When he’s not busy setting the world record for Nintendo Wii Bowling, Killyourstereo’s own Jarule plays in Melbourne punk band MDK.

Read on to see what one the most washed up dude’s in Melbourne has to say about… well, anything he feels like.

Interview w/ Jared of MDK.

By Cameron Chambers. 

Good morning Jared, are you nursing a hangover today? 

I’m actually ok today (believe it or not). No
drinking last night, but how’s this to start the week – on Monday night
Amy made Josh and I dinner and a massive glass of vodka mixed with god
knows what. Yep, great start to the week.  

For those that aren’t in the know, what’s MDK all about? 

MDK is about working hard and having a good time. We
pride ourselves on the whole DIY thing (only because Bob Sony won’t
sign us).  It’s a pretty good feeling knowing you can accomplish things
without the aid of a massive record label and a big budget.   

Either that or how many beer bongs our guitarist Scotty consumed in the course of one night. Dear god how is he still alive!?  


Is it true that your vocalist Gaz was on the shortlist to become the purple wiggle? 

No, but he did roadie for Metallica in the 80’s. And by Roadie I mean he was Lars’ boy toy. Ewww.  


MDK just released their debut EP, “Front Lines, Dark Times”, tell us a bit about the record, the recording process etc… 

Where do I start!? We had only ever done demos, so
this was our first proper release. We decided to get someone we already
knew (Sam Johnson) in to do the EP.  He mixes us live usually and has
worked with DW Norton – so he definitely knows what he is doing. We
tracked the EP here in Melbourne during Feb and spent the weekend in
Rye at Backbeach Studios mixing it.  

It was fun, but pretty draining at the same time.
Not just on the bank account, but on the mind. Between organising all
that stuff, the artwork and all the other fun things that go into it we
were left pretty dead. I had a headache for about 6 months I reckon
haha. Either that or it’s a tumor!  Yeah yeah, it’s not a tumour.  

In saying that, once it was all pressed and printed I reckon it was worth it.  We are really happy with the finished product.  

You guys were lucky enough to get Identity Theft to play your launch show – how’d that come about? 

I’m pretty sure Gaz did some things that he’s not so proud of.  

How has the response been to the EP so far?

Really good actually – all 10 people that bought it
love it! No, we have had a great response actually. So it’s cool that
people dig it!  

What touring plans have you guys got in the works? 

We have a couple interstate shows in August and are organizing some more for October so yeah, hopefully it all works out.
It will be our first time out of Melbourne!  


Why do you think so many kids under the age of 18 are keen to “boof” you? 

No way am I even dignifying this one with an answer!  


If you could assemble your dream tour, who would be on it and why? 

Oh that’s a tricky one. You know what, I reckon it
would just have all my friends’ bands on it. There is nothing better
than playing and partying with bands you know! 

So I reckon I would throw on Rex Banner, Exit
Wounds, Magentaline, BCE, None The Wiser & Rise Against to up the
numbers. Oh and any washed up band you are in Cam.  

Plus we would travel with a massive boxing ring/bar and just get it going while slugging it out every goddamn night.  


Who would win a fight between you and Dave Mustaine? 

I’ve been thinking long and hard about this, and I
reckon I could take him. I’m not known for my fighting skills – but I
seriously reckon I would be in with a chance. One mention of Metallica
would have him in tears and then SMACK! Right in the nuts! Then I would
ask for a photo and an autograph to go next to my framed photo of me
and Devin Townsend.  

You and Kelly (Rex Banner) have a healthy admiration for each other, care to elaborate on that? 

Does admiration mean you are intimate with each other? Because the answer is yes. Whatever the hell the question was!  

Who are some Australian bands that people should be checking (if they aren’t already)? 

Come on guys. Here is the hot list right now: 

The Quickening

Rex Banner


None The Wiser

Cry Scarlett

Stand Defiant

Worms Of The Earth (Village People cover-band)

Stolen Youth  


What do you like about the Australian punk/hardcore scene? 

That everyone acts like they are in high school. Well done guys.  


There is your chance to preach – what’s wrong with the Australian music scene? 



Your stranded on a desert island for 50 years and can only take 5 records with you – what would they be? 

I would take 5 copies of Strapping Young Lad’s
“City”. Imagine if I lost the other 4!!!! I would be shattered I didn’t
take 5 copies!  


What are the benefits of living with members of
“Behind Crimson Eyes” – I heard Josh has the lovely ladies from “Dallas
Bar” on speed dial?

Benefits? Speed dial? Where do you come up with this
crap!? It’s like living with the Brady Bunch. We all get along and we
all have sex with each other behind everyone’s back.  

Any final words? 

Everyone should go and buy our EP. You can get it from or Indie stores and its only $10. Seriously, you can’t even buy lunch for that kind of money anymore! Truth! 


For more information on MDK, check out: 

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  1. gazbola

    So many in jokes.

    I’ll have you know i was no ones boy toy…. it was a meaningful relationship. I lost everything in the divorce!

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