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Our very own Blunt mag free lance reporter LL along with his very colourful hair talks to Guitarist and Backup Vocalist from Amber Pacific, Will Nutter.

Give us a brief rundown
on the history of Amber Pacific to this date?

I started the band as a 3 piece
which turned into 4 then 5 and really became Amber Pacific our senior
year of high school 2002-2003. 

Where did you get the name

We were formerly known as Follow
Through only to find out that another Follow Through existed on the
east coast thus the name change which has absolutely no meaning whatsoever. 

Your new album
“Truth in Sincerity” has made a great impact on the Billboard Charts
in it’s opening week. Were you guys stoked with the response?

Of course! We were really hoping
to hit around 10K first week and that’s exactly what we did so we
were pretty pleased with that. 

Mike from MxPx does a guest
appearance on one of the new tracks. How did you hook that up?

Dango had gotten the opportunity
to play with MxPx during one of the Warped Tour dates awhile back and
kept a solid relationship between himself and the band. I wrote the
song Runaway with Mike’s voice in mind and I’m glad he agreed to
come out and do it. 

What are some of the bands
and artists that have influenced Amber the most?

I’ve always said different
bands for this question but I’ve now decided that if it weren’t
for Blink 182 Amber Pacific wouldn’t exist. 

Who is your favourite band
to tour with, and if you could tour with any band who would it be?

For now our favorite band to
tour with has been Just Surrender though Monty Are I were a close second.
If we could tour with any band I’d love to go out with Simple Plan

Of all the things that Amber
have achieved, what are some of the things you are most proud of?

The one thing I am most proud
of is when we got to work with the Make A Wish Foundation last summer
at the Gorge for Warped Tour. A girl named Ashley had a wish that she
could hang out with Amber Pacific for a day and we were lucky enough
to make that wish come true. We hooked her up with a ton of merch and
brought her on stage for her favorite song “Gone So Young”. We’ve
kept in touch with her ever since but I think that has been single handedly
the best moment to date.  


Drink: Coca Cola Classic

Actor: Tom Hanks

Basketball Team: Chicago
Bulls of 90’s

City: Seattle

TV Show: Deal or No
Deal – haha!

Band: Blink 182 

When are you gracing Australian

Have no idea! We really want
to get out and start exploring other countries at the end of the year
when no one is touring in the US so hopefully then. 

Thanks for the interview! Short
but sweet.  

Ps. Great album.

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  1. thelastthing

    Just got their first cd (possibility and the promise) and i fucking love it, just downloading there new one now

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