In Fiction

Heavily touted Adelaide five piece In Fiction are poised for a big year.

With a recently completed debut record under their belts, guitarist Josh answered the following questions for us…

Interview w/ Josh (Guitars) of
In Fiction

By Cameron Chambers 

For the record, your name and
what you do for In Fiction?

I’m Josh and I play guitar. 

If you had to describe In Fiction
to someone who’d never heard you, what would you say?

It changes all the time, but generally
it’s something along the lines of fun, energetic rock. How do you
feel about that? 

Can you give us a brief history
of the band?

Well, we started the band in early
2005 and once we played a whole heap of Adelaide shows, we started getting
out on the road and met Boomtown Records and since then the road has been home… 

Were you guys in any other
bands prior to In Fiction?

We all played in local Adelaide
bands previously and that is how most of us met each other. 

How long had the band been
around before you started getting interest from labels?

Boomtown actually displayed
interest to release our first EP before we’d ever left Adelaide as
a band and they hooked us up with our first interstate shows so they
could check us out. 

A lot of bands make a big push
to get signed early on. Was In Fiction started with any expectations
of where it could all go or were you just looking to play some shows?

When we had finished recording
our first E.P, we didn’t actually think about labels or anything as
none of us had been involved in that sort of stuff beforehand, so when
we were approached it really opened up our eyes and we thought that
we could actually do this for real. 

How did your relationship with
Boomtown come about?

Yeah, well as I said before, Jaddan at Boomtown approached us after recommendation from Josh in Behind Crimson Eyes and was interested in putting
out our Four Letter Failure EP. 

Why is Boomtown the best fit
for a band like In Fiction?

Boomtown have a great range
of bands and gave us a huge foot in the door to meet a whole heap of
people and Boomtown have worked so hard to keep the ball rolling
for In Fiction and its been a great ride so far. 

In the short time you guys
have been together you’ve achieved a lot including well received releases
and some huge tour opportunities. What have been some of the highlights,
personally and as a band?

Personal highlights would definitely
have to be touring with some great bands around the country. 

The Kisschasy tour that
we did late 2007 was really great for us and opened up a whole world
of opportunity. As a band, we have come so far learning about each other
and working together, and are about to release our debut album this
year. We have gotten through some real rough periods and to come through
them, we have really grown as people and as a band and I think it’s
really exciting. 

In Fiction are
gearing up to release your debut full length around May/June, can you
tell us a bit about how you guys approached the record? What are the
biggest differences between doing a full record and an EP?

We approached the album just like
we would with any other recording, we made sure we were prepared for
anything it through at us. We had to write 20 – 25 songs and chose
what 12 we thought would fit best together on the album. 

The amount of work that goes into
an album compared to an EP is astounding. 

Did you
have any set goals for the record?
Were there any particular sounds or ideas
that you were looking to achieve?

Not really, we just wrote the
songs we wanted to write, we didn’t set out to right a pop song, or
a heavy song. We wrote what we felt and I think that’s exactly how
it should be. We all worked hard to grow as musicians and I think we
did great in achieving that. 

How would you compare the overall
sound to your EP’s? Should we expect a stylistic change from you guys
or is it a natural progression from your past work?

I think each release has been
an awesome growth process for us. We never want to just write the same
song over and over, and I think the album has got some really great
diversity on it.  

Some sounds on the album reflect
previous EP songs but overall, I personally think our song writing is
still continuing to grow nicely and hopefully keeps on going. 

Are we going to be seeing another
video clip from you guys?

Hell yeah, doing our last clip
was so much fun putting it together. We are so amped to do more clips
for the singles on the album. We have some awesome ideas floating around
for video concepts. 

What tour plans have you got
to promote the record’s release?

We will be hitting up all around
Australia on headline tours to promote the record and we are in the
process of organising some more international supports etc… so everyone
can expect us to come to a city near them in 2008. 

Any truth to the rumour that
In Fiction have a “no drinking on tour” rule?

Hahaha I think that statement
got a bit out of control. Our first couple of tours were very hard and
in order to keep our band above water, we decided to come together and
put the bands interests first and foremost. Whether we drink or not,
I don’t see it being a huge deal. Haha  

Who are some Australian bands
that you’d like people to check out?

Nazarite Vow from our hometown
Adelaide, awesome up and coming heavy band, and also The Mission
In Motion
from Sydney are on a roll! 

Do you think beards are an
integral part of rock n roll?

Definitely, every band must have
at least one beard. 

Any last words? 

We are hitting the road all through
out the year kicking off in April, so check out our myspace for all
tour dates etc.

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