Having captured the undivided attention of the world wide hardcore scene in 2004, the LA based Terror are as aggressive as ever.

Doug Weber called in to talk about metal, face plants and Earth Crisis…

Interview w/ Doug Weber (Guitar)
of Terror (USA) 

By Cameron Chambers



Hey Doug, how are you today?

Good man, how’s it going? 

I’m pretty sick to be honest
man. Where are you calling from?

That sucks. I’m just chilling
in San Francisco. 

You guys are at the tail end
of a South American tour yeah?

Yeah, we just got home yesterday

How did the
shows go? Is there a noticeable difference between the crowds in Central
America and those in South America?

The shows were great actually.
They were pretty big! Not many bands have a chance to go down there
so the people were just really excited that we were there. Tons of people
came out and yeah, they were just excited to have some music down there.  

Going back to 2007, you guys
released the “Rhythm Amongst The Chaos” EP through Reaper Records.
Can you tell us what happened with Trustkill and why you went with another
label for the EP?

Well, our contract was up with
Trustkill and we wanted a fresh start on a new label that would be excited
about us, so we chose Century Media because we felt their presence is
a lot better than Trustkill’s worldwide.  

We’ve got licensing deals in
other parts of the world through different labels in different countries
so they’re not really pushing us. This way we have one label all over
the world that will actually advertise our record and push it.  

Were you intending to do an
EP or was its purpose to give your fans something while you were sorting
out your label situation?

The songs from the EP were actually
the B-Sides from “Always The Hard Way”. The label is run by a friend
of ours called Patrick and he approached us about releasing them. We
weren’t going to use them for anything so we agreed to do it.

How did your signing with Century
Media come about? Did you approach them or was it vice versa?

It was kind of both actually.
We knew we wanted to sign to a new label so we demo’d five songs and
sent them out to a ton of labels. They were the label that showed the
most interest and they seemed to be the most excited about putting the
record out.  

There were labels offering us
more money but they weren’t as excited as Century Media. We went with
them because hopefully they’ll push the record a bit harder.  

Century Media has built its
name off the back of more traditional sounding metal bands. What can
they offer a band like Terror?

I don’t know man. I mean, look
at the back catalogue. They did a lot of hardcore in their early days.
They put out records from the Cro-Mags, Sick Of It All, Ignite, Turmoil
and they did an old Merauder record too.  

They know how to market a hardcore
record but anyway, I think these days there’s such a fine line between
hardcore and metal that it doesn’t really matter.  

Do you think the change in
label has the potential to open you up to a larger audience, one that
transcends the hardcore scene?

Yeah, I definitely hope that happens
too. At this point we’ve been doing hardcore shows for six years straight,
so if you like hardcore and listen to it then you should know who Terror
is by now. 

We want to keep advancing as a
band but we need to play to new people to do that so hopefully we can
get some new fans through Century Media.  

Your new record
“The Damned, The Shamed” came out yesterday. How would you describe
the record to those that haven’t heard it? Do you think the band’s
sound has evolved at all given the number of member changes you’ve
been through and your natural growth as a group?

It sounds like a natural progression
from our last record. The structures are better and we threw some guitar
solos in. There’s more double bass too! That stuff wasn’t intended,
we just wrote the songs and that’s what came out. 

I know every band says their new
record is their best but I’m really proud of this one. I listen to
it a lot more than our other records so we’re all pretty stoked on
it. With a new label and a new record I’m just hoping that people
will dig it.  

You guys had Zeuss (Hatebreed,
Shadows Fall) on board to produce “The Damned, The Shamed”. Did
he play much of a role when it came to writing and arranging the songs
or was his involvement purely to make sure the record sounded as big
as possible?

He didn’t try to change the
songs or anything like that. We demo’d the whole record before we
went in and he listened to the shitty recording and didn’t change
anything, ha ha. He just made it sound good!  

The press release that accompanied
the record says it’s the definite hardcore record album of 2008. In
your opinion, how does “The Damned, The Shamed” stand up when you
compare it to previous Terror releases?

Um, I dunno, ha ha. I’m not
one to say that we put out the best record of the year but it’s definitely
a solid record. I dunno, I hope people like it as much as we do. I’m
not going to say it’s the best or worst record the year though, ha

Terror was selected as the
main support on the recent Earth Crisis reformation tour. How did the
shows go and was it at all daunting playing before such a hugely influential

The tour was great man. I was
curious to see how it would go… to see if people still remembered
Earth Crisis. There were a lot of people there who liked all the bands
and it went down really well with such a diverse line up. 

The shows were awesome and it
was cool hanging out with those dudes. We’d love to do another tour
like that again.  

On the touring front, when
can we expect to see you guys back in Australia?

There’s talk about us coming
back later this year although we heard we might do the Soundwave Festival
next year. I’m not too sure though, hopefully by the end of this year
or early next year.  

We’ve got time to fit in
a quick final five questions if that’s cool mate? Something a little
less serious…

Yeah man, go for it.  

Favourite place you’ve travelled
to with the band?

Australia man. Every time we go
there it’s more like a vacation than anything. The people are laid
back and we get treated well and the shows are always awesome.  

Favourite album at the moment?

What have I been listening to
a lot? Shit! I don’t really listen to newer stuff. I listen to a lot
of classic rock so I’m into Thin Lizzy at the moment, ha ha.  

Most embarrassing on-stage

One time I was running kind of
fast because we were playing this huge outdoor stage and our old bass
player was playing with a cable and I had a wireless. Anyway, I was
funning fast and his cable got caught on my leg and he ran the other
way and ripped my leg out and I smashed my face on the stage in front
of about a thousand people, ha ha.  

Most ridiculous thing you’ve
done for a buck?

Pissed my pants or something,
ha ha.  

Pre-Bad or Post-Bad Michael Jackson? 

Pre-Bad for sure. Michael Jackson
was the shit back in the day!  

That’s all we’ve got
time for Doug, is there anything else you’d like to add?

Awesome man, I don’t think
I’ve got anything else to say though, ha ha.  

Thanks for your time mate.  


For more info head to Terror’s Myspace page.  

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