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Escape The Fate drummer Robert talks to us about Metallica, Jagerbombs and shitty Australian cities…

Note: The following interview took place via email.

For the record, please tell us your name and what you do in Escape The Fate?

I’m robert. I am the drummer.

How would describe the band to someone that was yet to hear you?

We are dark sexy and rippin..

Your new record, "This War Is Ours", was recently released, apart from the change in personnel how does it differ from your previous album?

We were a lot more ambitious. Nothing was off limits. We wanted songs that were poppier and catchier and songs that were heavier and ripped like no ones ever heard. And we needed songs that people could fuck to and songs that people could cry to. Everything was worked at immensely. Last record songs came and we put parts together and said ok sing over it and lets record it. This time everything fit where it was supposed to and vocals wrote a lot of parts.. its crazy dude.. To sum it up. We were much more mature.

You guys were lucky enough to work with John Feldman on your latest album. Did he contribute as far as the writing and arranging goes, or were you more after the sounds he could pull?

Me personally, the sounds he could pull off were almost reason enough not to want to work with him.. I didn’t like his drum sound.. We were more concerned with what we could learn from him as far as song writing.. he was a hundred percent involved in the songwriting process. He tore our shit apart and helped us put it back together. I think he learned a couple things from us too. He was never into solos.. We had to show him that shredding isn’t a bad thing.. It just has to be done right. Overall it was an amazing experience

Are you 100% happy with the way the record has turned out?

There’s no such thing as perfection. There’s small things here and there.. But as a whole I love it. I got a ride to a restaurant last night from some fans and they were bumping our cd. They felt embarresed.. But I said fuck it turn it up.. Its rad. Its the next direction for music. People have been trying to make a solid rock record without compromising their roots for years. I think were the first to do it the way you’re supposed to.

A few months back, your drummer stated that this record "was going to blow everyone out of the water". Do you think the record has delivered on your band member’s promise?


Your last Australian tour wasn’t too long ago. What would you like to forget and what can’t you wait to get back to?

I would like to forget the shitty food and lacking in beautiful girls. But I can’t wait to get out and play those shows.. The fans are rediculous.

Every show on your Australian tour was close to sold out, did you expect such a massive response from a country that you’d never travelled to before?

No..  There’s citys in the states that don’t give us that big of a response yet. Its pretty suprising.. Im fucking stoked.. I wasn’t sure how it would be. I knew it would be ok because austalia was one of the first places outside of vegas to respond to us.. But damn.. It was insane

When can we expect to see the band back in Australia?

Don’t know yet..

Do you have any embarrassing on-stage incidents that you’d like to share?


What have been your top three records for 2008?

Well that’s a weird question. Cause records to come out this year.. There is only one.. But records I’ve actually listened to.. Metallica, death magnetic.. Makavelli, the don killuminati: the 7 day theory.. Escape the fate, this war is ours

Do Escape The Fate have any pre-show rituals?

Jaegerbombs and warming up to beatles and tv show theme songs.. And right when we go on.. it happens everytime.. The golden goose is on the loose.

If you guys could tour with any three bands – dead or alive – who would it be and why?

Metallica motley crue and emminem

Motley Crue modelled themselves on Mad Max, where do you guys take your look from?

Motley crue and GNR

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Fuck no

Escape The Fate’s latest record "This War Is Ours" is out now via Epitaph/Shock Records.

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  1. Fenix

    Yeah I don’t get it…. I’ve listened to “Dying Is Your Latest Fashion” a ridiculous amount of times… guitar work and vocals are amazing.

    You hear “This war is ours” and it sounds like an emo version of Simple Plan yet everyone rates the new cd better.

    Bring back your musical integrity and spring Ronnie out of jail and then I may look forward to your next release.

  2. james..wiicked yeah?

    New album is absolute shit they have nothing without Ronnie he was escape the fate and always will be craig need to grow some balls and stop singing like a britney spears wannabe “harder then you know”???? what the fuk was that acoustic soft shit?

  3. leashyyy

    haha new etf are just an epic fail… FUCKK ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!! UR SHIT WITHOUT RONNIE JUST A BUNCH A EMO FAGS WHO GIVE EACH OTHER HEAD ND U NO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ronnie was the only thing good in etf now theyr just shit nd they write stupid shitty lyrics just pick up more dudes 2 rape in the back of their van….. RONNIE WAS FUCKING EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!

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