The Horrorpops

From Copenhagen to California, The Horrorpops have left a long lasting impression on anyone who’s seen them.

Armed with a new record (and another couple of years of touring to look forward to) I caught up with lead guitarist Kim Nekroman for a chat…

Interview w/ Kim Nekroman (Guitar)
of The Horrorpops

By Cameron Chambers

Thanks for your time Kim, how are
you today?

Really good thanks man.

You’re enjoying some well deserved
time off from the road at the moment yeah?

Well… yes and no. We’re actually
preparing and rehearsing for the upcoming tour and we’ve been doing
a lot of interviews also.

SoI wouldn’t say that it’s much of a vacation
right now.

Your last full length “Bring
It On” was released back in September 2005. How long did the touring
cycle for that record last?

It almost lasted all the way up to…
about a year ago actually. So when we started working on our new record
and went into the studio!

This one’s actually been recorded for
a while now. It’s kind of weird for us because the release we wanted
wasn’t quite possible. There were a lot of other bands on the label
coming out at the time we wanted and we didn’t want to drown again bands
like Bad Religion.

It’s been weird… it’s been on hold
for a long time and now we’re getting into the songs again and really
discovering themagain.

Since the release of your last album The
have really blown up in the US and Europe. What have
been some of the highlights for yourself and the rest of the band?

Obviously the… well, the fact that
we get more and more fans which gives us the opportunity to be out on
the road and do shows and tourwhich is the first… you know… when we started
out is was all about getting out there and playing shows.

Doing the albums is kind of anecessary
evil. Not that we don’t like doing them because we have to make new
songs and keep it fresh… but the fact that people dig our music is
such a great thing. It’s a very big compliment.

On top of that, we’ve toured with some
great bands, like Rancid and The Offspring. That’s kind of like a
dream come true that you tour with cool bands.

Your new record “Kiss Kiss
Kill Kill” is set to drop on February 2
but you actually started working on it in February of last year. Is
that the longest you’ve ever spent working on a release?

No, not really actually, because the
actual working process wasn’t that long. It was just, you know… it’s
been kind of on hold because we were actually done with it a year ago.
It was actually faster to record than”Bring It On” and the song writing
was quicker too!

You can only do so much to the songs.
You can try to perfect it but there has to be a point where you let
it go and move on or you’ll kill the songs. WhenI hear big bands say”oh, we’ve been in the studio for three
years” I’m like,”what the fuck are you doing all day”…”playing

I’m lucky to have heard an advance
copy of the new album and it sounds like you guys have done a great
job of mixing all the elements of your first two records to come up
with something fresh for “Kiss Kiss Kill Kill”. Did you set
out to re-capture some of your earlier, more new wave influences or
did the songs just naturally turn out that way?

It’s no secret that we’ve always been
fans of new wave, you know, the cool 80’s stuff and yeah…I guess
a lot of that came out on”Hell Yeah” but not so much on”Bring
It On”. It’s not like we sit down and plan and say, oh, this album
is supposed to be like this and this and this, just to satisfy the people
out there.

We just sit down and write and whatever
comes out, well… it comes out. It’s the only way to do it. Straight
from the heart is the only way! If we dig it and hopefully other people
do too!

A lot of bands opt for a big name
producer to guide them through the all important third album yet you
guys chose to self produce “Kiss Kiss Kill Kill”. What brought
about that decision?

I’ve been doing albums for many years
with my other bands, and working with other bands, andI’ve never quite understood the reason for
using a producer if you’re able to do it yourself.

Both me andNiedermeier (drummer) are very much
into recording and we know all that stuff. Anyway, who is better than
the band themselves to decide the expression of their music? I understand
why people use a producer because it’s not just the music… it’s a
whole work process as well.

We didn’t feel that we needed one and
the only reason you should spend a lot of money on getting a big name
producer is to get the media interested, which is a bit of a cheap trick.

The theme of the record – from the
lyrics to the artwork – is in reference to films but there’s one song
that has a far more personal message. Can you tell us a bit about the
events that inspired “Boot To Boot”?

This has been one of the few times
where Denmark
is on the big map. There’s a youth house in Copenhagen and recently there’s been
a lot of riots… which is kind of funny because whenI was a young kid, in that same house, my dad
took me to see boxing matches.

Later on that house was squatted by
kids and other young people who didn’t have a place… and a lot of
punk rockers.

This house has been in the kids possession
for 20 years now and all of a sudden the government kind of fucked it
up and gave it away to some Christian, cult like church that convinced
them that they can save all these young kids from their crazy path in
life, blah blah blah.

It went back and forth and ended up
in all these crazy riots, but it’s normally a very quiet country and
yeah, that’s the inspiration for the song.

Have you had a chance to play any
of the songs from “Kiss Kiss Kill Kill” live yet, and if so,
how has your newer material been received by your fans?

We’re not big fans of watching a band
that only plays songs that we don’t know, so we kind of have been saving
them for this tour.

It wasn’t until today that we actually
played any of the songs for an audience.

On a personal level, what are your
goals or expectations for the new record?

I certainly hope that people like it
and yeah… what canI say? I’m not a pessimist butI don’t want to shoot too high and then get
disappointed. It will hopefully do just as well as our previous albums
and hopefully it will keep us on the road and let us tour, which is
what we want to do.

Having toured with everyone from Rancid
The Offspring, The Horrorpops have successfully
proven that you can play for a diverse range of music fans. What’s the
weirdest show or line up you’ve ever been a part of?

I don’t know man. Kind of… when you
play in a band like this it doesn’t matter who you play with because
you always feel awkward or different. Feeling different is normal for
us by now. It’s not like you’re playing with a particular band who sound
more like we do coz that doesn’t really happen.

So… I don’t know. Maybe to me the
weirdest thing was the tour with Danzig that we did recently. We’re obviously
very different because of the female vocals and we have way more poppier
sounding music compared to all these macho style… which everyone knows
it’s all about not wearing a shirt and showing your muscles and being
GRRRRRRRR [does his best imitation of screamed vocals, ha ha]
and very metallic.

All the bands on the line up are metal
sounding bands and then we come in and it’s like, whoa, it’s a whole
different thing.

It seems that people are into a variation
which is cool because personally, I don’t want to see the same band all night.
I definitely don’t want to see five clones of the headliner. By the
time you see the headliner you’re like,”I’ve heard this before”.

Going back to 2006 now how was your
stint on the
Vans Warped Tour? Do you think the
exposure to that kind of crowd has had much to do with your increasing

I’d say the Warped Tour really helps. You really
get out there and there are lots of kids checking you out who’d never
see you at a local show but it’s very convenient that you’re right there
in their face.

It’s good exposure and by the way,
we’re doing all of the Warped Tour this year too!

With the release of “Kiss Kiss
Kill Kill” only a few weeks away, what touring plans do you guys

We have a little more rehearsing to
do and lots of interviews too and then we go out on a 2 month tour in
the US. After that we have festival shows in Europe and then we have
the Warped
right through summer.

Hopefully later this year we’ll be
in Japan
and Australia
as well.

Even though you guys have been
based out of LA for the last 3 years do you still get a home town styled
welcome when you play in Copenhagen?

To be in honest, the last time we were
in Copenhagen
was 3 years ago. It’s a very small town… I mean, Denmark only has a population of 6 million
people and Copenhagen
is only like 1 million people, so it’s not a big scene.

Hopefully we’ll get there early next
year or maybe later this year. It’s kind of like coming home to a family
party coz it’s all the people you’ve known forever.

That’s about all we have time for Kim,
is there anything else you’d like to say?

No mate, that’s it!

Thanks for your time mate and hopefully
we see you later on this year.

Thanks man!

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