Cephalic Carnage

Having spent more than a decade laying waste to American and European audiences, Cephalic Carnage is gearing up to hit Australia with The Black Dahlia Murder.

Vocalist Leonard caught up for a chat…

Interview w/ Leonard Leal (vocals)
of Cephalic Carnage

By Cameron Chambers



We’re grateful for your time
today man, thanks a lot.

That’s alright man, I’m just
eating some food, ha ha. 

We’ll get the formalities
out of the way – name, what you do in Cephalic Carnage and your favourite
pre show drink?

I’m Leonard but you can call
me Len and I sing… or try to sing for Cephalic Carnage. 

My favourite pre show drink did
you say? 


Yeah man. 

It would be a sweaty pussy.  


What exactly goes into a sweaty
pussy, ha ha?


It sounds like a pussy drink so
it’s got Bailey’s in it, you know, some Irish cream and some Schnapps
and plenty of ice. It’s a subtle drink so it doesn’t kick your ass
right away like Jager. It’s good to drink. 


Where are you calling from
at the moment?

Denver, Colorado in the United

have you been doing with your time off the road?

Just relaxing man. Doing some
work around my house and pruning things, ha ha. Nothing apart from that.  

Xenosapien was released in
May this year, are you happy with the reaction the record has received
so far?

Oh yeah, it’s pretty sick man.
We’ve been blown away by the response. We thought people would dig
it but they’re really digging it! 

You guys have been together
for more than a decade – do you have a set way in which you write
and record your albums or is there still room for experimentation record
to record?

Well, there’s more experimentation
going on now because we bought our own studio. It’s like we were doing
a death metal Queen record, ha ha. It’s the same thing for the
most part. We had 4 months to write and record the album so that’s
what we did so you guys can listen to Xenosapien… a record of science
fiction anthems! 

Tell us a bit about the writing
and recording process for Xenosapien?

Umm, it was just 4 to 5 months
of constantly working, practicing, writing stuff and then going back
and forth with everyone else in the band… while at the same time building
the studio! 

There was no time in the day for
anything else. We lived and breathed the record for that time man. During
the recording Colorado got him with a huge storm… we had something
like 3 feet of snow for 60 days!  

It was hard to get all the things
we needed to record how we wanted so it was a challenging time. Once
we started we were just like, hurry up, hurry up, we need to
get this record out to people! It was just brutal! 

What touring have guys done
so far this year in support of the record?

We went over to Europe right when
it came out. Then we came back to he US and did a 6 week tour called
the Summer Slaughter. It had 9 bands like Necrophagist, Cattle Decapitation
and Decapitated as well as some up and coming US and Canadian bands.
It was a killer tour! 

After that we came home for a
few days and then we hit the east coast and Canada with The Red Chord,
Between The Buried And Me and The End. By this time we’d been on the
road for 4 months so now we’re home and I can just hang out and relax
with my cat.

Touring a foreign country for
the first time can be difficult but you guys are really lucky that you’re
heading down here with The Black Dahlia Murder
– how did the tour come about?

People at some place called Soundworks
like us and yeah, I dunno, we got a call asking to us to do some shows
with The Black Dahlia Murder… so we said fuck yeah! 

Anytime we can go anywhere down
there we’re excited. We’d tour with Milli Vanilli for all we care…
we just want to tour! 

What are you looking forward
to most from the Australian shows?

Just meeting some cool new people
like any other tour. Meeting the fans that are into your music and just
hanging out with them and seeing what’s going on in their mind man. 

The Black Dahlia Murder has
a reputation as a party band – so who’s going to cause more trouble,
you guys or them?

We will try and rival them. We
might not cause more trouble than then but hopefully just as

Are you familiar with much
Australian music?

To a certain extent. There’s
more black metal bands down there as far as I know. We’ve played with
a band called Sons Of Azrael, but I’m not sure if they’re from Australia
or New Zealand. Either way they were a cool band. 

I’m a big fan of Hobbs Angel
Of Death though! 

I had to squeeze this in man.
My friend Rob’s band is opening for you guys on the Melbourne leg
of the tour and he’s a huge fan,
so if you get the chance, check out The Abandonment!

Well, just tell him to bring some
weed and some beers and that’ll help out. That’ll make me the biggest
fan of them man… I’ll be in the front row for sure, ha ha! 

What are your top 3 metal records
of 2007 (so far)?

This year? Shoot, that’s a hard
question. There’s been so many good records this year. Man, I dunno…
it could take 40 hours to think of this! 

I really like the new Dying Fetus
record War Of Attrition. I’m going to say stuff that came out on Relapse.
The new Man Must Die is sick and then I’d probably have to say the
new Queens Of The Stone Age Record. Yeah, that might work. 

The video you did for
“Endless Cycle Of Violence” looks great man
– who came up with treatment for the clip?

Um, it was this guy named Darren
Doane. He produced the video and came up with the idea based off the
lyrics. He just said let’s get some people going crazy. That’s basically

What’s in store for Cephalic
Carnage once the Australian tour is wrapped up?

Well, right before we come to
Australia we’re hitting Mexico sitting for some shows there. Then
3 days after that we’re coming to Australia and then as soon as we
get home we drive half way across the US to tour with Dying Fetus right
through until December. 

After that we have a 2 month break
and then we hit Europe with Decapitated! 

I saw them with Nile a few
months ago and they were easily the best death metal band I’ve seen.

Yeah man. We did 6 gigs with Decapitated
this year and it was fun man! 

That’s about it man, any
last words?

Cheers. Um, Steve Hughes rules,
smoke weed, grind out, listen to Cephalic Carnage and support your local
metal web fan zines! 

Ha ha, thanks a lot man. 

No worries Cam. You take care
and we’ll see you in… what city are you in? 


Melbourne it is! We’ll see you
there man!



Cephalic Carnage‘s fifth studio album ‘Xenosapien‘ is out now through Relapse/Riot Records.
Check out Cephalic Carnage on
their upcoming tour with The Black Dahlia Murder or hit: http://www.myspace.com/cephaliccarnage.

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