All month long we are running the Soundwave Festival Quickies – where we issue a band playing at the festival 7 quick questions.

Your name and what you do in the band?

My name is Derek Kerswill and I play drums in Unearth, bitches!

Steven Seagal or Chuck Norris and why?

HAHAHAHA!  Definitely Chuck Norris because everyone says I look like him!  And let’s face it…..he’s the balls!

What are you looking forward to the most about playing at the Soundwave Festival?

Oh, I don’t know…..maybe the fact that NIN is playing!  And, it’s going to be warm there while it’s freezing cold in Boston.  And, I just love playing so I don’t give a shit where I am!

List 3 essential items that you don’t leave home without.

My (4) iPods, my laptop, and Starbucks gift cards.

Favorite/funniest festival experience?

My favorite is definitely playing Wacken festival this year with Iron Maiden!  It was absolutely insane!

The best 80’s movie other than ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ ?

My favorite 80’s movie is hands down, without a doubt "Better Off Dead".  I love Cusack and the chick that played Monique was so friggin’ hot in that movie.  Plus, any movie where someone is estimating the street value of a mountain of snow as if it were a mountain of cocaine, that’s hilarious!  On top of a kid chasing someone down for Two Dollars of paper route money……..AMAZING!

Who would win in a fight, Lemmy or God?

Lemmy, for sure.  Have you seen that guy recently?  He’s obviously won a fight with every year he’s been alive.  I back that dude 120%!

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