Static-X have just released their new album ‘Cult Of Static’ and frontman Wayne Static was kind enough to answer the following questions for us…

Let’s start with an introduction.  Name, instrument and favourite spice girl?

Wayne Dick Static, Vocals, Guitars, Programming, and what’s a spice girl?

Static X has managed two put out a release every two years since Wisconsin Death Trip in 1999.  Is the recording process becoming easier and are their certain knacks you have found to make the process more tolerable?

The recording process has always been the same for us, start with the programming, then drums, and build the song from there.  Recording is very tedious and time consuming, so this time we recorded a bunch of it at my house.  It was more comfortable for me to work at home, and it allowed us to take our time and saved a bunch of money too.

Cult of Static seems like a much more mature effort than previous efforts.  Was it a conscious effort to incorporate more solo and increase how heavy the sound is as opposed to using samples?

I like to think my song writing gets better each time, so thanks.  We started incorporating guitar solos on the last record, Cannibal, and it worked out great, so we’re keeping them in all the new stuff.  There are still tons of keyboards and loops as well.  They are a big part of the Static-X sound.

You have a long string of dates in America in support of the latest release.  What towns are you looking forward to hitting up?

Every town is great for us, I love playing every night.

Any chance of another Australian tour to celebrate the release of Cult of Static ?

We will definitely come back to Australia before the end of the year.

Two ways to occupy yourself in the tour van?

We ride in a bus, not a van.

My bread and butter through high school consisted of Static-x, Fear Factory and Ill Nino.  How have static-x managed to stand the test of time where so many of their peers have faltered over the years (apart from writing ripper tunes)?

We’re still around because we never stop working and we put on a good show.  Also, it’s important that we play old songs every night, not just the new record.  That’s how you build a huge following.

In the entire history of the band, what stands out as some of the most memorable experiences you can think of (off the top of your head of course)?

Photo shoots with Ozzy… writing a guitar solo with Dave Mustaine… my wife, Tera Wray Static, telling me in front of 20,000 people that she masterbates to me every day (on stage at Ozzfest 2007 the day we met)

First concert you attended and has it affected how you write music today?

Peter Frampton, 1976.  I don’t think Frampton has influenced my music at all.

You can choose any band to tour with together or disbanded. Who would it be and why?

I would still love to tour with Ministry and Skinny Puppy, they are among my favorite industrial bands ever.  Both were pioneers.

Static x have crashed Lost style.  What are three CDs you could chose to keep you sane?

Audioslave “Audioslave”, NIN “Year Zero”, Korn “Life is Peachy”

Releases you are looking forward to this year?

Can’t think of any.  But I am praying for Steve Perry to rejoin Journey.

Thanks for your time and good luck with the tour!

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  1. Steve Perry

    unfortunately i will not be rejoining Journey.
    there is just too much hurt, too much bad blood.
    but i appreciate the sentiment.

  2. Andothemando

    He sounds like such an arrogant prick it’s not funny. Here’s a tip wayne: STOP HIRING RAPISTS TO PLAY IN YOUR BAND.

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