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Haste The Day are returning to our shores this September and we caught up with the newest member of the band, guitarist Dave Krysl, for a chat.

Hey dude, where are you at the moment?

I’m in Long Beach, California for Brennan’s wedding.

You’re from Indianapolis, Indiana (Thanks Wikipedia), what’s the local scene like out there? Any bands we should check out from your hometown?

The local scene is pretty cool. There aren’t a whole lot of venues to play but there are some good bands for sure.  Check out Amarna Reign!

Dreamer was released last October, can you tell me what it was like recording? How has the reception been since it was released?

I wasn’t part of the recording because I actually started playing with the band the day they finished up in the studio. They recorded it at home in Indianapolis which was interesting I guess.  The reception for the record has been awesome! We’ve been having a great time playing the Dreamer songs live and fans have been pretty receptive to it.
The name "Haste the Day" comes from a hymn entitled "It is Well with My Soul", How does your personal faiths influence your music?

Our personal faith is 100% why we do what we do.  We want to love people and show them that Christians aren’t here to judge or to hate – they’re here to love everyone no matter what they do or believe.  Obviously that affects the lyrics in the songs and what we say on stage.
Last time you were here was for the shared support slot with Halifax for the Scary Kids Scaring Kids tour, are you excited to step back Down Under? I remember from the crowd you had in Perth that it was like a swell of people, something like waves at a beach.

We couldn’t be more excited to come back to Australia!  We had so much fun last time.  I’m excited to play some more cities since last time we only played Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.  This time we get to go to Gold Coast and Perth. Also we can’t wait to see the Koalas and Kangaroos!
You’re bringing UK outfit Shadows Chasing Ghosts, which to be honest i have not heard until this tour, how did you manage to hook up with those guys?

I honestly don’t know how we ended up getting them on the tour.  A lot of it has to do with the promoters and booking agency.  But that’s the fun part about touring – we get to meet so many awesome bands and make so many cool friends!

In February you toured with Senses Fail, Hollywood Undead, and scene revolutionizers’ Brokencyde. A 26 date tour little over 1 1/2 months, how was that playing to so many people?

Words cannot describe how insane that tour was.  I felt like we were pretty well received too.  Although the bands were all so diverse, kids at the shows were so stoked on all the music!  Not to mention most of the dates were sold out in huge venues.  It was one of the sweetest tours we have ever done.  All the guys in Hollywood Undead, Senses Fail, and Brokencyde are all awesome dudes and I had a great time hanging out with them.
Also, in May you headed down to South Africa to play a small handful of shows, how did that come about?

There were 2 guys who worked at a production company called Zeal Music. They got a hold of us and asked if we were interested in coming down.  Of course we were thrilled at the idea – I mean who gets to go to Africa to play music?  So we went down there for 6 shows and it was one of the best experiences of our lives.  They took such good care of us – we played with baby lions, went on a safari, ate at amazing restaurants, and met a lot of awesome people.  Plus the shows rocked.  Kids were so pumped down there.
How do you keep yourselves entertained on the road on off days/boring times/in between sets?

We play a lot of cards (mostly texas hold ‘em in the van).  We watch a lot of movies.  I read a lot of books.  We try and do a Bible study together a few times a week.  Also me and Mike like to work out a lot.
Any bands you’d like to recommend to us?

Amarna Reign is an up and coming band from Indianapolis.  Super heavy.  Phinehas is another up and coming band from southern California.  Amazing guitar work.
Shortly after the Australian tour in September, you’re heading off to Bogota in Columbia, which is notorious worldwide, do you have any concerns for the shows you’re playing there?

I think it will be awesome.  It is quite notorious and we are a little nervous.  But we believe that God calls us to be uncomfortable and to step out of our safety bubbles and to take opportunities as they come to us.  This is an awesome opportunity.
About a month back you played the renowned Cornerstone Festival, which is Christian based, has spirituality always been a part of your life?

For me personally, I grew up in a Christian home so spirituality is something that has always been there.  I think every Christian goes through a self discovery phase at some point.  I don’t think I really knew what my relationship with God was all about until most of the way through high school.  That’s when it became real.  But now my love for God and my love for His people (which I believe is EVERYONE) are the drive and reason for doing what I’m doing.
Finally, 5 quick questions…

Iron Maiden or Metallica?

Can’t answer that question.  I own every record from both bands.
Mexican or Indian food?

Whisky or Bourbon?

Shirtless or Shirted?

Depends on how gross your body is without a shirt on

If you were stuck on an island, and you could only carry 3 small items, what would you take?

Bible, Sunglasses, Sunscreen. Enjoy the sun if you’re on a sweet island.
Any last words?

So pumped to come back to Australia!

Haste The Day are touring Australia throughout September. You can check out all the dates and venues here.

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