Stealing O’neal

Having spent time on the road with big hitters like The Getaway Plan, Melbourne’s Stealing O’Neal are ready to take that next step themselves.

Tom Fleming/ Bass gave us the following interview…

Interview w/ Stealing O’Neal

By Cameron Chambers

Can you please tell us your name
and what you do in Stealing O’Neal? 

I’m Tom and I play bass. 

For those that aren’t familiar
with the band can you give us a quick run down on your history? 

Stealing O’neal have been around
since 2003. Started out as a straight up pop punk band but evolved a
fair bit over the years. We released our first EP “spin for me”
in May last year and been touring solidly since. Now we’ve just release
our second EP “Colidescope” 

How would you describe Stealing
O’Neal to someone that hadn’t heard you before?

Guess you’d call it pop rock/punk.
High energy and fun.  

Your new EP Collidescope has just
been released. Can you tell us a bit about the writing and recording
process for it? 

Well we spent a lot more time
on this one. We recorded in Sydney with Luke Gerard Webb, spent a week
recording and a week mixing. It gave a lot more time to experiment with
different ideas like instruments, harmonies structures and all that 

How does your new material differ
to the songs on your debut? 

I think “spin for me” was
a very timid EP in comparison. Collidescope has a couple of really fun
up beat tracks. The songs are better structured, stronger melodies and
each part really serves the song where in “spin for me” we kind
of got a little bit carried away sometimes. It’s definitely a step
up for us. 

Why have you guys opted to do
another EP instead of an album? 

Still got more work to do. We
still want to strengthen the fan base a bit more before we take that

Has the amount of time you’ve
spent on the road had much of an impact on your newer songs? 

Yeah I suppose so. Being away
from the girls always put stress on relationships and that’s always
fuel for inspiration.  

There are a lot of bands dabbling
in the quote/unquote pop rock genre, what separates Stealing O’Neal
from the rest of the pack? 

I believe a big key to sounding
original in such a generic scene is not being influenced by your own
style. We all listen to a really broad range of music. Also we try not
to use power chords or the traditional rhythm and lead guitar style. 

What touring plans do you guys
have lined up for the near future? 

Where heading off on our headlining
tour at the start of july, the Friends with benefits tour. Going from
Brizzy to Adelaide so go get your tickets now because it’s gonna be
a big party.  

What can people expect from a
Stealing O’Neal live show? 

An evening of good times and good

If you could play with any band,
Australian or international, who would it be and why? 

Blink 182 if they ever did a come
back tour. It would be amazing but I have a feeling that there might
be a little tension in the air if that one goes ahead. 

What’s your favourite album
at the moment? 

Puddle city racing lights by windmill.
That guy has the strangest voice and one of the dopest drum sounds I’ve
ever heard. 

What’s the most ridiculous thing
you’ve ever done for a buck? 

I dunno but Tim shampooed his
hair with dog shit for 5 bucks. 

Worst onstage experience? 

I walked onstage and didn’t
realise my fly was undone and my balls were hanging out. 

Best hangover remedy? 

More beer. Seriously it works! 

And your favourite show, either
one that you’ve played with Stealing O’Neal or one that you’ve

We got the chance to support New
Found Glory last year. Such a rad band and just an honour to share the
stage with them. 


For news and tour dates head to the bands Myspace page.

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