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We caught up with Kingston, Pennsylvania band Title Fight to chat about their new record ‘The Last Thing You Forget’ and everything else punk rock.

Let’s get things rolling by stating your name, what you do in Title Fight and your favourite Adam Sandler movie?

My name is Ned and I play bass and sing in Title Fight and my favorite Adam Sandler movie is Billy Madison of course.

Can you describe the band’s sound for someone who has never heard the band before?

Uh I always have a hard time with this, but I’d just say we are an “alternative” band. Jawbreaker, Seaweed, and Lifetime influences I guess?

Can you give us a brief rundown of the band’s history, how the band was formed? Who are the band’s main influences?

We started in 2003 and just were playing small local shows until around 2005 when we added Shane on 2nd guitar. We have just been gigging and writing since then. I always say our influences really vary by member. We all bring a lot of different influences to the table when we write, but as of recently I think we all can agree on influences from Knapsack, Brand New, Jawbreaker, Promise Ring, and stuff like that.

Your latest record “The Last Thing You Forget” is out now on Run For Cover Records. Can you tell us about the writing and recording processes for the record?

The writing process was pretty slow but we really just tried to take our time on it. We wrote over a long time but it really came together in the end pretty quickly. We recorded in December at the Getaway Group in Massachusetts with Jay Maas. The recording was pretty laid back, but we knew what we wanted so we just stayed in the studio working towards that. I’m really happy with how the record came out.

What made you decide to put your “Kingston” 7” and the songs from your split with The Erection Kids on the record? Are you still as happy with those songs now as you were when you recorded them?

We just wanted to include everything on the CD version because it was out of print so we wanted to let everyone hear it. I am still as happy with those songs. I don’t think the songs are as good, but I still like them and I like how it shows the progression. I don’t think I

You guys seem to be gaining a fair bit of hype from this record. Did you ever think when you started this band you would get to where you’re at now?

I don’t think so. We started out as 13 year olds just trying to play shows. I was hoping that we could make it to the point where we could release a record and tour but I never thought that we could be at the point we are now.

I’ve heard that a few of you haven’t even finished high school yet. Is it tough being at school and doing the band at the same time? Do you have people at the school that are fans of the band?

Actually 3 of just graduated this past May. It was tough being in high school but we weren’t playing out as much so it wasn’t that much of a problem. I think there were a couple of people at my school personally that knew who we were and liked us but for the most part I don’t think anyone really cared.

Run For Cover Records released your new record. The label is gaining a lot of momentum lately and has released some quality records. How did this record deal fall into place?

We played with Fireworks on their tour with Set Your Goals about two summers ago and Jeff who runs Run For Cover was on tour with Fireworks. This was right after the time the split came out so we gave them a copy and apparently they were all really into it. Jeff hit us up sometime after that and we just kept in contact and then eventually decided to work with them for our record.

The artwork for “The Last Thing You Forget” looks incredible. Who did the artwork for the record?

Thanks a lot. We are really happy with how that came out. Our friend John Slaby actually did it. He was a friend from Wilkes-Barre that moved out to Philly and we just hit him up about doing the artwork.

You recently announced that the “Kingston” 7” is getting re-pressed via Six Feet Under Records. Why did you decide to re-press the record? And what made Six Feet Under the right label to do it?

Six Feet Under is one of the best labels in hardcore right now. We had been talking to Dave Sausage for a while and just figured it was right to release Kingston with him. The label that originally put it out didn’t do the best job with it and a lot of records weren’t sent out. We figured it deserved a proper release where things would be handled the right way so we got a new layout and Dave got working.

What is the band’s next plan as far as releases go? Are you looking to record a full length? When can we expect to hear some new material from the band?

Yes we are going to be recording a full length. All we really know is it is going to be out sometime in Summer 2010.

You’re heading out on the road with New Found Glory for three weeks in October and November. Are you stoked to be doing this tour? How did the band get to be a part of this tour?

Yes. We got hooked up with the tour through Scott Vogel. This is really the biggest step we’ve ever had as a band and we are really excited. We are going to be playing to brand new kids every night and a whole lot of them so we couldn’t be happier.

This year the band played at the United Blood, Sound And Fury, This Is Hardcore and The Great American Hardcore festivals. What kind of reaction do you guys get at these festivals not being a heavy band?

We did well at every fest. A lot of people told us that we were “a breath of fresh air” during the fests which is good. People seemed to be into it and those shows were honestly some of the best we have played yet.

A lot of the band’s songs include dual vocals. Who lyrics the lyrics? And how do you decide who sings what part of the song?

We all have a hand in writing the lyrics. We used to do that whoever wrote the lyrics gets to sing the song, but now we’ve all played a much bigger role in the whole song writing process. I don’t know how we decides on who sings what but it’s usually who just seems that it would fit better.

I know a few of the guys in the band also play in Bad Seed, who are also a great band. Are there any other bands you guys play in?

Yeah, Ben, Shane, and I play in a band called Disengage with Posidan Mills. Check out info for the new 7″ soon. Jamie just started a couple of new bands called Mallice and Wren’s War.

“Loud And Clear” is one of the catchiest songs I’ve heard in ages. This isn’t really a question but I thought you might like to know that.

Ha thanks a lot.

What does the band like to do when you’re not playing shows?

We all just kind of hang out. Right now we are going to school, but not for long. We all like to eat pizza, watch movies, and go swimming. You know, normal kid stuff.

Who are your favourite bands to play shows with and why?

I like playing shows with a lot of bands. Cold World, War Hungry, Cruel Hand, Backtrack, Make Do and Mend, Tigers Jaw, Balance and Composure, Transit, Mother of Mercy, Foundation, Gypsy, Menzingers, and so many more that I can’t even think of. I like playing with them because I like the bands and I like watching them and I also like all of the people in those bands and it’s fun to hang out with them.

Who are some up and coming bands you’ve seen lately that we should be aware of?

Tigers Jaw, Gypsy, Transit, Balance and Composure, this band called Red Sea from Atlanta is awesome, Daylight, and more that I am forgetting

What are your top five releases of 2009 so far?

This is a tough one. So far I would say my list is (in no particular order)

Gypsy- Relatively Distant b/w Skeleton Parade
Mother of Mercy- III
Foundation- Hang Your Head
Mob Mentality- Demo
Brand New- Daisy

If you could tour with any bands past or present, who would they be and why?

I always say Jawbreaker because they are my favorite bands. Current bands would be pretty much any bands I listed that I like playing shows with.

What was the best show you’ve played and best show you’ve attended this year?

This is really hard. We played a lot of amazing shows this year. Our record release show, the Richmond show with the riot, the DC show this past month, the California secret show, and Baltimore shows were all amazing. I don’t know what the best show I’ve attended this year is. Floorpunch was amazing just because it was Floorpunch 30 minutes away from my house. Have Heart this weekend will be absurd. I can’t think of any more.

You’re going to jail and you are allowed to take five records in with you. What are those five records and why?

Jawbreaker- Dear you because it’s my favorite record
Youth of Today- Break Down The Walls because then I could be inspired to break down the walls of the jail and escape.
Judge- Bringin’ It Down because it’s the hardest straight edge record of all time.

This is my usual list, but then after that I can never make my decision. Right now, I would take
Seaweed- Spanaway because it’s just a good record.
and Samiam- You Are Freaking Me Out because I just listened to that tonight and I really like that record.

When can we expect to see Title Fight touring Australia?

Hopefully sometime in 2009. No promises but we are trying to go everywhere.

Any last words?

Thanks for the interview. Shout outs to the world, man. Lost Boys and Dog Pound.

Title Fight‘s latest album ‘The Last Thing You Forget‘ can be ordered at the Run For Cover webstore. To check the band out head to their Myspace page.

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