Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon are a band who polarize opinion from music fans. People either love them or hate them… I mean really hate them!

Vocalist and public enemy number one Ollie spoke with us about Slipknot covers, how important good hair is to a metal band and Aussie metal abroad…

Interview w/ Ollie (vocals) of
Bring Me The Horizon.

By Cameron Chambers.

For the record, your name and what you do in
“Bring Me The Horizon”…

names Oliver Sykes and I’m the vocalist for Bring Me The Horizon.

You guys haven’t really had much press here
in Australia
– tell us a bit about how “Bring Me The Horizon” came together…

that case thank you for being one of the first websites to interview us! This
band came together the way most bands probably do – one kid knows another kid
at school who knows another kid and they all get together to make some music,
which of course was terrible at first, but at some point got better, (although
that’s a matter of opinion). We started playing shows, and kids started
noticing us. We started to form a little underground fan base, which labels
started noticing, we got a deal and the rest is history!

2007 has been a pretty heavy year for you
guys on the tour front – what were some of the highlights?

all highlights! Any time we are on the road is great. To see so much of America was amazing (we was there 3 months!) we
have been places like Italy, which was amazing- but I’m sure one of the
highlights is going to be playing Australia, with bloody Megadeth!

You also ventured outside of Europe for the first time this year. Was it humbling to
have to start from scratch again and try and work your way up the bill?

No it
was great. We love the feeling of winning new fans… its like a challenge. It
gets boring if you play to your fans over and over again, your not really going
to get anywhere like that. And man did we have a tough time winning fans. It
was with Killswitch Engage, a lot of the time we got stuff thrown at us, booed,
they hated us! Saying that – it was mostly the U.K Killswitch crowds that hated
us. We did really well in Europe, winning a
lot of people over.

How did the overseas crowds react to you guys
and what’s the biggest difference between shows in the US and the UK?

was crazy. We got there with not a clue what to expect – we started playing,
within seconds kids were on stage, the pits were huge, everyone was singing
along – it was insane, I remember being really taken aback, I had the hugest
smile on my face!

“Count Your Blessings” was released in
October 2006 but it’s only recently that the record has become widely available
down here – how far along are you with writing for the next record and when can
we expect to hear it?

are working on it right now. We are hoping to get it out for summer 2008, so keep
your eyes and ears peeled! We are going to be taking a big break from touring
in early 2008 to get this album wrote. And its going to be quite different too!
I wont spoil anything though!

You actually toured with the now defunct “I
Killed The Prom Queen” earlier this year – was that your first exposure to Australian
heavy music?

think it may of been yes. PQ were the best guys ever, we fucking loved them. They
were also, a great, great band. Their live performance was intense, I watched
them nearly every night.

How did Prom Queen go down with the UK

They did so well, which is a shame because they split up. They would of been
huge over here. It was so cool though, that was the best tour of my life.

The songs on “Count Your Blessings” had a
noticeable European influence compared to the more discordant nature of your
debut EP – what should fans expect on your new record?

different for sure! I’m not sure if we ourselves know what its going to sound
like – but its going to be different. Everyone’s saying metalcore is dead and
there probably right, and I feel its our job to try and breathe life into it.

I think it’s safe to say that you’ve
conquered the UK – have
Earache signed on to release your next record so you can focus on the US
market a little more?

you very much! Our cds have been released through Earache, and we may be releasing
our next cd with them too, but that is all in talks right now. But yes, we will
be trying to what every UK
band does at some point, break America!

Will your cover of Slipknot’s “Eyeless” see
an official release at any point, or was that purely for the Kerrang! CD?

no it was purely just for the Kerrang! cd. I don’t think Slipknot fans would
let us live if we were to take it any further. 

Do know if any of the members of Slipknot
have heard your cover and if so, what was their reaction like?

have no idea, I never heard any feedback! I would like to know what the clown
thought haha!

The artwork on “Count Your Blessings” is
really impressive man, do you get much down time to take on any other design

again, to be honest I love to design, but I don’t have much time, the only
stuff I still design is stuff for my clothing company Drop Dead. Maybe in the
future ill have more time to do more stuff like that.

Your label “Drop Dead Clothing” seems to be
gathering a lot of momentum – was that something that was in the works prior to
“Bring Me The Horizon” or was it a bi-product of the band’s success?

came about the same time as Bring Me The Horizon. I quit college to focus on Bring
Me The Horizon right when we started, I had a lot faith in it. I started the
clothing company in hopes it would pay the bills while I focused on Bring Me
The Horizon. Just so happened that it worked! I won’t deny that the bands
success must of helped with sales of my clothing, but I didn’t know this at
first and hoped to make a fast buck – I really love what I do with Drop Dead,
just as much as I love the band.

That wraps it up man, any final words? 

g’day mate ! xx

can catch Bring Me The Horizon on the behemoth that is Gigantour, or see them
at their two sideshows in Melbourne & Sydney. Check out for more details.

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  1. Quarantine

    yeah i read that, he seems kinda boring not a lot of depth i dunno maybs its just me lol.
    but he does seem nice
    will be interesting to see how the aussie crowds take em:D
    and if there shows do well

  2. MissedChances

    cam what did he acutually sound like over the phone or in person? he seems very down to earth in that interview and as people said had pretty decent answers without goin over board but still name dropping.

  3. KittyFox

    oli was amazing when i saw him play in wyong funny as 🙂
    they are amazing live.
    truely amazing their new song is a bit hardcorish. :S
    like ” we will never sleep , sleep is for the week.
    we will never rest til we re all fucking dead.
    sounds swwet though.

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