Bury Your Dead

We catch up with Bury Your Dead bass player Bubble on the eve of their very first Australian tour…

Let’s begin with the basics. Name, role in the band and favourite taco fillings?

Bubble, I play the dumb dumb stick. I love meat, sour cream, lettuce and onions on tacos. Sometimes the occasional baby Mexican finger.

I’ve seen around that tracks that Bury Your Dead has written new material and are ready to record already.  The self-titled release is barely a year old.  Has the introduction of a new singer helped fired up the creative juices? 

Hell yeah. Myke has brought a whole new dynamic to the band and definitely brings his part to the table. Plus he’s black and that makes us way cooler than just about every other band in our genre. We have a 6’2 black man who’s got a baby’s arm between his legs!

The past two releases before the latest self-titled “Bury your dead” had a certain theme be it fairy tales or Tom Cruise movies.  Was there any particular reason this was recently abandoned?

Not really. Themes are pretty cool but the last record was self titled because we wanted it to speak for itself and this one will have a different kind of message. You don’t wanna use the same tricks too many times because such in that case you end up limiting yourself to having to do that every time. We don’t wanna make a cool idea a gimmick.

The lastest material seems to be pulling towards a new direction as opposed to an older releases such as “cover your tracks”.  What has the response been like so far towards the newer songs ?

Its been great. there are people who love all kinds of heavy music and like when bands grow and progress. No one building their career wants to keep re-writing their 2nd album that came out 4 plus years ago. It was great for the time and it holds its own. We love writing and trying all kinds of new things to come up with new and exciting music for everyone to listen to. You gotta have fresh meat!

We are now basically on the eve of your first Australian tour.  Considering the fan base here it has taken a long time to get here.  Why is this?

Well we definitely don’t like that it took us so long but its a pretty big deal coming this far and its all about timing. Every time we had band we were friends with come back home they wouldn’t shut up about how amazing it is. We are beyond excited and absolutely cant wait!

After this run of dates its back to the US to play with new metal heavy weights Disturbed.  Is there a preference to playing in a smaller but more energetic venue as opposed to the larger outdoor festivals with such a mixed bill?

I personally love playing both ! Nothing is cooler than playing on a huge tour and hanging out with a ton of bigger bands all day! Not to mention all the exposure to new fans and a chance to spread your music. Although just about any band will tell you there is nothing better than playing  packed out 500 cap room where everyone and their mom are smashing each other in the face the whole time and singing along while we spit water all over them. You can beat it. At the end of the day we are doing what we love most and putting smiles on kids faces so no matter what its a win, win situation!

Most of the year Bury Your Dead are touring various locations throughout the world.  Who are your favourite bands to tour with?

Wow! haha So many amazing bands! Killswitch engage are amazing and a great time ! Five finger death punch, Parkway drive of course ! We had the best time ever with them in Europe. Unearth are great friends of ours. Every time i die, Bleeding through! I could be here all day naming people. The list would never end haha

With more Van flips than releases, is there anyone in the bury your dead camp who is no longer allowed anywhere near the steering wheel?

No way. Even though i was the asshole who flipped the van haha I’m still a great driver. You just have to be careful on tour not to push yourself too hard with staying awake too long. Its hard on yourself and one of those days you might just shut down before you even know it.

And top five releases this year ? (Even though we’re like, barely four months through the year)

Well how about 2008? haha 

1.Story of the year – the black swan. Unearth – the march 3.Corpus Christi – shades of white 4. Britney spears – circus 5. Sara Brighman

Craziest tour experience?

You love asking these broad questions where I don’t even know where to begin! haha Well, how about we have this game where when we get close to the venue we close all the windows, put the heat on full blast and put on obnoxious techno music as loud as it can go, and everyone has to dance and do push ups until we get there. whoever stops first looses and has to do something stupid. Well once we were about 40 min from the venue in Wisconsin in the middle of the summer. If you know anything about the Midwest its almost as humid in the summertime as Florida !

Well about 25 min in everyone is sweating profusely and trying not to die of heat exhaustion and we ended up getting lost so it lasted way longer than it should of. Well we ended pulling up to the venue and there was this crazy long line outside and we opened the van doors and we all just fell out of it with no shirts on soaking in sweat with techno blasting a loud as humanly possible. Everyone of the kids there to see the show were looking at us like we had lobsters crawling out of our ears. "Umm, 5 sweaty, panting dudes just fell out of a techno van." haha Pretty silly. No one lost that time. 

Favorite food to eat on tour?

I love oreos, chicken nuggets, corn dogs, and as much cereal as i can consume.

Thanks for your time.  Any shout outs, thanks and usual ending bullshit you’d like to add ?

I’m scared of jelly fish and things that have poison in them . Id prefer if neither one of those two end up at our shows. Other than that we cant fucking wait and we’ll see you in a few days !

Come party with us ! 

Bury Your Dead head to Australia later this month. For all the dates and venues click here.

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