Colorado electronic duo 3OH!3 are one of those groups that even if you think you don’t know who they are, you know how they. Follow me? Doesn’t matter.

The point is, their hit single "Don’t Trust Me" has been played more times than Gary Busey has been in rehab.  The song has gone on to sell triple platinum since it’s 2008 release and has worked it’s way into the heads of anyone with a pulse.


The band is currently on their maiden tour of Australia and we caught up with 50% of the band to talk about it all.

Let’s start with your name, what you do in 3OH!3 and your favourite South Park character?

Nathaniel Motte. I’m the lead male model in 3OH!3, and I would have to say the gay school teacher.

Tell us a bit about how the band formed etc? 

Sean and I met in physics class. We started doing homework and eventually freestyled about our professor Paul Beale. the rest is history. Big up Paul Beale.

You released your second LP ‘Want’ in 2008. Tell us how you guys go about recording an album.

The nature of our music is that we can write and record all over the place. I make beats on my laptop progressively, and eventually we go back and forth writing lyrics over email, or just sitting in the same room. Eventually we get into the studio and flesh out songs with full lyrics and fuller beats.

Talk us through the writing process of a 3OH!3 song.

I’ll make some sounds with my computer that are more or less pleasing. I’ll send those sounds to Sean. He’ll add some vocal sounds that are more or less pleasing. I’ll add some additional vocal sounds that are more or less pleasing. Then we’ll go through the polishing process in the studio of adding more or less pleasing vocal and non-vocal sounds in the studio.

The song "Don’t Trust Me" was a huge success for you guys. It has gone double Platinum since its 2008 release. Did you ever imagine that the song would be such a huge hit? 

No. Honestly we were just in the studio with our buddy Benny Blanco having fun. We just started building the song from scratch and went with it. We had a lot of fun making that song, and it sounded fresh and new and catchy to us. The rest is all a pleasant surprise. We worked really hard this past year and a half, but it is still a surprise!

You guys played a Warped Tour show in your hometown of Denver in 2007 and played the entire tour in 2008. What was that experience like? Was it weird considering most of the bands on that tour are predominantly punk bands? 

It was great playing in 07 and 08. So eye opening and such a wonderful tour for our band. We would get to random cities we had never played a show in, and there would be a few thousand kids going fucking nuts.. amazing. I think it was an advantage for us to be different. We stood out from other bands that wew pretty similar, and I think we may have presented something fresh.

Did you get much shit thrown at you or was the crowd pretty receptive? 

Just bras and virginities.

What are some of your all time favourite bands? 

Buck 65, The Kinks, Why?, Nine Inch Nails..  too many to list.

Is T-Pain one of your favouite artists? 

I think his shit is pretty rad and he’s a really cool dude, but I wouldn’t say he’s in my favorites, no.

You guys embark on your very first Australian tour next week. What are you most looking forward to about the tour? 

Honestly just being a tourist in Australia! It’s been a goal for me to come down here and see the country! Also playing shows in a place we’ve never been to is always super exciting.

How would you best describe a live 3OH!3 show?

Controlled Chaos. Sweat. Dance.

Is there anything you would like to do or experience while you’re down here? 

I want to pet a Koala, I want to surf the Gold Coast, and I would like to rock the fuck out with a bunch of crazy Aussies.

What’s on the horizon for you guys? Any plans to record a new album just yet? 

We’ll be getting back into the studio at the end of the year and early next year – stoked for that. We’re going back to Europe. The UK is going OFF for us right now! Then more big tours and fun times in 2010.

Your music has been featured in a bunch of TV shows. The Hills, Candy Girls, The Vampire Diaries among a few. If you could have your music featured in any TV show or film, what would it be and why? 

Honestly I would love to make music for a James Bond film. I’m an unabashed Bond junkie.

You recently released a remix of the song "Starstrukk" which featured a guest appearance by Katy Perry. How did that come about? 

We’ve known Katy for a while, and we’ve always mutually wanted to work on music. Early this Spring we got into the studio to remix the track, and she agreed to come in and croon on it. It was really fun and her voice is really amazing.

Any parting words for the fans that are coming to your Australian shows? 

Bring some technical footwear, you’re gonna need it


3OH!3 are currently on their very first Australian tour. For the remaining dates and venues click here.

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