’s been received great.

How did Fazzi end up joining TBS?

We have known Fazzi for a few years now after touring with his band Facing New York. He was one of the first people to try out to be in the band.

How did (Matt) Fazzi influence the writing and subsequent recording of New Again?

He comes from a different place than we do musically, more of a Prog type world so there are certain things on New Again such as time signatures and structure that I don’t think we would have tried in the past.

In 10 words or less, how could you describe New Again?

Seventy miles an hour. open highway. windows down. That’s eight.

Adam became a father last year, how is Dad, Mum and Baby travelling along? Also, Happy Birthday to Keaton for Jan 31st!

Thanks. They come along when they can.

Now last time you were over on our shores was back in 2006, supporting Louder Now. How excited are you to be coming back?

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We have been chomping at the bit to get down there and to be honest I’m a little upset it has taken us so long.

Do you prefer a festival show, or a small club show?

They’re both so different it’s hard to compare.

I’m going to geek out for a second, the first time I saw TBS was backing in 2005 supporting Where You Want to Be? In Perth. It was easily one of the best live shows in a small, packed out club.


Do you ever get fans coming up to you, or any other members of the band and say “Man, I really used to love you guys, but I think you suck now” How do you react to comments like that?

Some people are that brash. But not often. I have found that the people that would take the time to say things like that are usually the ones not doing so much with their lives and they deal with that by lashing out at strangers.

Will you be playing any older songs on the tour here, or sticking to getting New Again heard in a live setting?

It will be a mix- good mix of everything.

Can I make a request and ask if you guys play Little Devotional?

How does that go again?

Who are you most excited to see, hang out with and cause shenanigans with?

I can’t wait to see Faith No More.

Finally, Taking Back Sunday have a legacy of sorts, 11 years, 4 albums, 6 previous members – If TBS were to break up over the next year, would you say you’ve accomplished all you’ve wanted to with the band? Why?

To quote The Never Ending Story. No. We still have a long way to go.

Thanks for taking your time to do this Adam.

Taking Back Sunday are heading out to Australia to play on the annual Soundwave Festival. They’re also playing a couple of club shows in Melbourne and Sydney, click here for details.

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