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2006 saw A Wilhelm Scream impress many an Australian fan when they ventured out here with Less Than Jake, and in a month’s time the five journeyman that make up AWS will be here to do it all again!

Nick (Drums) answered the following questions while on tour with The Unseen (US)…

Interview w/ A Wilhelm Scream (US) 

By Cameron Chambers



For the record, your name, what
you do in A Wilhelm Scream and your drink of choice. 

My name is nick. I play drums.
My favorite drink is a Rory Calhoon 

Can you please tell us a bit about
the band’s formative years, how you got together etc…

It all started in a fishing town
called New Bedford.  I heard some music coming from this house
one block over from me. I walked over and looked in the window and I
saw these guys in monster costumes playing this infections music in
the vain of Late 90’s grunge. I instantly became A fan of the band.
As time went on I started playing shows with my band opening up for
Koen (smackin’ Isaiah was called koen at the time) This went on for
a while,and one day I was rehearsing with one of my bands at the time,
and Trev  and John came walking in and asked if I wanted to join
there band.  The rest is history. 

So, you used to be called “Smackin
Isaiah”… please explain.

Smackin’ Isaiah is a song that Trev
wrote back in the day. I really don’t know what its about. He talks
about Plumbers running away and there being havoc in the streets. Something
about Bobby having older friends, and new Converse sneakers. I always
thought it meant jerking off.

You guys were lucky enough to
spend the last couple of months on the road in the US with The Unseen.
How was the tour? Did you find their fans were accepting of your music
and vice versa?

The tour was great. We had a lot
of fun with the Unseen. They are a great group of guys. As far as there
fans accepting us, I think some of there fans didn’t want to like us,
but I feel like we won a lot of people over. It was kinda cool watching
some dude with a 2 foot mohalk standing there with his arms crossed
at the beginning of the set and by the end running around in a circle
pit having a good time.

As you’re currently in the midst
of a month long European tour this question’s probably more applicable
than ever. What are the biggest differences between touring in the States
and touring outside of our home country?

I would say the biggest difference
is the way they treat the bands.  They seen to care a bit more
in Europe. A lot of places in the states will kinda rush you in and
out. Its like play your show and get the fuck out, Don’t get me wrong
there not all like this, but in Europe they let you kick it as long
as you want. Some places even let you sleep right at the venue.

What are the pros and cons of
spending a month on tour in places as varied as Portugal  and Russia?

For me mostly Pros, I Love to travel.
I would love to see every nook and cranny of this planet. Its cool to
see how people live on the other side of the world. I am pretty lucky.
I get to see a lot of things that most people never have a chance to.
I love to try new things  and learn as much as I can. Life is short,
and I want to experience everything I can before I take my final dirt
nap. I guess the cons would be those long ass plane rides. I think I
lose my mind a little bit more every flight. I think its all worth it
in the end.  

“Career Suicide” has been
out for a good six months now, did the record receive the feedback and
response that you expected it to? 

Ya for the most part. I think
that some people expected us to writ a more radio friendly record, but
we hit them with this fast record with crazy arrangements and f-bombs
all over the place.  Hence the name Career Suicide.  

A lot of band members say that
they’re unhappy with certain elements of their records, is there anything
that you’d differently on “Career Suicide”
if you had the chance?

Not really, I worked pretty hard
preparing for this recording. What’s done is done.  There might
be some thing that are not perfect but fuck it. I will try to step up
my game on the next record. 

Your long term guitarist Chris
quit A Wilhelm Scream a couple of weeks before “Career Suicide”
was released. How did that affect the band at the time and did it have
a negative impact on the subsequent tours that you guys undertook to
support the album?

Chris leaving sucked, but luckily
we have talented friends. Our buddy Nick from the band The Swellers
filled in for a while and we were able to do all the tours we had lined
up. Thanks Nick. You da man. 

Were you at all concerned that
losing a long term member may be the end of the band?

No. We are all pretty driven people,
and even though losing Chris sucked ass, Our drive would not let us
give up.

What was the selection process
when recruiting a new guitarist? Mike (AWS replacement guitarist) completed
some tours with you before officially coming on board yeah?

Yeah I think we were just kinda
feeling each other out. Mike is super talented, but you have to make
sure you get along as people if you are going to spend 15 hours at a
time in a van. 

Did you haze the new guy? Are
there any general AWS tour hi-jinks that you’d like to share with

Well we are constantly fucking with
each other anyway. If you say or do some thing stupid you are going
to hear about it.  Mike did not really get any new guy hazing. 
He slid into the mix pretty smoothly. Its hard to give mike shit any
way, because he is such a nice dude.

Being that you guys spend so
much time on the road do you get much of a chance to write and demo
new material?

Not really we do most of our writing
during breaks from touring.

In saying that, when can we expect
the new A Wilhelm Scream record?

Hopefully by next summer.

Who are some bands that you’re
currently into that you think people should check out?

I really like Minus The Bear, and
I have always been a big fan of Quicksand

What’s been your favorite AWS
tour to date?

Thats a tough one. We have had so
many fun tours with a lot of great great bands. I had a really good
last time we went to England with Fail-safe and All Idols Fall. 
We did our share of partying and we managed to see the sights. We saw
Abby rd., Big Ben, The London Eye, London Bridge, Parliament,and Some
castles in Scotland. We also got to Record 4 songs at the B.B.C for
B.B.C radio. That tour was a lot of fun. 

For those Australian fans who
didn’t get to see you last time, what should people expect from A
Wilhelm Scream live show?

Matching white tuxes, flash pots,
and Dirt bikes jumping over the stage every 4 min.  Just kidding.
You can expect 5 guys sweating there balls off playing there music as
hard as they can. 

Anything else you’d like to

Thank you



For a full list of tour dates and ticketing info head to Destroy All Lines or check out the bands Myspace page.

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