As We Fight

Sweden is widely regarded as Europe’s metal mecca but there are a handful of bands working overtime to ensure that Denmark is put on the metal map.

As We Fight are one band who are well and truly flying the flag for their homeland…

Interview w/ As We Fight (Denmark)

By Cameron Chambers 


Your name please and what
you do in As We Fight?

Hey, this is Jason the singer
and Niller the drummer from As We Fight. 

Fill us in on the band’s
history: how you got together, line up changes etc…

JASON: In 2001 me and Martin O (guitars) got together one over a beer – or
a lot of beers :-), and got talking about the shitty bands we were in
at that moment. So, we decided to make a band of our own. I always wanted
to try having 2 singers in a band, so I contacted Laurits Medom (vocals,
2001 – 2007) and asked him to join the band. And after some tryouts
with a few guitar, bass players and drummers, we finally got our first
real line-up. Which since has changed again.

The current line up is: Martin
Olsen (2001-), Gun (guitars, 2004-), Soren Hvidt (bass, 2001-), Niller
Plum (drums, 2006-), Jesper Gün (vocals, 2007-) and Me, Jason Campbell
(vocals, 2001-). 

What was the first record
you ever bought?

JASON: The first record I bought
was D:A:D – No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims.

NILLER: I don’t remember
the first record I bought. But I’m sure it was an Iron Maiden record.

At what point did you think
it would be a good idea to join a metal band and spend your life on
the road while being drunk and broke?

JASON: Well I like to get drunk,
so I was on board right away. Haha! I have always been broke anyway.

NILLER: Hmm… Ever since I
began playing the drums I wanted to go on tours, but I didn’t think
it would be in a metal band till about 5 years ago, when I began playing
in a band called Gabriel Is Bleeding with Jason and Gun.

JASON: We have always been
a live band, so there was no doubt that this was what we wanted.  

Who or what are some of
your influences, both as an individual and as a band?

JASON: The band is influenced
by a lot of Swedish metal band, like The Haunted, At The Gates. But,
also some American stuff like Himsa and Darkest Hour.

NILLER: My influences for my
drum playing are Nicko Mcbrain, Eric Singer and Travis Barker.

JASON: Mine is Danzig, Chino
Moreno, Trent Reznor and Rob Zombie. 

What separates As We Fight from the hordes of other metal bands who
are currently out there?

First of all we have 2 singers.
And every album sounds different… For example, The EP, “The Darkness
of Apocalypse Has Fallen Before Us” (2003),is a bit more hardcore, and “Black Nails And Bloody
Wrists” (2005, As We Fight’s first full length
album) is a bit more metalcore. “Midnight Tornado” (2006)
is more rock’n’roll oriented but still heavy. The upcoming album
will be more metal. So, that’s what we think separates us from most
other bands. 

Denmark isn’t
really well known for its metal scene. Was it difficult trying to get
a band off the ground back home?

JASON: It wasn’t too difficult
when we started since there were no other metalcore bands in Denmark
back then, so our name came out pretty fast. 

Is there much support for
metal bands in Denmark, both on a local scale and

NILLER: The support has grown
bigger within the last couple of years. But still the people in Denmark
aren’t as supportive as they are in countries like Germany. But I’m
sure it will come eventually. 

If you could change anything
about the current metal scene what would it be and why?

JASON: We’re happy with how
things are at the moment. So, I don’t know what to change. 

Your most recent record
“Midnight Tornado” has been out since October 2006. Are you guys
currently writing for your next release and if so, when can we
expect hear the finished product?

NILLER: We’ve just been to
the studio recording the new album. I’m not sure when it will be released,
since we don’t have a label right now. Hopefully, it will be released
around the end of the summer or in the beginning of autumn.  

2007 has been a big year
on the touring front for As We Fight, what have
been some of the highlights?

JASON: Yeah definitely. We
were on our first Danish headliner tour, followed by a 3 week European
tour which was a lot of fun. But, also the Headbangers Ball Tour with
Sick Of It All, Mnemic and Psyke Project was awesome! 

What are the band’s plans
for 2008? After touring with established US bands like Sick Of It All, AllThat Remains and The Black Dahlia Murder, will you guys be looking to
hit the US sometime next year?

NILLER: Getting to play in
the States would be great, but I’m not sure it will happen this year.
It all depends on what label we will get with the new record. But, it
would definitely be great touring the States. 

Who are some local bands
from Denmark that you think people should check

JASON: Well there’s bands
like Dawn Of Demise. (A great Danish death metal band!)
Another band could be Invisius. (Some young guys playing Swedish inspired
metal) In the future you should check out
Destroyer boy, White Trash Rejects and Dead Icon. (Some of the other
bands we play in) 

What have been your top
5 records of 2007?

JASON: My top 5 list for 2007
would have to be: Megadeath – United Abomination, Divine Heresy – Bleed
The Fifth, Chimaira – Resurrection, Devil Driver – The Last Kind Words,
Koldborn – The Uncanny Valley.

NILLER: Mine is: Dimmu Borgir
– In Sorte Diaboli, Sixx AM – The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack, The Used
– Lies For The Liars, The Ataris – Welcome The Night, Serj Tankian –
Elect The Dead. 

If As We Fight could tour with any 3 bands, dead or alive,
who would you take on the road and why?

JASON: Megadeath, the greatest
band in the world! That’s why. 🙂 Grope, the greatest band in Denmark
ever, and of course Pantera. 😀  

Have you or any other member
of the band had any embarrassing on stage moments that you’d liketo share with us?

NILLER: There’s tons and
most of them include nudity. Haha! 😉 I have also gotten too drunk
to play a show in Italy. Oops..! 😛 

Which member of As We Fight has the worst habits on tour?

JASON: It has to be Gun for
farting 24/7, or me for drinking a bottle of vodka a day.

Hehe… Niller snores like
a walrus. 

Is there anything else you’d
like to add?

Thanks for the interview! Hopefully,
we’ll get to tour Australia very, very soon! Yeah!!! 😀

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