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Comeback Kid are currently on tour with Carpathian and Verse (U.S) for the Boys Of Summer tour around Australia. Andrew (vocals) was kind enough to answer the following questions for us via email…

Please state your name, what you do in Comeback Kid and your favourite pre-show drink.
Andrew Neufeld, vocals, Vodka/ redbull ( if available )

You guys have been touring on the back of "Broadcasting" (released Feb 2007) for the last 18 months. What have been some of the highlights?

This album cycle has been quite awesome. We really focused on trying to play as many different and new countries as possible. Being able to go to places like Russia, South America, and SE Asia for the first time was quite wild. The audiences that we get to play for are so hungry for the music and it shows. It’s cool to see the fire in some of these people eyes at a hardcore show. Just getting in the mix and what not, thats what we’re all about.

How has such a long touring cycle affected the band, both on and off the stage?

Well, we don’t really practice since we all live in different cities, but when you are on tour all the time, its good way to keep the band tight. It forces us to. Our set lists get more refined, and everything just flows better because we’re so used to each other on stage. Off stage, it keeps things interesting to say the least. I have pretty much been constantly on the go with this band and my last band for the last 10 years so there is always something to look forward to!

Replacing a vocalist is never easy (and obviously Andrew is well experienced due to his time in Figure Four), but was it still nerve racking dropping your third record with a different front man?
Yeah, I guess so, but I pretty much got thrown into the position. You know, playing guitar in the band one day, then singing the next day of the same tour. It was all really quick. I took one for the team. Obviously you want people to respond well to the latest lineup, but now it seems like we are doing better than we ever have done, so its 

Did you think the record would be as well received as it has been?

I sure hoped so!

Given how much time you’ve spent on the road, has there been much of an opportunity to start working on your next record? If so, can you tell us how the songs are turning out?
I wouldn’t expect a new CBK record any time soon. There has been some ideas thrown around, but nothing to speak of yet. The band’s first DVD, "Through The Noise", was recently released. Can you tell us a bit about how it all came together?
We wanted to do a dvd to kind of show what we do as band, the places that we go, and how it is being on the road with us. So thats what we did. We had a friend come along and film some stuff, and we also compiled all of our old footage from tour and from this last year especially with all the fly out shows to different new countries. There is also footage of some of our first shows, and recording "broadcasting…" There is also a ton of interviews, including our old singer Scott talking about leaving and kinda talking about that transition. There is also a live show from Germany last year, where we play a bunch of songs from all our records, and a cd w. the audio from that.

Was the DVD something you guys had been pushing to do – perhaps to tide fans over between records – or is something that your label (Victory) was keen on making happen?
Definitely something that we had to push to do, and really try to make happen. Im glad we were able to do it. 

Of the band’s who’ve released DVD’s in the last few years, many of them have opted to film a hometown show. Why did you guys choose to record your set in Germany?
Because, Leipzig Germany is always a town that we have had incredible shows and we knew we could get good film crew to shoot the show and capture good audio. We were filming a lot of stuff from that tour, so it worked out well. 

Apart from the live set, "Through The Noise" features a really in-depth documentary on the band itself. Is everyone in the Comeback
Kid camp happy with how it all turned out?
Yeah, i think its hard to represent a band well, without being cheesy on things like that… but I think it turned out great. 

I think a lot of bands could take a leaf out of your book when it comes to working hard and persevering with your music. Is that something you guys were hoping to put across?
Maybe thats what the director and editor were trying to put across, we kinda just gave them our footage and they collected their own and they edited it and did their thing. But CBK, I think definitely has a strong work ethic and we strive to do as much as we possibly can with this band.

Looking forward, you guys are locked in for another Australian tour in January. What are you most looking forward to?

Hanging out with my girlfriend. She’s from Melbourne and is coming along. Fuck it, the shows are going to be insane. We’re gonna go nuts.
Plus its -30 in some parts of Canada. No better time to come. Summer in January!

2008 has been a great record for music, what have been your top three records?
Fucked up – The chemistry of common life
Sigur Ros – Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust
Constantines – Kensington Heights

What were the top three shows that you attended this year as a fan?
Madball – Vainstream fest Germany
Blacklisted – this is hardcore fest 2008 in philadelphia
Cult Of Luna – some fest in Germany this last summer

What’s on the cards for 2009, as far as writing and touring goes?
Some writing, Touring with Bane, Misery Signals, and Outbreak, and a few other festivals and tours in the works. Looking forward to it!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I suck at email interviews. Call me sometime!

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