Blessed By A Broken Heart

Blessed By A Broken Heart drummer Ian Slater was kind enough to answer a few questions for us whilst they are on their maiden voyage to Australia.

Could you please state your name, role in the band and favourite Star Wars movie?

Slater. Beat the cans. Return of the Jedi because Princess Leia’s bikini bod is hot!

BBABH is a hard band to categorize, which is definitely not a bad thing to boast.  What bands would you say influence your sound, both past and present?

Journey, Van Halen, Stryper, Motley Crue, Ratt,  Mr.Big. Nothing presently in the music biz influences us…wait! H.E.A.T from Sweden, those guys rock!

You signed to Century Media Records last year, home to Strapping Young Lad and Suicide Silence. How was it operating under a predominantly European unfenced metal label?

No comment…

Rex Krueger/Ben Schauland formerly of Still Remains joined the band last year, how is his influence felt in a live environment and what elements does he bring to the writing process? 

He shreds on keys which adds something we have wanted for a long time. Live, he’s full of energy because his keyboard rack is surrounded by tesla coils.

What is the scene like crossing over from Canada to America? What are the cultural comparisons between Canada and America and can living in an isolated country impede success for the band? This is question is purely based on watching the Anvil documentary haha.

No one in the band except for one of us is living in Canada and this past year we have been touring overseas more than the States. So label us as the ultimate international band! The scene is the same in Canada/America – crazy kids who like to party….but in Canada it’s sweeter because poutine is always on the rider and French people are more fun than Americans.

Christian Metal is a label becoming more and more prevalent now than it was ten years ago.  Often being dubbed this, how does BBABH evade the stereotypical behaviour that comes with such a title?

We believe in God and feel we have been called upon to rock the ends of the earth, but we dont shove it down our fans throats.  We wanna show people that you can still have a crazy time and still be a Christian. We’re the coolest band to party with – trust me. No sex, no drugs, but all rock ‘n’ roll is what you get. Most bands get so caught up in the famous rockstar lifestyle they forget why they do it and they all suck live because all they care about it partying. We just wanna put on the most gnarly show ever.

And does each band member share these particular ideals?

Yeah, we all think that life is about loving God, people and rock ‘n’ roll.

With Pedal to the Metal released last year, what does the final quarter of 2009 hold for BBABH and when can we expect to hear some tunes of the next release?

We’re writing smash hits as we speak. Pre-production is almost done. Get ready to pump your fist and dance all night long to these new tunes.

You guys are currently on tour in Australia, is there any places you would like to visit you have heard about?

We already snuck into the Sydney Opera House and put on an after-hours secret show. We trashed the place too… We also did Bondi Beach and everything else Sydney has to offer. Stoked to experience Melbourne and Tasmania.

Diet or normal Coke?

No coke, tea or coffee.

Festivals or club shows?

Nny show as we make it the best ever.

Tacos or Burritos?

As long as its legit Mexican and not Americanized tex-mex, then both are awesome.

Any parting words for your Australian fans?

Come out and lets party!



Blessed By A Broken Heart are curently on tour in Australia. For all the remaining dates and venues click here.

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