All Time Low

All Time Low have just released their new EP which is a live CD/DVD of their MTV Unplugged pefrormance. We caught up with guitarist Jack Barakat to chat about it all…

Hey dude, let’s start off with your name, what you do in the band and your stripper name?

Jack Barakat and my stripper name is “The Lebanese Lover”.

You guys were last here last year with Set Your Goals on the Take Action Tour, which i dubbed “pogoathon 2009”. How have you been travelling since?

That tour ruled and yes there was a lot of pogoing going down, been touring a lot in the states and Europe, just been counting down to get back down under and hold koalas.

It was winter last time you were over here, are you finally going to be able to learn to surf (like i read in another interview doing research and crap)?

Zach can surf pretty well know since he lives in cali, I’d love to try it out as long as no Great Whites come hang.

Nothing Personal has garnered a lot of positive reviews and comments, how has the touring been since releasing it?

Amazing, the response to the new record has been great on the road. Kids seem more into these tracks than ever before.

To be honest Nothing Personal is my guilty jam of 2009. I feel really dirty listening to it since pop punk isn’t really my kind of stuff. Weightless is so fucking catchy dude.

Thanks dude that rules, you should feel naughty.

On the topic of Weightless again, the video was dang funny, what was the shooting schedule like?

Super hectic but a bunch of fun, videos are always long hours on set and a lot of waiting around but the final product is well worth it.

Mark Hoppus and Pete Wentz had a small cameo in the clip, how much did you pay those dudes to be in your clip?

Just two hands jobs and it was all set ….nah Mark and Pete have been great friends/supporters of the band so it was a pleasure to have them on board with that scene.

You dudes were pretty much signed straight out of high school, if you weren’t where you’re at now (touring the world and all that jazz) where would you be now? College? Jobs?

Yea I’m sure a lot of us would have went to college and would be working office jobs that we would hate.

How do you think you’ve evolved as a band since So Wrong It’s Right?

I think we have come together better live, I mean we still suck but have improved…..we all were real stoked with how nothing personal came out…it’s my favorite material we’ve done to date and a good step forward.

I read in another interview that you would of love to be on tour with Blink, unfortunately that didn’t happen on the reformation tour, can we see a NA tour in the future with Blink?

Yea man that tour would have been a dream come true, I’d love to tour with Blink…hopefully that opportunity becomes available to us!

Let’s get a bit silly for a bit…

Favourite Will Ferrell movie?

Anchor man or Old school, I guess we will go with Anchor Man.

Favourite quote from said movie?

I’m very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany

Favourite place to play?

Baltimore & Sydney…I wish we could play a show outside Lord of the Fries and have Fries fed to me throughout the set.

Craziest tour story?

That time all these dudes got naked in our back lounge and we…. Oh wait, um prolly just some crazy parties we’ve encountered.

Who’s the dirtiest person on tour?

We’re all surprisingly clean on the road.

Bad tour habits? Spill the beans.

Just poor sleep habits and too much alcohol consumption.

Why should the kids come and watch you on Soundwave?

Because it’s gonna be a party, a dance party to be exact.

Who are you stoked to see?

So many bands, paramore, set your goals, faith no more…four year strong, you name it.

Any final words?

Thanks so much for checking out the band, we love being down under and can’t wait to rock out with everyone!

Thanks for taking the time to do this for us.

All Time Low‘s new CD/DVD ‘MTV Unplugged‘ is out now via Hopeless/Shock Records. For more info on the band head to their Myspace page.

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