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Every Time I Die have just released their latest offering ‘New Junk Aesthetic’, and we caught up with professional funnyman/vocalist Keith Buckley to chat about UFO’s, Brokencye and "sucking eggs".

Let’s start off standard, who is your daddy and what does he do?

His name is Mike and he’s a serial killer.

You guys just released your 5th studio album ‘New Junk Aesthetic’, can you tell me about the writing and recording process with Steve Evetts? Evetts is also a really unfortunate last name, It’s Steve backwards with an extra ‘T’.

I actually CAN’T tell you. Sorry.

Mikey ‘Ratboy’ Novak left the band almost 2 months ago, and it seems he was quickly replaced with Ex Dead and Devine drummer Ryan ‘Legs’ Leger. It seemed like from the footage of Shit Happens and The Dudes and Don’ts of Recording that he wasn’t fit for the band, since he wasn’t really that keen on partying when everyone was having a good time, is there any animosity between Ratboy and the band now?

I don’t really know where anyone stands with him. I don’t think hes contacted anyone since leaving the band. I certainly do not talk to him. It was a series of very unprofessional moves on his part, everything leading up to his quitting. I have zero respect for anyone that puts their band in the situation he put us in.

Tell me about the sound of New Junk, punch in the face or a sweet lover cuddling up to you?

A deadly combo of both. I think it was Jordan that once said that being beaten to death with a pepperoni stick would be a delicious way to die. I think this record is exactly like that.

How did you come across Legs as a replacement for Novak?

Through the magic of the internet! He sent us a video of him playing "The Marvelous Slut" like an hour after it was released. He’s incredible.

New Junk has some pretty interesting artwork done by your own Jordan Buckley, as I understand he’s quite handy with a pencil and a can of paint, can you tell us about how he came to do the artwork?

He volunteered and nobody was opposed to it. We have never fully agreed on any of our layouts so it was great to have everything right there with us. Made it easy to talk about what we liked and didn’t like. Turned out incredible.

Wanderlust was recently was released, and it’s a smashing clip. What was the filming schedule like?

It was a breeze. Took one day in LA to go to the set and hang out with friends. We filmed in the same building they stored the living room of Roseanne. It was awesome. Chris Sims does such incredible work. I’ve never met a dude so intense about EVERYTHING he does.

Can you tell us about Party Pooper?

Again, I cannot.

In this technological day and age with iPods and the like, is there any special precautions the band takes as a group to stop the album from leaking? How do you feel about downloading considering on a website i frequent, it has over 600 votes to leak before the release date.

An album is going to leak. It’s inevitable these days. Epitaph did a great job of keeping ours off the internet but as of this morning I found out it had gotten out. Two weeks before the release date isn’t a bad thing considering our last one leaked like 2 months in advance. I will download rap records. I buy records of friends bands and bands I really love. Help them scans.

Petey Wentz, Matt Bronx and Greg Dillinger all have guest spots on New Junk, how did those come about?

They each had to fill out an application and then attend a 3 hour seminar after 2 grueling interviews each.

Back in Portland on the Warped Tour, Jordan famously stripped and ran into the woods with a bunch of kids in tow, what’s the craziest thing you’ve;

a) Been a part of on stage?

It was actually me that ran up to the woods (there was a fence) and I was only shirtless.

b) Watched from afar, whether it be another band or something fucked up?

I saw a UFO over my uncles farm. Well, it wasnt directly above it, but I saw it as I was sitting on his lawn.

ETID are famously known as a party band, are you guys really just kittens with a gnarly attitude or are you just party falcons?

Absolute party tornados. Nah, we’ve actually toned it down a bit. Kinda. We’re getting old. I’ve gone from attending every single party ever thrown in my vicinity to picking and choosing. I dont need to rage ALL the time. Even wizards sleep.

ETID were last in Australia earlier this year on Soundwave, is there any plans for you to return?

Absolutely, on this record cycle. We have to get back there after how well Soundwave went for us.

Can you tell us how much you hate bands like Brokencyde, Attack Attack, Breathe Carolina and the like? I feel like this interview needs some pizzazz.

I have never heard Breathe carolina so I can’t say just yet. But if theyre akin to these other two jerk off bands, I guarantee I’ll hate them. Brokencyde is not even a band. They’re an act. It’s like saying that the mechanical animals at Chuck E Cheese are a band. If those animals went on tour, that’s what Brokencyde is to me.

Finally, best show you’ve played, watched, heard about and wished you went to?

Played was either any one on Soundwave or Download Festival 4 years ago. Watched was Converge. Anywhere at any time. Or this amazing impersonator show my fiance and I saw in Costa Rica. Heard about was Modest Mouse in Tempe because they were playing next door and I actually heard them while loading out. Wished I went to would be just one more Pantera show. I saw them only once.

Any last words for the people reading this?

"Suck an egg" is easily one of the best burns I’ve ever heard.


Every Time I Die‘s latest album ‘New Junk Aesthetic ‘ is out now via Epitaph/Shock Records. For more info on the band head to their
Myspace page.

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    still interests me to get another persons ideas and thoughts on the album. As well as background info on the album etc etc.

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    yer, review soon please. thats what reviews are for, they arent so you can judge an album. reviewers dont know what your going to like

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