The Devil Wears Prada

Leading the charge of faith focused metalcore bands in 2008 is Ohio’s “The Devil Wears Prada”.

In the lead up to the band’s maiden Australian tour, Jeremy (Guitar/Vocals) was kind enough to answer the following questions…

Interview w/ The Devil Wears

By Cameron Chambers

For the record, can you please
state your name and what you do in “The Devil Wears Prada”?

Hi, I’m Jeremy and I play
guitar and sing in The Devil Wears Prada. 

I’m sure you’ve been asked
this a thousand times, but can you explain your band’s name?

Yes, I have been asked this
a thousand times… But we got the name from the book, before the movie,
and we put our own meaning to it. To us, it means that there are more
important things in life than material posessions. 

Was there any legal red tape
when it came to registering the band name? I don’t suppose it scored
you free tickets to the movie’s premiere and a chance to meet Anne

Haha, no, we didn’t get any
tickets or anything. We’ve had no problems so far. 

Name aside how did you guys
actually get together?

Well, a few of the guys made
the band just as something to do, and put up a myspace for it. 

The 6 members of “The Devil
Wears Prada” are all quite young, was that ever an issue in the bands
early days? Did other bands or promoters ever give you a hard time and
assume you couldn’t cut it because of your age?

Always! We couldn’t tour
much due to highschool, so the band wasn’t able to be full time until
we all graduated. 

What’s your local scene like
back in Dayton, Ohio? Are there any other bands from back home that
you think kids should be checking out?

The scene is pretty good in
Dayton, there is an awesome band called From the Shallows from Toledo,
OH. You should check em out! 

Your most recent album “Plagues”
has quite an open biblical element to it. Were you (as a band and as
an individual) ever concerned that you could deter secular musical fans
from listening to your band?

No our lyrics aren’t really
that biblically open. But some with other beliefs might feel uncomfortable.

Christian bands are nothing
new but traditionally they seem to deal with the more positive aspects
of their faith, yet “Plagues” features a particularly ominous bible
verse (Exodus 7:12) on the back of the artwork. What do you hope to
achieve by portraying the more vengeful elements of the bible?

Plagues was to reflect the
fear and wrath in god. 

Obviously retribution isn’t
the only lyrical subject that TDWP cover, do you think there’s a healthy
balance between positive and negative in your music?

Honestly its more negative,
but we do have songs based on optimism.

A lot of bands have comical
song titles, but do you think something like “HTML Roolz Dood” might
discourage listeners from taking the band’s message as seriously as
they should?

Possibly, BUT we are not worried
about it! A serious message doesn’t require serious song titles. 

Your Rise Records debut, “Dear
Love: A Beautiful Discord” received an overwhelmingly positive response.
Did you expect the record to be as well received as it was given that
you’ve openly stated that the band “isn’t here to push the envelope
or do anything different” and that you just want to “write well”?

No we didn’t expect that
at all. 

“Plagues” showed a marked
maturating in song writing. Were there any influences within the band
that weren’t present a couple of years ago?

Yes for sure, we’re always
into new bands. 

TDWP have been able to tour
with an extremely diverse group of bands, having clocked up shows with
everyone from Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster to Whitechapel. What’s
been your favourite tour so far and why?

The Silverstein tour and our
first headliner ‘The Ultimatour’! 

Have you ever encountered any
backlash from other bands because of your faith?

Sometimes, but mostly no. 

In a few short weeks you guys
will be hitting Australia for the first time. What are you looking forward
to most from this tour? Have you heard any tour stories from any friend’s
bands who have been here before?

Im looking forward to koalas
and kangaroos, thanks to Maylene. 

What can Australian audiences
expect from a TDWP live show?

Hopefully good energy. 

What are your 5 favourite records
that you’re listening to at the moment?

Oh, Sleeper – When I am God

Underoath – Define the Great

Anything Interpol

Anything Jimmy Eat World

Anything Sage Francis 

That about wraps it up, is
there anything else you’d like to add?

See you soon!



For more info on The Devil Wears Prada head to or check out a full list of tour dates/venues HERE.

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  1. KYS-Josh

    yeah that was fucking shit on their behalf. going to a country they’ve never been before and couldn’t give a shit enough to show a bit more interest.

    U.S. bands whatever…

  2. silv83

    should have mentioned ur little review of ‘dear love’ cam. I would have, would have made the convo a litte more interesting

  3. Kelly

    hahahahaha what an interview

    should have asked “i dont believe in god and want to bash you. what do you say to that?”

  4. fleshfuckedcouture

    they seem so lazy.
    fucking met em at one of there gigs,
    half asleep on bloody seats at venue 😐
    they dont really seem to give a fuck >________< xx

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