Cry Murder

Cry Murder have just released their debut album ‘Above Us The Waves’ which is out now through Resist Records.

Bass player Ben Loy was kind enough to answer the following questions for us.

Start off the same boring introduction. Name, role in the band and favourite fizzy drink?

Ben Loy. Bassist. The fizz from the mountains of Finland. 

The new material is significantly heavier than any previously released songs.  How have the punters been reacting to the new material?

The crowds have been reacting really well to our new songs, we are on tour at the moment playing all new songs and even though most of the crowd hadn’t heard the songs before it feels like the same shows we used to play with people still moving around and having fun. I think people are glad we went heavier rather than in the other direction.

Zack Ohren was responsible for mixing and Goran Finnberg was responsible for mastering. with the amount of sound engineers available was it a difficult task to find someone suited to your sound?

We were looking for someone who is familiar with working with bands of a similar sound, our friends Jona recommended Zack Ohren and after hearing The Red Shore and All Shall Perish’s latest albums we were real keen to go with him, also on the money side of things it was a good option for us too,.With the mastering  Goran Finnberg has worked with many of our favourite European bands and after I Killed The Prom Queen had stayed with him  in Sweden with nothing but good things to say we were fixed on getting him to work with us and real happy with the end result.

Cry Murder have shared the stage with a number of well established international acts as well as Australian bands. Who two bands you are most stoked to have played with?

It would have to be Converge and Hatebreed, two bands we have looked up to for a long time and never would have thought we would get to play a show with them.

And hope to play with in the future?

Most probably Arch Enemy or Machine Head.

You have just embarked on the first nationwide tour in support of “Above Us the Waves”.  What are the top three ways to kill time and keep you occupied while driving through the somewhat monotonous Australian Roads?

Top three things for me would be Deftones ‘White Pony’ to listen too, stupid games to play and a lot of talking shit.

Most memorable tour experience?

The best time we have had on a tour would be the Parkway Drive/Himsa tour in 2006, they are all awesome guys to hang out with and all the shows were some of the best we have ever played.  We were bummed when Himsa broke up because we were looking forward to touring with them again.

What’s on the horizon for Cry Murder after the “Above Us the Waves” tour? 

We will hopefully jump onto another tour as soon as we can, we are looking into getting on some international supports here in Australia next.

The new artwork is fantastic.  Your previous singer Matt Hede was responsible for this job on the EPs, who took over this time?

Thanks, we are real happy with the artwork on the album. Our singer’s friend Craig Radcllife @ Antiagency did it for us, he knew exactly what we wanted and when we first saw it we couldn’t believe how good it turned out!

Coupled with the packaging and a few of the song names such as “Atlantis” and “Expulsions of air” is “Above us the waves” a concept album?

Yes it is, the artwork and the lyrics all tie in together, basically the intro “Above Us The Waves” sets the scene for an apocalypse  and the rest of the album tells a story of how it got to this stage. The instrumental “Atlantis” speaks  for its self.  

Three Australian bands killing it at the moment?

PWD, Psycroptic and Hilltops.

Releases you are looking forward to in 2009?

Are Cult Of Luna doing another album? I Hope so!

Cheers for the time. Any final shout outs?

Just go and grab a copy of the album and hopefully you will like it as much as we do. Thanks!

Cry Murder‘s new album ‘Above Us The Waves‘ is out now via Resist Records. For more info on the band check out their Myspace page.

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