From the ashes of well respected Adelaide rock outfit Edison Music comes Newtonheath, a band who are doing their best to prove that substance over style still has a place in modern rock.

Multi-instrumentalist Rachel Warburton was kind enough to answer the following questions…

Interview w/ Rachel Warburton (Bass/Vox/Programming) of Newtonheath

By Cameron Chambers

For the record, your name and what you do in Newtonheath.

I play bass, do a little bit of singing, some programming and keep the boys organised!

Can you please tell us about the formation of Newtonheath, any past bands you have been in etc…

(Ho – Vox/Guitar) and I started writing songs for Newtonheath in 2005
and played a few acoustic shows before heading overseas for a year,
which is where we wrote the bulk of the album. We asked Dan (Gaskin –
Guitar/Vox) to join while we were away and sent him MP3’s so he could
write his parts. Shaun contacted us while we were away about playing
drums for Newtonheath and we auditioned him when we got back
to Australia in early 2007. He made the cut and then we started the
whole rock band thing, playing our first show in April last year.

I have also played in Edison Music and Hone, plus filled in for Sumi and Thinktank.

In your own words, describe your band’s music.

Indie rock ‘n’ roll with a touch of dance beats.

Who are some of Newtonheath’s key influences?

Bloc Party, Brand New, The Cure, Further Seems Forever, Thrice

2007 saw you guys independently release your debut album “Come Together and Unite”. Can you tell us a bit about how the record came to be?

mentioned before a bulk of the album was written overseas in 2006. All
in a bedroom in Canada – when it’s snowing outside it’s a good way to
spend your time! Then when we got back we rehearsed the songs with the
band and Dan & Shaun added their own touches.

Did you attempt to get label backing for the record or did you originally intend to release it yourselves?

did contact a few labels, but we had a particular time line so we were
always prepared to release it ourselves which is what we ended up doing.

Are you satisfied with the way your album turned out? Is there anything else you would have liked to have done differently?

definitely feel it’s the best release that any of us have put out,
especially in terms of guitar sounds and vocals. I don’t think there’s
much we would have done differently on this occasion as the process
played out how we envisioned. However we always want to grow as song
writers and musicians so we’ll probably do things differently for the
next release. A lot of this album was written in total isolation away
from the scene, and as mentioned in a bedroom, by recording demos and
gradually layering parts, rather than jamming it out as a band, which
was a totally different way of writing than what we’ve done in the
past. I think with next release we’ll combine the two processes ie a
combination of band jams but still using recording as we go to fine
tune everything.

Do you think fans of your previous bands (Edison, Sumi) would enjoy what you guys are doing in Newtonheath?

and No. Newtonheath is quite a different style to our former bands, so
understandably some people like it more and some people like “the old
stuff better than the new stuff”. Some of the old fans have “grown out”
of the whole rock music thing, but we definitely have old peeps still
coming for more. A lot has changed in the music industry
since Edison and Sumi finished up, so we try not to get too caught up
in the past and to forge our own path with Newtonheath.

What do you think separates Newtonheath from the other rock bands currently kicking around Adelaide?

guess the fact that our roots are punk/emo so we still have that desire
to rock out and go a bit crazy, but we’re quite heavily influenced by
the whole British indie sound. And the two front boys in the band spend
more time on their hair and clothes than any girl I know!!!

Who are some like minded Australian bands that you think people should be checking out?

To The Throne – from Sydney – these guys are rad, doing their own indie thing and not to mention great dudes!

Lead Sketch Union – from Melbourne – have the punk roots, with really cool guitars and heartfelt vocals.

Cuthero – from Adelaide – angular guitars and melodies

If Newtonheath could play with any band (Australian or international), who would it be and why?

Editors – We are in love with this band! Cool guitar sounds and deep moody vocals, with great beats.

– Know these guys from their very first show in Adelaide, so it would
be great to play with them again. It’s really good to see them doing
well – they deserve it!

What touring and recording plans do you have for 2008?

Definitely keep pushing the album with shows and tours. We’re just about to put out a video clip for the single “Between
Windows” off the album. Also we’ve been doing heaps of writing so we’re
just about to start doing lots of demo recording.

Now, for our final 5…

Favourite album at the moment?

An End Has A Start – Editors
Beams – Presets

Veronicas or Olsen Twins?

Olsen Twins – Full House yeah!

Most embarrassing experience?

my photo in the social pages for attending a Guy Sebastian concert the
other day! (My mother in law bought me the ticket) I’ve lost any cred I
had! ;)

Pre-Bad or Post-Bad Michael Jackson?

grew up LOVING the Jackson 5 so I am going to have to say Pre-Bad.
However didn’t mind Dangerous back in the day. Let me take this moment
to mention that on our last tour to Melbourne we had a Michael Jackson
marathon. We made 26 songs in a row from “I Want You Back” right
through to History (that’s the latest right??). Good way to kill 3
hours! Haha!

Most ridiculous thing you’ve done for a buck?

I’m not that cheap!!!

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