Deez Nuts

With Prom Queen dead and buried, JJ Peters has turned his focus to a new musical venture. Who knows, if you lighten up and remember music is supposed to be fun you might even like it!?

Interview w/ JJ from
“Deez Nuts” by Cameron Chambers

Tuesday July 3rd



Name, what you do in the band
and your favourite drink?

JJ Peters – everything – Old English

“Deez Nuts” sounds nothing
like Prom Queen – was it time for a change or is this style something
you’ve been looking at doing for
a while?

To be honest I wasn’t making
a conscious effort to sound like one thing or another. I just played
around with some riffs and lyrical ideas and when it turned in to this
I was like fuck it, – that sounds like fun, lets record that!  

Plus I’ve always listened to
more hip hop and hardcore then I have anything else so the vibe of this
makes sense to me. 

Tell us a bit about the demo
– how you wrote the material without other members, how you recorded
it etc…

Well the weird thing is I wrote
all the songs on an acoustic. I would write riffs and record them on
to my phone and then play that back and scribble down lines till I had
something to work with. That was it really writing wise.  

Being a drummer I just wrote that
shit in my head and laid it in the studio. I played the guitar to a
click track then dropped the drums over the top, then more guitar, bass
and then vox. It was a lot of fun actually.  

Did the two demo/MySpace tracks
in one day! 

Are you
surprised with the response that the demo has received so far?

Yeah totally, I just recorded
these songs because I thought it would be fun and id always wanted to
do a solo thing just to see if I could. I actually thought it would
turn out terrible but I wanted to have a crack anyway. 

Given your previous band’s
popularity, does it bother you that some kids might be listening to
“Deez Nuts” based on your history, rather than judging the demo

on its merits? 

Yeah I had thought about that
and that’s why the first two weeks the DN MySpace was up I didn’t
have anything on the page to link it to me or anyone for that matter. 

.I knew that was the only way
to get an honest and unbiased response from kids and it was a positive
one. Once I attached my name to the project and put it out there to
prom fans most of them think it sucks because it’s not prom and a
lot of them message me letting me know that, haha.  

If there is any kids that support
something I do just because I was in IKTPQ I don’t have a problem
with that anyway cause that’s a loyalty I earned from over 7 years
of doin prom.  

I’ll take what I can get. 

Your first show is at the Melbourne
leg of the “Sike Your Mind” tour
– are you going to be drumming or singing for that show and who’s
going to be filling out the remaining positions in the band?

Ill be singing. My all star line
up is not yet ready to be announced…. 

Is your band with Joel (Hitlist)
and Stu (Picture The End) still going ahead?

Haha yeah it is. How the hell
did you know about that? 

Your promo photos look pretty
smooth man – does 50 Cent know you stole his ride?

Haha thanks. If you mean the ones
on the DN MySpace they’re not the promos, they’re just snap shots
from the day of the photos. The real ones are legit, taken by Hartley
photography. And you don’t need to steal 50’s wheels when you’re
tight with FTM. 


You’re going to be releasing
an EP through Stomp later this year
– what can we expect from the record?

Well it’s already been recorded
and you can expect a party, a lot of cursing, bangin beats, a few laughs
and guest vocals from Joel (HITLIST)  Ben (DAY OF CONTEMPT) 
and Andrew (COMEBACK KID). 

Will we be seeing a full time
line-up in the near future so “Deez Nuts” can hit the road?

Well, it’s always going to remain
a solo thing as far as writing and recording goes cause I like it that
way. As for touring I plan to tour as much as I can and I will get a
different line up every tour so it’s new and fresh every time. Keep
it a party. Plus I want to involve as many of my friends as possible.  

Based on
“Deez Nuts” rapidly growing popularity, should we be expecting kids
to trade in their tight jeans and hair straighteners for grills and
low riders?

Haha who knows, maybe they can
rock both?  


Maybe I’ve missed the point,
but is the aim of this band to get people to chill the fuck out and
just enjoy the music?

No you haven’t and yes it is.
That’s what I’m doin with it. I’m just lookin to have fun and
hopefully other people can get siked on it and have some fun to. 

You mentioned on your MySpace
page that you’re going to be doing hoodies and bandanas
– are kids going to be able to buy
“Deez Nuts” brand blunts as well?

I can only hope… 

Do I get a discount on a dimebag
if I buy a tee shirt?

Fuck yeah you do…. 

What else have
“Deez Nuts” got planned for 2007?

Takin over the world one hood
at a time.  

Thanks for your time man. 

No problem. Peace.

For more info and mp3’s check out: 

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  1. KYS-Cam

    the dude has been into this shit for as long as i can remember so i personally don’t think he’s exploiting anything. feel free to drop him an email though, he seems to enjoy the hate mail.

  2. KYS-Josh

    yeah…josef is a fucking rad dude. as long as i’ve known him he has been into that shit….and that gangsta image thing has been going on for ages in the mainstream. its not as if 50 just got big now is it?

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