Showbread is a band from Guyton, Georgia. They’ve just released their 7th studio album The Fear of God via Tooth and Nail Records. Vocalist Josh Dies and Guitarist Landon Ginnings were kind enough to answer some questions via email. This interview may get a bit silly.

Let’s start off with your name, what you do in Showbread and how many sit: ups you can do in 5 minutes.

Josh Dies, I play the bread, I can probably do…100 to 200 maybe.

Landon Ginnings, Guitar, infinity. I’m metal.

Showbread isn’t exactly well known in Australia apart inside the Christian community, can you give those who have no idea who you guys are a lowdown of how you started out?

Josh: Started a band in church, turned punk rock, started playing places, made records, became the best band in the world.

August 11 has just rolled past, the new album "The Fear of God" has just been released; can you tell us about the recording process and the general sound of the album to those who haven‘t heard it yet?

Josh: We saw an orb in the theatre we recorded at and everyone in the band ran away screaming except for Landon, general sound of the album is the best sound ever.

Landon: I didn’t run because I really wanted to see a ghost, it didn’t happen. 

Showbread has gone through many, many incarnation’s member: wise, and yourself started out as the original drummer. Is there any particular reason as to why you’ve had more member changes than Spinal Tap?

Josh: Because we’re better than Spinal Tap so we felt we had to top them by changing more members. It’s also hard to stay cool enough to be in this band. If your cool factor dips you must go.

Landon: We’ve yet to have a drummer spontaneously combust, but we’ll probably have 4 more by the end of the year so we’ll see how it goes.

Dead by Dawn pays homage to the Evil Dead movie trilogy. Welcome to Plainfield, Tobe Hooper refers to director Tobe Hooper refers to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre director and George Romero Will Be at Our Wedding obviously refers to George Romero, has the horror aspect of Showbread always been there?

Josh: At least since Nihilism, but some of us were big horror fans before then.

Landon: We draw inspiration from Knife to Meet You (ed note: Showbread horror punk side project)

Showbread hasn’t been exactly favourable with the mainstream Christian community, often being labelled as "satanic" back when No Sir was released, how have you been able to deal with the backlash from some Christian communities?

Josh: Just keep in mind no one is perfect, try to be patient and just keep doing what we feel is right.

You’re all good Christian boys, and faith has been a big part of Showbread since you started out, how have you been able to keep a level head in the business you’re in? Considering that the music industry is frantically cut: throat?

Josh: We don’t care about any of that stuff; we just laugh at it and keep doing what we do. It makes showbread a joke to many people and reputable to others.

Landon: Once you realize that what you’re doing is completely unimportant apart from the ministerial side of it, it makes it a lot easier to shrug off any ‘cut: throat’ music industry situations that may arise.

You’re heading out on a tour starting 13th of August in Georgia, after being off the road for a good year and a half, how excited are you to play in front of people again?

Josh: Very.

Landon: Extremely, it’s been too long.

How has your live show changed since before you had a record contract? (Back when you first were getting started, when life kisses came out, compared to now) Not necessarily just performance wise, but also audience participation, merchandise sales etc.

Josh: Audiences are weird, they come and go. Since being signed there’s been an obvious boost since people actually know who we are to an extent. We got better as well.

For our international readers, what can they expect from the live show this time around, with a new theme and a new record?

Josh: a really high energy yet still diverse set with lots of bells and whistles and we’ll try and break stuff often.

Landon: Garrett lookin’ fly every night.

Showbreads albums have never seen a vinyl release; will there be a time where we’ll be able to order your catalogue on wax? Why hasn’t it happened yet?

Josh: tooth and nail isn’t terribly interested in releasing vinyl unless the band pushes for it and we never have because we don’t particularly care. But it would be kind of cool I guess.

Landon: I for one would love to have that happen, but I don’t think anyone else in the band shares my excitement for it. Oh well.

Showbread Ruined my Life was released last year, which contains a documentary about the band plus a live disc full of gooey features, was a DVD always in the works or was it something dreamt up during one off day?

Josh: we talked about making one with all our home footage for years. When I finally got into final cut and we had the resources to make it ourselves we decided to make it and make it beefy.

In the DVD, there is a lot of information given about the album "Life, Kisses and other wasted efforts." You guys mentioning how it was recorded, what the influences were and how much you hate it. What about the album "Goodbye is forever"? How and where was that recorded? Who were the influences on that? How much do you hate that album?

Josh: Hahaha! Good question. We recorded that in a guy’s living room and a venue in Savannah, Georgia. I haven’t listened to it in years because the quality is so dreadful it’s unlistenable. I’m not sure about the songs, they might be better than life kisses…

When I was typing out these questions on the 8th of August, TFOG leaked, how do you feel about the whole downloading spectrum? Are you willing to embrace it or are you against it?

Josh: I don’t care in the sense that I like more people having the record, but when people steal from a struggling independent label band they’re keeping their sales down and thereby decreasing the record label’s interest in the band. This makes it hard to do anything.

Landon: If you’re going to download a bands album, that’s fine, it’s whatever, just don’t bring a burned CD: R of the record to the band for them to sign.

On the first track of The Fear of God, there is a speaker test; did you quote unquote “steal” that from the Flaming Lips live set? We won’t tell them if you did.

Josh: not on purpose, but I was aware of it. If you’re going to steal from a band, make sure it’s a good one.

If you were to re-record any of the albums from your career before you signed to Tooth and Nail, which would you want to do the most and least, why?

Josh: I’d redo "The Dissonance of Discontent" because it’s funny and has good pop-punk songs. I wouldn’t do "life, kisses…" because the songs suck.

Will Landon and/or Garrett ever be "full timers"?

Josh: depends on if their cool levels get up to code. Landon in particular struggles with his cool level. He likes Twilight.

Landon: False. My girlfriend does though and even she’s embarrassed by it.  I’d be a full timer if they’d let me play a Fender Strat, but they keep forcing me to play this Gibson.

Will a Knife to Meet You record ever see the light of day?

Josh: man, I sure hope so.

Landon: We’ve talked about it for close to 5 years now, but nothing’s happened yet.  It’s become the new Chinese Democracy.

What does the future hold?

Josh: death.

Landon: the future does not exist.

You and your family are on a boat, it’s starting to capsize and everything is being tossed around. The boat is due to turn in 2 minutes; you have a minute to grab the most valuable things you brought with you. What do you grab, why?

Josh: My family cause I love them.

Landon: Another boat.

Dr Pepper or Pepsi?

J: Sweet tea. L: Coffee

Root Beer or Coke?

J: Sweet tea.  L: Coffee

Banana Pie or Peach Cobbler?

J: Peach cobbler. L: No thanks.

Iron Maiden or Metallica? Landon is metal.

J: Showbread. L: No thanks

Sam Raimi or George Romero?

J: Romero. L: Romero

Mac or PC?

J: Mac. L: I pity those who still use PC’s

Kittens or Puppies?

J: Tofu. L: Mozers

’s latest album ‘The Fear of God‘ is out now on iTunes. Check them out on

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