Evergreen Terrace

All month long we are running the Soundwave Festival Quickies – where we issue a band playing at the festival 7 quick questions.

Your name and what you do in the band?

Bill Cosby – Evergreen Terrace.

Steven Seagal or Chuck Norris and why?

Steven Segal because he looks like he would be great in bed.

What are you looking forward to the most about playing at the Soundwave Festival?

Finishing the set so I can watch a good band.

List 3 essential items that you don’t leave home without.
My neck, my back, my pussy and my crack.

Favorite/funniest festival experience?

That time the thing happened and everyone laughed really hard and said "that was the funniest festival expeirence ever".

The best 80’s movie other than ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ ?

Garbage Pale Kids.

Who would win in a fight, Lemmy or God?
Micky Rourke.

For everything Evergreen Terrace, head to their Myspace page.

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