Horse The Band

Call them what you want but Horse The Band is used to being the black sheep of the music community.

With a bad reputation to live up to and a self booked world tour on the horizon vocalist Nathan “The General” answered the following questions for us…

Interview w/ Nathan (Vocals) Horse
The Band (USA)

By Cameron Chambers 



For the uninitiated, can you
please state your name and what you do in Horse The Band? 


I call myself General Baron and I do vocal things for Horse.


Why would you call yourselves Horse The Band when Sonic Death Monkey
is clearly the superior name? 

Because in the US, Sonic Death
Monkey means wet urinal. 

 If you had to compare your
band to a food group, what would it be and why? 

I would compare it to Mexican
food because we are all Mexican at heart.  

A lot of band’s have often
stated that they can’t tour Australia without massive financial backing
and a booking agent yet you guys are in the midst of independently booking
a world tour. What prompted such a massive undertaking?

We wanted to and nobody would
help us. People are such pussies.


Have your experiences with
booking agents and package tours been that bad that you thought it’d
be better if you just struck out on your own? 

No. As far as I know we still
like your booking agent, even though he probably hates us. He’s not
getting a penny from this. 

Our first couple of tours were
self booked… we just decided we had to put our foot in a door we blew
open ourselves with intellectual dynamite. 

How did you end up on the Taken
reunion shows that are happening in Japan in March of this year? 

Ray is Horse The Band’s
biggest fan. It’s weird, he sees us as some kind of artistic gods
or something. He once offered to give me his wife as a token of his
esteem. I declined because I think he’s a great guy and they are obviously
in love, so why ruin a good thing right? 

You guys have some “questionable”
notches on the proverbial belt – like pissing in a fan’s mouth on
stage – do ever sit down after a show and think you went too far? 

I’ve only gone too far once
and that was a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t even at a show. I don’t
know what’s wrong with me.


Have your off stage antics ever caused you any problems as far as
promoters not willing to have you on shows or tours? 

Yeah, the fucking hate us… just
to generalize. 

Horse The Band stick out like
dogs ball compared to the rest of the acts on Koch Records. What did
Koch offer you guys that other labels weren’t? 

A deal!


Obviously Horse The Band shares a lot of musical similarities to
other Koch acts, such as Mobb Deep and Terror Squad. When are we going
to see you on a hip hop tour? 

Probably as soon as our booking
agent Josh Kline sees a funny opening and submits us and asks
for ten thousand a night, then tells us how funny it was when the people
get mad.  

Who are some bands that you
actually enjoy playing and touring with?

Heavy Fucking Heavy Fucking Low
Fucking Low.

So Many Dynamos (perfect gentleman).

There Are Our Spiritual Counterparts.

The Fall Of Troy (nice boys).

Between The Buried And Me (even
nicer boys).

The Number Twelve Looks Like You
(we’re borrowing their drummer for this tour). 

The Nintendo-core tag is one
that’s followed you around for the better part of your career. Does
it bother you that the band’s music might get judged on everything else
you guys get up to? 

Yeah, oh well. Fuck it! 


If someone who’s never heard
your band asked to hear one song, what would you play them and why?

Murder or I think we are suffering……

Between the two I think a lot
of our dynamics are explored.


You’ll be playing a series of shows in Australian in the first 2
weeks of March. What can we expect from a Horse The Band live show? 


Intense music, raw energy and
lots of inappropriate humour.


Will you have copies of your infamous DVD available on this tour? 


I’m not sure. Probably not but
if you’re lucky you can end up on the next one. 

Why should Australian kids
go and check out Horse The Band when they could stay at home, download
your music from the internet and take photos for their MySpace profiles? 

Why would you have sex with a
woman when you could just watch Hannah Montana and fuck your
cat (ladies substitute Hannah Montana and a cat for Smallville and a dog). 

The real thing is infinitely more


Parting words? 






Check out their Australian tour
dates at: or  

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  1. KYS-Josh

    that was pretty funny.
    did you laugh during the interview hahah….you come off dry as… 😛 i know you woulda had your gruff voice on. we should start posting the audio!

  2. KYS-Cam

    ha ha, would have loved to have done this one over the phone or face to face though. Wish I kept the audio from the Underoath interview, I sound clearly un-impressed, ha ha

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