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Having spent the better part of the year on the road, Set Your Goals are all set for their first trip to Australia as part of the 2008 Vans Boys Of Summer Tour.

Jordan took some time out of his band’s hectic schedule to chat with us…

Interview w/ Jordan Brown (Vocals)
of Set Your Goals

By Cameron Chambers



How are you man? 

Yeah good thanks Cameron. How
are you? 

Yeah, great mate.
Are you guys off tour at the moment? 

Yes we are. We’ve actually
been home for a couple of months now so we’ve just been working on
some songs and just taking a break from tour. 

What else has been keeping
you busy? 

We just shot a video for our
song “Echoes” which has been a year in the making! We worked in
conjunction with the music foundation to fund raise along with our tee
shirt design and it turned out great! It was a benefit to their organization
and our video! 

It’s been a pretty crazy
year for the band, what have been some of the highlights?

The highlights have definitely
been the Warped Tour this summer, which was awesome! We also
did a couple of months in Europe with our friends No Trigger!
It was our first real out of the US experiences but really, we’ve
done so much cool stuff! 

We also got to do a local show
with Lifetime which actually kicked off our year but overall,
the amount of touring we’ve done this year has been great! 

Touring with New Found Glory and Paramore must’ve been a fair step
as far as venue sizes etc… Did you guys approach those shows any differently
to a regular
Set Your Goals gig? 

We pretty much wanted to play
more… well, a lot of the people on the Paramore tour hadn’t heard the band before, so we wanted to show them what
we’re all about but at the same time, we wanted to show our old fans
that we really appreciate them coming out and supporting us!  

Our long term fans really help
us to get other people into it. There’s a lot of crowd interaction
and we had a lot of time to tell the audience what the band and the
tour is all about and hopefully we were able to get some more people
into the band!  

Eulogy Records is
known for churning out bands that lean towards the heavier end of the
musical spectrum. What made you guys sign with them as opposed to going
with a more pop punk friendly label? 

I think it’s because we were
so rooted in the hardcore scene as far as all our contacts and friends
etc… It was just the right fit for us at the time.  

We hadn’t gained much interest
from many pop punk labels at the time so I guess that was the main thing.  

you guys still get to play with heavier bands or have you found that
your increasing popularity means you’re touring with groups who
are more similar to yourselves? 

I think we’re always able
to go back and forth and play all kinds of shows. Recently we’ve been
playing with our friends Daggermouth and they’re pretty similar…
they’re a melodic hardcore band in the vein of Lifetime and The Movielife. 

We did a Less Than Jake tour last fall and then we went straight into a tour with Terror!
We love doing stuff like that… we like being able to tour with so
many different bands! 

We try and pursue every tour
offer that we get… every once in a while we have to turn tours down
but it’s never been because the band didn’t sound like us or anything
like that.  

“Mutiny” has been out
since August 2006, when can we expect a new
Set Your Goals record? 

Hopefully we’ll have it done
by the fall of 2008. We’re doing Warped Tour this summer so
we’re hoping to record a bit before we leave for that so we’ll have
some songs ready for the tour! 

But yeah, we’re hoping the
record will be done by fall 2008.  

Are the new songs in a similar
vein to “Mutiny” or are you expanding your sound a little bit? 

Well, the more hardcore songs
will be more hardcore and the pop punk tracks will be more pop punk!
It definitely sounds like Set Your Goals but we’ll step the
lyrics up. 

I feel like the last two years
has been the busiest two years of my life so we’ve got plenty to write

Will Eulogy be releasing your next album? 

As of right now, yes. We met
with them a couple of months ago and we’re working out a few things.
Our relationship went really sour with them but right now things are

They’re signing a new distribution
deal which will make the record more accessible because I know people
have had a lot of trouble finding it.  

You don’t have to answer
this if you don’t want to, but it seems as though a lot of bands don’t
have many positive things to say about Eulogy. Care to comment on that?  

Yeah, I’m more than happy
to talk about that, ha ha. 

Ha ha, go for it man.  

That label has had its ups
and downs with the entire roster… I don’t think that they were aware
of what they were getting in to when they signed so many bands. 

Bands want to have a place…
every band wants and deserves their own attention and sometimes the
label can’t cater to that. For example, On Broken Wings asked for tour support when Set Your Goals signed and the label said they couldn’t do it because they were pumping
their money into Set Your Goals… which isn’t fair for anyone! 

They definitely like putting
the blame onto someone else…  

In a couple of weeks you
guys will be kicking off your first Australian tour with Silverstein.
What can we expect from a
Set Your Goals show? 

Lots of intensity and interaction!
Anyone that’s familiar with our EP or our record should come and sing-a-long
and come up front! I don’t know if the venues have barriers but just
pretend that it’s not there. 

We’re out there with you

The Boys Of Summer Tour has a really diverse line up, have you had
to deal with winning over potentially un-interested crowds before? 

We have actually. We did the Anti Flag tour this spring… and everyone on the tour was so great
but there were a few nights where you’d be getting the middle finger
and people saying “what’s this pop bullshit”? 

We actually covered an Operation
Ivy song on that tour and I swear to God… every kid who heckled
would walk away during that song, and we were like “before you call
us out, how bout you explore your roots”, ha ha? 

Are you familiar with much
Australian music? 

I’m actually not, but I’m
looking forward to finding out about it and seeing what your whole scene
is like down there! 

After months of build up
your video for “Echoes” was shot over the weekend. Are you happy
with how the shoot turned out and are you able to tell us anything about
the clip itself? 

Yeah, for sure man! I’d love
to talk about it! Can I give you a website address? 

Go for it man. 

It’s www.sjkimphotography.comechoes and if you go there you’ll be able
to see the production stills from the second day of shooting. There’s
heaps of crew shows man… everyone who worked on the video didn’t
pocket a cent either! 

They were either students or
people who really believed in the song and the band. It was such a cool
bonding experience because it’s a very personal song about death and
what you go through when you lose someone close to you.  

As for the video itself, there
are people who are trapped in rooms and they don’t know how they got
there. They’re scared and they are tearing away the walls and they
see news print… we cut out actual obituaries for that part, and then
the people realize that they’ve passed on.  

Then they accept it and move
on and that’s kind of symbolic of what you’d go through when someone

The final are the band in the
performance room and there’s this really bright light at the end of
the tunnel and it’s getting closer to the room. Finally, the big,
white light fills the room and it ends the video. 

It’s a really stylistic take
on the whole process and we actually got our family and friends to hold
up pictures of real people so we got some really cool shots! 

The funds for the clip were
raised by a special one off merch design that you guys have been selling
Merchnow. That’s a pretty unique way to pay for a video,
who came up with the idea? 

It was actually the entire
band man. This film company sent us an email saying they wanted to work
with us but unfortunately our label wouldn’t give us any money for
another video. 

So we sat down and said we
should have a band bake sale as a form of raising money, ha ha. We tossed
around a few ideas and decided that we wanted to give some of the money
to charity… something like the Cancer Research Foundation or
something that was close to our families. 

It was Mikey’s idea and it
just took off from there! 

What have been your top
5 records for 2007? 

I’ve got a few but I’d
say my top records were: 

Crime In Stereo –
Is Dead… which came out on Bridge Nine records.  

Ambitions – Neon Lights. 

The Starting
Line’s new record… we did a tour with them in the fall and I’m
loving that record! 

Katie Tunstall’s record
just for something different and I’ll have to plug the new Saves
The Day record.  

If you could take any 3
bands on tour with
Set Your Goals, who would it be and why? 

Right now… it’s tough to
narrow it down to three.  

A band from Detroit called Fireworks. They’re really good friends of ours and they’re approaching
it the right way… just getting on tour and connecting with fans! 

2*Sweet from Chicago…
I think it’s the name of a WWF wrestler, ha ha. Check them out at They’re also in our top friends
on our MySpace page.  

That about wraps it up Jordan,
is there anything else you’d like to say? 

Uh, nope. Thanks for plugging
the “Echoes” video man. This is the first interview where anyone
really knew what was going on with the video, so we really appreciate

No worries mate, I’ll
be seeing you in Melbourne. 

For more info on Set Your Goals go to or SYG are currently on the Vans Boys Of Summer Tour which is touring Australia as we speak.

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