The Seduction

Having fronted influential Melbourne metal outfit In Name & Blood for close to the last five years, Craig Wainwright has now moved on to a new challenge with The Seduction.

With a debut record and a national tour around the corner, Craig had the following to say…

Interview w/ Craig (Vocals)
of The Seduction

By Cameron Chambers 

Hey man, how are you today? 

Good buddy, you? 

Yeah, travelling well, let’s
get right into though so we don’t run up the phone bill.

Nah, it’s all good… I’m
calling from work. 

Well, fuck em then. 

Ha ha. 

For those that don’t
know, can you please tell us a bit about The Seduction? How the band
got together, any past members etc…

The band started two years
ago now. I joined a year ago and before that they were together for
a year with their old singer Kevin… who they never played a show with.  

They went without a singer
for a while and I’d helped them out by booking shows and ended up
taking over the reins. We just got Joey Jones on bass that used to sing
for The Jonestown Syndicate too. So yeah, we’ve been playing for the
last year doing what we do. 

How would you describe The
Seduction’s music to someone that hadn’t heard the band before?

I’d say, just noisy, rock
and roll influenced metal. 

The musical differences
between In Name & Blood and The Seduction are huge, were you
looking for a new kind of band to work with or was it simply that this
was the right group of people for you to be playing with?

It’s a little bit of both.
Some days I miss playing flat out metal with In Name & Blood but
at the same time, with The Seduction being influenced by bands like
Every Time I Die, Norma Jean, The Chariot and Botch and things like
that, that was the stuff I was listening to. I was looking for something
different coz I wanted to challenge myself. 

It was the right group of people
as well. I got along with Shane and Japan really well as well, so yeah,
it just went from there and we ended up being a band.  

The Seduction’s initial
release was your aptly titled “Melbourne Demo”. Do you think that
record was a good indication of what the
band was capable of, or was it the sound of a group who were still finding
their feet?

More the later… it was influenced
from what they were going for at the time, and as I mentioned before,
I joined the band a year after they had started, so they’d been writing
the songs for some time.  

It was them finding their feet
but I was as well (vocally). It was something completely different for
me coz I went from one extreme with lots of highs to heaps of lows and
now I’ve found some middle ground. 

I definitely think the demo
wasn’t the best indication but it was a good indication of what was
to come.  

A lot of heavy bands struggle
to capture their live intensity on record, do you think someone would
be getting the full Seduction experience if they hadn’t seen
you guys play?

I’d like to think so. We
did the record as raw as we could for that exact reason. With past records
I’ve been on it hasn’t always captured the intensity that should
be there. We did this as raw as we could and most of it was done in
single takes all the way through, so it was as tight as we could get
it but it was also raw and messy… which is how we play live.  

I just lost track there, ha
ha, but to answer your question, I’d say yes, I think you get a fairly
good indication of what we sound like live by listening to the record.  

Your brand new record
“Betrayed” is set to come out on May 17
courtesy of Trial & Error, can you tell us a bit about the writing
and recording process?

Well, it was a year in the
making. We had a couple of songs from when we were first playing…
coz when I first joined the band they only had four songs, so there
are a couple of songs that were written early on in the piece. So yeah,
we’ve been writing for a year and lot goes on in a year, so it’s
really influenced by a lot of things that were going on.  

Everyone was angry for whatever
reason… you get angry and you write well. We had down time where we
didn’t anything for a few months and then we wrote the last three
songs for the record within the last couple of months, ha ha. 

So we just powered through
the writing using the feelings that we had and we used that anger and
resentment… so it’s a really angry record but I try to be positive
in everything I do anyway, ha ha. 

The songs themselves seem
a lot more streamlined compared to the material on your demo. Was it
a conscious effort to write something that was a little more to the

Definitely, I mean, with any
young band as you yourself know, if you start writing songs you go “that
sounds sick, let’s put it with this bit and then this bit”… and
you just end up with a mish mash of riffs that sound like a song but
aren’t all that coherent… especially when you draw from so many
different influences and you listen to such a broad range of music…
it just gets to the point where you listen to something and go wow,
that’s a really well written song, we need to do stuff like that! 

A lot of it comes from Kurt
Cobain and pop music… although Nirvana were usually horrible live
the songs on the records are phenomenal… they are just such well crafted
pop songs.  

We wanted to write songs that
are coherent and not just spazzy for the sake of being math metal. We
draw from all those influences and try and write much more streamlined,
coherent songs.  

You’ve been singing in
bands for a long time, how do you rate your vocal performance on
“Betrayed” compared to your previous recordings?

Best I’ve ever done. I’ve
no idea where a lot of this has come from. If you asked me a year ago…
I was considering giving it all up and then I started doing this and
listening to different music, and having people like Melder get behind
me about doing something different really helped.  

Also, dudes like Damo from
The Red Shore and Jon – who plays guitar in Picture The End – those
guys were really pushing me as well. Even if it’s just hanging shit
on me they were always pushing me to work on my vocal performance.  

As I said, it’s my best work
and my best performance. It’s probably how the new In Name & blood
stuff would’ve turned out I guess.  

The packaging looks pretty
slick man, who handled the design and layout?

Shane, the guitarist for The
Seduction does it under the name of Frail Merch. He’s a graphic designer
by trade and the picture is a photo from the forties by Toni Frissel
and yeah, we just wanted to go with something slick and straightforward. 

I contacted dudes like John
Dyer Baizley and Chris Crude but last year bands like Pig Destroyer
and Darkest Hour all had records come out at the same time with similar
artwork, so rather than go down the “gnarly and colourful metal artwork”
road, which I love, ha ha, we decided to go with something more straight

Shane found the photo when
he was going through a video one day looking for stuff, he found it,
fell in love with it, pitched it and we went from there.  

Do you have a favourite
song from the album?

“ The Kids That No One Wanted”. 

Care to elaborate on why? 

Um, it’s full on from go
to woe… it’s pretty quick all the way through and it’s got a gnarly,
heavy breakdown at the end. More so on the lyrics… Josh Kirk passed
away late last year as he suffered from depression. The song was written
two days after we found about his passing. 

It’s kind of the same thing
we did with In Name & Blood and “This Is Not An Exit”. It’s
just trying to… it’s a song about being positive as much as you
can and telling people you love them and that you care. It sends out
a really positive message for people to band together and not talk shit
on each other all the time.  

The Seduction have landed
the national support for “The Devil Wears Prada” tour (which starts
in a couple of weeks). What are you looking forward to the most from
the tour?

Just playing to new people
and actually seeing The Devil Wears Prada. I’ve been checking out
their record heaps lately and it’s brutal as well… some of it is
so heavy! 

I’m just hanging out and
keen to get back on the road. I haven’t been on the road for a year
and a half so I’m keen to have some fun. I’ve grown up a lot so
I know what to look out for so yeah, I’m excited to play to new people
and meet some new crew and drink heaps of coffee.  

How do you think you’ll
fare with “The Devil Wears Prada’s” crowd?

I was actually thinking about
this the other day and I think it’ll be ok. I was a little bit worried
at first because we’ve also got House VS Hurricane on a few of the
shows, and they play a similar style to The Devil Wears Prada… you
know, the electro elements through heavy music. We don’t have any
of that, it’s just more straightforward rock n roll type stuff thrown
in with metalcore. 

I was listening to their record
and ours though and I think it will be quite good.  

Have you had much of a chance
to road test any of your new songs?

Not live, no. There are six
or seven songs on the record we haven’t played live and part of that
is… I’ve always been in bands that have always played everything
as soon as we’ve written it, so I wanted to actually do it this time
how a lot of bands do it… I wanted to have some new stuff and be able
to give kids something they haven’t heard before.  

We’ve been playing it heaps
together but we haven’t tested it on the road, so The Devil Wears
Prada will be the first time we’ve played it people.  

What do you guys have planned
once this tour wraps up?


More touring, ha ha. 

We’ve got some shows with
Hopeless coming up which will be a release tour of sorts and yeah, Hopeless
are pretty much the best band in Australia in my opinion. We’ve also
got some Perth shows coming up and that’ll be sick… it’s in August,
and we’ll be writing for a split seven inch that we’re doing as

Cool, who’s the split

Hopefully Hopeless but we need
to see what Carpathian are doing before we lock that in. 

Quick final 5 questions
for you mate…

Your favourite album at
the moment?

Hopeless demo. 

The Veronicas or the Olsen

The Veronicas. Olsen twins
are too messed up. 

Most embarrassing experience
on stage?

The very first time I ever
performed was at Stylus nightclub in Ferntree Gully. A cover band was
playing and I’d just joined a band and we begged them to let us play
a song during their set. They let us get up and I went to step on the
stage and missed the step and fell flat on my face in front of about
a thousand people.  


I know. 

Good way to start your career. 

Ha ha, yeah. 

Pre-bad or post-bad Michael

Pre bad. 

Most ridiculous thing you’ve
done for a buck?

I don’t know, Ive done too
much stuff for free, ha ha. 

That’s all we’ve got
time for mate, any last words?

Support local hardcore, buy
records, buy zines and go to shows.

For more info on The Seduction, head to the bands Myspace page.

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