When she’s not busy hanging out with Dawson at his creek, Lisa plays keyboards and sings in Melbourne pop punk powerhouse Capeside.

Lisa got rid of Dawson long enough for us to ask her these questions…

Interview w/ Lisa (keyboards/vocals)
of “Capeside”

By Cameron Chambers

Name, what you do in Capeside
and your favourite 80’s movie?

Hi, I’m Lisa. My role in Capeside
is to occasionally bring baked goods, raise the overall standard of
personal hygiene, get way too excited about everything we do and pull
amazing shapes. 

No decade can match the cinematic
brilliance of the 80’s.

In a nutshell – It’s all about
the Coreys in The Lost Boys, Ferris was my hero and anything created
by John Hughes = genius. 

If you were the star of a cheesy
teen drama who would you be – the school’s bitchy queen bee OR the nice girl who emerges victorious in the final episode?

Have you been reading my diary?
And by that I mean I have never thought about that scenario at all…ever.  

I don’t think I’d be either
of the above – I’ve got ‘wacky sidekick’ written all over me.
The weird kid who pops us every now and then to offer some kind of comic
relief (generally at the expense of themselves) when the story line
is beginning to falter. 

Jokes aside, tell us how Capeside
got together…

Leigh, Simo and I were all working
together when, feeling a need to further inflate his ego one afternoon,
Simo decided to show leigh that he had more to offer than just rock
hard abs and two tickets to the gun show. Leigh loved what Simo’s
pipes could do and so the Capeside journey began… 

I’d been busting out some tunes
of the acoustic variety with Leigh for a while, so he asked me to join
them and lift their game. About 5 months later, we decided to put an
end to his begging and let Cripps in.  

A particularly well executed pickup
at East Brunswick Club ended with Cripps number closing on Doobes.
The final spot went to the man who survived our harsh initiation process
(comprising of a series of tasks each more humiliating, terrifying and
soul crushing than the last) – that man was Benny Chong. 

Did you think Capeside would
progress as quickly as it has or did you
know something special was happening early on in the piece?

To be completely honest, there
was a time when I thought Capeside wasn’t going to happen at all.
Things moved very slowly in the beginning, however, this all
changed once we acquired a full band – everything just clicked. 

I’m still surprised it’s
actually happening. 

Not a lot of male models are
in successful bands, but Luke Cripps is in two! What do you think his
secret is?

He has such a versatile look,
he delivers on every single challenge, always has a great attitude and
has no qualms offering sexual favours to those in positions of power…and
that is why he is still in the running to become Australia’s next
top model. 

Thanks to some of your members
previous musical endeavours (The Getaway Plan and Horsell Common) Capeside
has become quite the buzz band in a really short period of time. Do
you have anything to say to the people who preach about
“paying your dues”?

Don’t hate the player, hate
the game.  

No, honestly I am so grateful
for all of this. Trust me, I realise we are very lucky to have gotten
where we’re at this quickly. However, if you do the math (I also recommend
the creation of a pie chart), more than half the band has been rocking
it out for a really long time, so they deserve a little somethin’
somethin’. Myself and Simo on the other hand… 

…did I mention I make cupcakes? 

What’s the writing process
like for you guys? Is there a dominant song writer in the group or is
it more of a collective effort?

Cripps likes to think he comes
up with the hits, but we don’t call him b-track for nothing – you
know what I’m saying?  

Generally we get to practice,
ask if anyone has any sweet riffs to bring to the table, then just jam
on it as a group and hope that what emerges at the end is pure, dance
inducing, gold.  

Was there a sound you guys
were aiming for when putting the band together or did the songs just
turn out this way?

They just came out this cheesy
I swear! 

What do you think is more important…
good hair or good riffs?

Hopefully neither is crucial,
or we could be in some trouble. 

You were lucky enough to land
the support slot for the Sydney and Melbourne leg of the Gym Class Heroes
(USA) tour – how did the hip hop fans respond to Capeside?

I was definitely a little apprehensive
about how we’d fare at the GC shows. Turns out my concerns were unwarranted
as the crowds knew I was straight up gangsta from the word go (possibly
due to the brass knuckles I had hanging from my neck on a chain) so
we got much respect. 

Given that you guys don’t have keytars – how did you go down with the crowd when
you opened for Hellogoodbye?

I don’t have a keytar yet – the day will come.  

I was so beyond excited for these
shows (the boys can attest that I nearly began hyperventilating when
I found out we got the support). The underage HG show remains my favourite
of all the shows we have played thus far. The response from the crowd
was amazing – I couldn’t believe it! We were asked to sign people’s
pants Cam – THEIR PANTS!!!  

Considering the quality of
the Capeside demo, are you guys in a hurry to get into the studio and
knock out an EP or full length?

We are all really keen to get
something tangible out there, but you know money is always a factor
in how quickly these things can come to fruition. That being said, we’re
hoping to start recording in December – I can’t wait!! 

Apart from your national slot
on the “Birds Of Tokyo” tour, what else is in store for you guys
this year?

Once I calm down from the reality
of actually getting to play the HiFi (I can’t believe it!!) we’ll
be getting stuck into writing some new tracks with, as I mentioned earlier,
the view to get into the studio in December.  

Horsell are pretty flat out in
November so that will be a fairly quiet time for us, however, we’re
still looking to do a few more shows before the year is out. Also, January
is going to see us hitting the road again – keep an eye out! 

Who gets more fan mail, you
or Cripps?

Neither. It’s all about Doobes!
He loves the people and the people love him. 

Who are some local bands that
you’re digging at the moment… and please don’t say MDK?!

Who???…Just kidding, relax Jared. 

* Horsell (obvious, I know)

* Responder

* Rex Banner

* Magentaline

* The Sundance Kids

* MDK…?? 

Buy their CD’s!!!! 

If you could bring any band
on tour with Capeside, who would it be and why?

Very hard question, though I can
pretty much assure you MDK wouldn’t make the cut. 

Seriously though, touring is all
about good times so I’d pretty much love to hit the road with any
band that is down to earth, fun and knows their way around a good hug. 

…priority would go to bands
that have a member who is worse than me at poker. 

When Capeside sign a million
dollar major label deal, can you buy Jarule and I a bottle of whiskey

You’ve gone wrong in your mind

Any parting words Lisa? 

If you are underage and in the
Ballarat area on Saturday 21st  September head down to 21 Arms for dancing, hugs and a whole lot of

After that you can check us out
on tour with Birds of Tokyo in October, good times will be had – dates
up on our space. 

This has been fun! 


For more info on Capeside check

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