Anabor are just about to release their new EP ‘Free Your Mind’ on Hopeless Records.

Guitarist Mike was kind enough to answer the following questions for us.

You guys were playing and touring as a band while still in high school.  How did you manage doing both?  And how did your parents feel about it?

It was pretty difficult at first. Sometimes we wouldn’t get homework turned in on time or projects wouldn’t get completed, but we all got through it pretty easily. All our parents have always been super supportive and continue to this day. 

Given you were so young when you started touring, did you find some people didn’t take you seriously?

Yeah, when we were like 16, a lot of people at the venues and shows wouldn’t take us seriously, because we were pretty young, and they probably just thought "who the fuck are these dumb ass kids?" haha. 

With all the hype around Anabor so early on, what made you decide to sign with Hopeless?

We had talked with a few labels, but we hit it off instantly with Hopeless. They’ve been such a caring team since we first signed and we couldn’t be happier. 

Was writing your new EP “Free Your Mind” harder or easier than making “The Natural Way”?

It was easier, i think. We had worked with Mike Green before so we were super comfortable going into record Free Your Mind.

You wrote both with Mike Green, what made you choose him as a producer?

Just like with choosing to sign with Hopeless, we hit it off with Mike Green and just thought he had a great outlook on the recording process as a whole.

As a band, how do you approach writing a song?

We all play guitar and write. A lot of the times, we all just sit with acoustic guitars and bounce ideas off one another then we take it to the garage for full band writing sessions. 

You have toured with some big name bands: Fall Out Boy and Jimmy Eat World.  Who has been your favourite band to tour with?

We’ ve actually only opened for those bands back in our hometown, but that would be awesome to tour with those bands! We just got off the Take Action tour with Cute is What We Aim For, Breathe Carolina, Meg and Dia, and Every Avenue. It was by far our favorite tour and we made tons of new friends on this tour. 

Given the Australian release of “Free Your Mind” is just around the corner, are there any plans to tour Down Under?

Nothing that we know of yet, but we can’t wait to come to Australia! 

You are currently touring with Cute Is What We Aim For as part of the Sub City and Take Action! Tour.  Given the Take Action! Tours are closely linked to charity work, has the tour been very different to previous tours you have been on? 

Yes. One being the Take Action tour was our first major tour so alot of things were very new to us. But also the fact that the meaning behind the tour is to help others in need and it’s awesome to be apart of it.

Are there any particular causes or charities that are close to Anarbor’s heart?

I think alot of the shit that’s going down in Africa is pretty fucked up, so I would have to say the Invisible Children. They’re doing a really great thing and I hope more people will find out about their organization.

Anabor‘s new EP ‘Free Your Mind‘ is out now via Hopeless Records. For more info on the band head to their Myspace page.

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